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Volume 1 (Human World): Chapter 8

Eight hundred years ago, after Fengran ascended to the Divine Realm with Jingjian, the Emperor Feng of Wutong Phoenix Island became the legendary Feng Yin.

The Soul Suppression Tower was refined with chaotic divine power, a process that took several years. Back then, he gifted the Soul Suppression Tower, which he had obtained from ancient times, to Donghua as a master acceptance gift for Yuanqi. However, Donghua, to atone for Yuanqi’s sins, transferred it to the Feng clan. Now, among the three lower realms, besides the one in the Ghost Realm that suppresses ten thousand ghosts, the only other holder of this artifact is Feng Yin.

Tianqi had once seen this new Emperor Feng of the Feng clan, but it was only a fleeting glimpse before she dispersed and fell into a deep sleep in the ancestral Wutong forest. In truth, he didn’t have any substantial relationship with the new Emperor Feng.

(T/N: emperor of the Phoenix clan of Wutong Island)

It was said that this new Emperor Feng had a very difficult path to rebirth and had once almost destroyed the three realms due to her romance with his nephew. Now that Yuanqi has perished, she probably doesn’t wish to see anyone from the God Realm.

Tianqi did not conceal his true divine aura. As soon as he arrived at Wutong Phoenix Island, Feng Yun, the Great Elder of the Feng clan, came out to greet him. Upon hearing that Tianqi wanted to borrow the Soul Suppression Tower, Feng Yun respectfully offered to lead him to the ancestral Wutong forest.

Since Tianqi hadn’t hidden his aura, it was surprising that Feng Yin did not come out to greet him herself; even the Ghost King Xiuyan wouldn’t dare ignore him like this. Naturally, Tianqi raised an eyebrow at this.

Noticing Tianqi’s expression, Feng Yun hurried to explain on Feng Yin’s behalf.

“Please don’t be offended, Lord God. Our Emperor left the island many years ago, and after returning, she closed off her divine consciousness. She probably doesn’t know that Lord God has arrived. For the past few hundred years, the Emperor has resided in the ancestral forest and hasn’t left the island at all. The Emperor has decreed… Feng Yun’s voice was nervous, and he glanced at Tianqi and said, “Unless it’s a matter of the clan’s survival, no one is allowed to disturb her in the ancestral forest.”

This explanation implied that allowing Tianqi to see Feng Yin was already giving him considerable respect as a true god of the God Realm.

Closed her divine consciousness? Remembering that Yuanqi’s spirit was also dispersed eight hundred years ago, Tianqi sighed, uncharacteristically not putting on any airs. He simply waved his hand at Feng Yun.

They landed on the southern edge of Phoenix Island, in the lush Wutong forest. Seeing the scenery within, Tianqi couldn’t help but be taken aback.

He was familiar with the habits of the Phoenix clan; Wutong Phoenix Island had always been covered with only Wutong trees. The ancestral forest had remained unchanged for tens of thousands of years. However, at some point, the deepest part of the forest had been transformed into a small immortal abode.

Green trees, green grass, a small stream, and a bamboo pavilion with celestial beasts living there, flowers blooming in profusion.

This scenery looked very familiar. After a moment of careful observation, Tianqi realized where he had seen it before.

This place was identical to the forbidden valley that Donghua had created in Daze Mountain.

The bamboo pavilion’s wooden door was pushed open, and a young girl stepped out. Seeing the two of them by the stream, she was momentarily startled. Her gaze lingered on Tianqi’s face, and a ripple passed through her calm eyes, then she bowed slightly.

“Feng Yin, a subordinate deity, greets Lord God,Tianqi.”

The young girl, dressed plainly with phoenix eyes and her hair pinned with a wooden hairpin, was none other than Feng Yin, who had once fallen asleep in the ancestral Wutong forest.

“You’ve closed off your divine consciousness, yet you still recognize me?”

A look of recollection appeared in Emperor Feng’s eyes. “Many years ago, I entered the Purple Moon Mountains. There was a portrait of you in the Purple Moon Hall guarded by Senior Sanhuo.”

She paused, seemingly recalling something, and a faint smile crossed her lips. “When I was young, I often heard him talk about the events in Qingchi Palace. After hearing it so many times, I thought the person he frequently mentioned must be someone like you.”

Tianqi had come for the Soul Suppression Tower, but now standing in front of Feng Yin, he suddenly felt the full weight of Yuanqi’s passing. An old deity of tens of thousands of years, his eyes unexpectedly grew moist.

Seeing Tianqi’s expression, Feng Yin didn’t mention the past further and simply asked him, “Did Lord God come to Phoenix Island for the Soul Suppression Tower?”

Tianqi raised an eyebrow. “How did Emperor Feng know?”

Feng Yin smiled. “I suppose the only thing on this Phoenix Island that could make Lord God come here is the Soul Suppression Tower. I heard that the Lord God ventured into the temporal stream a thousand years ago in search of an old friend. Now that you have returned, did you find what you were looking for?”

Tianqi nodded. “And the Soul Suppression Tower…?”

Before Tianqi could finish speaking, a small jade-green tower appeared in Feng Yin’s palm. “Thanks to your generous gift back then, I was able to cultivate my primordial spirit within this tower. Now that I have been reborn, it is time to return this tower to you.”

Tianqi took the Soul Suppression Tower.

“There’s no need to thank me. Even without this tower, with your determination, it was only a matter of time before you achieved nirvana and were reborn as a deity.”

He gazed at the tower for a moment before looking up at Feng Yin. “You studied under Feng Ran, so you should know that the Soul Suppression Tower can nurture all souls, including divine ones. Why then…?”

“Why then is his soul not within this tower?” Feng Yin completed Tianqi’s question. “Is that what you wish to ask?”

Tianqi’s brows furrowed slightly as he nodded.

“I’ve searched everywhere. Across the three realms and six paths, throughout the nine provinces of the mortal world, I’ve looked in all the places you searched for your old friend.” Feng Yin stood quietly in front of the bamboo pavilion, a sense of profound solitude surrounding her.

She looked up at the Wutong tree in front of the bamboo pavilion.

“I don’t know if he’s still out there or when he will return, but I believe that if I keep waiting here, one day he will come back.”

Having said this, Feng Yin turned and walked back towards the bamboo house, her plain clothes and black hair emphasizing her slender figure.

Feng Yun, with reddened eyes, watched her with a heavy heart, not knowing how to console her, and finally sighed deeply. He looked at Tianqi and said, “Lord God…”

Tianqi waved his hand, his expression unreadable.

Feng Yun understood that today’s meeting between the True God, Tianqi, and Emperor Feng was bound to be tinged with sorrow. He quietly bowed and retreated.

As Feng Yin’s figure disappeared behind the bamboo house, Tianqi stood for a long time while holding the Soul Suppression Tower. He sighed softly, turned to leave, and paused in his steps.

Under the Wutong tree, on a stone table, there was a blue stone chessboard with a pot of Drunken Jade Dew and white jade chess pieces scattered around.

A young man in white sat by the stone table.

The young man had a gentle and elegant demeanor, not exactly resembling Tianqi’s favorite appearance, but those phoenix eyes were remarkably similar to his mother’s.

Tianqi hadn’t seen him for many years, but he knew that the child would have grown up to look just like this.

“Uncle Purple Hair.”

He heard the white-clad young man call out to him.

Tianqi suddenly felt a lump in his throat.

“We haven’t played a game in years.” The young man pointed to the chessboard, smiling just as he did when he was a child. “Do you have time to teach me another game?”


Tianqi finally spoke. He walked over to the stone table, passing through the young man’s body, and sat opposite him.

There was no surprise in Tianqi’s eyes. He poured a cup of Drunken Jade Dew and placed it in front of the young man.

The game began, and the chess pieces flew, but the cup of Drunken Jade Dew placed in front of the young man remained untouched.

One purple and one white figure, just like countless days spent playing and growing up in Qingchi Palace.

As the game concluded, the young man’s figure became increasingly faint.

Tianqi looked at him, then towards the bamboo house.

“Does she not know?”

The young man shook his head. “No, she doesn’t.”

“You have never left?”


“Do you know that it takes ten thousand years for a living soul to reincarnate and gather its soul?”

“I know.”

“Why not enter the Primordial Spirit Pool? With your chaotic power, you could reincarnate with a chaotic divine status in at most a thousand years.”

“In two hundred more years, she will be able to see me. I don’t want her to live alone in this world for a thousand years.”

The young man smiled, looking towards the bamboo house. His body gradually faded away, but his voice remained firm and unwavering.

“One day, I will tell her that through the changing times and shifting events, I have always been by her side, never leaving.”

Only Tianqi remained in front of the stone table, the chessboard dissolving and the scent of wine dissipating. He looked at the emptiness around him, then rose and walked away.

“If this is your wish, so be it.”

He did not look back, his hand holding the Soul Suppression Tower, feeling a warm sensation emanating from it.

No one remained to answer him in the valley; only the rustling Wutong tree leaves seemed to respond to him.

Purple Moon Mountain had been silent for many years. After the great battle between gods and demons, three true gods appeared and moved the Nine Purgatory Hell from Purple Moon Mountain. Since then, the mountain gates have been closed for eight hundred years.

In these eight hundred years, the power dynamics in the demon realm shifted. After the successive deaths of Senhong and Senyu, the tiger demon clan declined. The elders of the clan led the younger generation to retreat to Huxiao Mountain to recuperate.

Meanwhile, the Fox Demon Clan, under the leadership of the ten-tailed celestial fox Hong Yi, grew significantly in power. Three hundred years ago, after Hong Yi ascended to the God Realm with Princess Yan Shuang of the eagle clan, a new force emerged in the third heaven of the demon realm, rivaling the fox demon clan: the Cold Spring Palace.

The master of Cold Spring Palace, Yan Yu, was as mysterious as the immortal lord Qing Mu of the past, with unparalleled demon power. He emerged three hundred years ago, undefeated in battles against the top ten experts of the demon realm. He then established Cold Spring Palace, attracting numerous skilled demons to join him. In just three hundred years, Cold Spring Palace became another formidable force in the demon realm.

When Hong Yi ascended, the fox clan had no demigod fox lord, and it had been a long time since anyone from the demon realm ascended to divinity. Upon his ascension, he left an imperial decree in the Chongzi Hall, stating that three hundred years later, a demon emperor would emerge from among the hundred clans. Whoever could cultivate the power of a demigod and break the heavenly fox seal outside the Chongzi Hall would become the new ruler of the fox clan.

Time flew by, and several hundred years passed. The Fox clan’s chief Changmei and Cold Spring Palace’s Yan Yu had both reached demigod status. With only ten years remaining until the three-hundred-year period set by Hong Yi, the two major forces in the demon realm were preparing for the critical moment to compete for the position of demon emperor. At this crucial juncture, the Purple Moon rose again in the demon realm, and the gates of Purple Moon Mountain opened.

When the news reached Jingyou Mountain and Cold Spring Palace, both Changmei and Yan Yu were stunned for a long time.

Back when the demon clan almost destroyed everything at Purple Moon Mountain, even the demon god Tianqi didn’t appear. Why would the gates of Purple Moon Mountain open now, during these peaceful times?

However, both of them understood clearly that, despite Hong Yi’s decree, the decision of who would become the demon emperor ultimately rested with Tianqi. Realizing this, they quickly gathered their subordinate demon lords, carried precious treasures, and rushed to Purple Moon Mountain to pay their respects.

In the Purple Moon Hall, Tianqi was exasperated as he looked at his grinning divine beast.

“Did you open the mountain?”

Zihan, looking like a young boy, nodded proudly.

Years ago, Zihan had accompanied Tianqi into the temporal stream to search for Yue Mi.

Five hundred years ago, unable to endure the loneliness, Zihan returned to Purple Moon Mountain and lived a dull life there with Sanhuo and Bibo.

“Did you raise the moon?”

Another proud nod.

Tianqi took a deep breath. “What else did you do?”

“Nothing else, Lord God. I just raised the Purple Moon and opened the mountain gates. Didn’t that make them eager to come and worship you at Purple Moon Mountain?”

Zihan’s eyes were almost twinkling with delight.

“Ever since that dragon cub Sanhuo and that little one Bibo went out traveling, I’ve been the only one left on Purple Moon Mountain. Now that you’re back, Lord God, we should liven things up here.”

Zihan eagerly ran up to Tianqi.

“Lord God, there are many new strong beings in the demon realm. If you meet them, it will bring them great honor…”

“Oh? Will it bring honor to me, or will it allow you to collect more treasures from heaven and earth?”

Tianqi coldly glanced at his divine beast, troubled by the dragon clan’s greedy nature.

Intimidated by Tianqi’s gaze, Zihan transformed into his young dragon form without a word and clung to Tianqi’s leg.

“Lord God…” The young dragon’s soft, prolonged voice was filled with innocence, and his large purple eyes were brimming with tears. His mouth pouted. “Please don’t be angry. I just like shiny things…”

Tianqi gasped, looking at the little creature at his feet, who was over a hundred thousand years old, and was utterly stunned.

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