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Chapter 14-Extra Chapter-Noel, erased!?

(Shortly after being taken in by the Gasstark family from the orphanage, this is a story from Noel’s perspective around chapters [4–5].)

Noel still can’t speak.

Riding in a carriage, Noel moved from the small orphanage to Mireille’s big house.

Mireille’s house is a big, glittering one.

Her brother, Milreld, seems to be a very important “relative.”

Mireille showed Noel to her room.

“Noel, this is your room. It’s still a bit plain, but let’s start gathering your favorite items and clothes from now on!”

Wow, the carpet in the room is so fluffy.

The green carpet with flower patterns looks like a flower garden.

It looked so comfortable, so I laid down and tried to get cozy.

“Hehe, Noel. Let’s sleep in the bed instead of on the carpet.”

Mireille picked me up and laid me on the bed. Mireille smells like flowers.

The bed was even softer than the carpet.

Different from the hard beds at the orphanage… “Family,” the strongest.

“If you have any trouble, ring the bell to call the maid… Well, it’s difficult to convey what you want to say, isn’t it? For a while, I’ll take care of Noel personally. Let me take care of you, please.”


Mireille swallowed nervously, her eyes sparkling.

When I tried to read her mind, she was screaming, “Being able to take care of my favorite, how happy am I!?” What’s a “favorite” anyway? Well, whatever.


The Gasstark family only consists of Milreld and Mireille.

There are many other people, but they’re all working as “servants.”

Mireille, the younger sister, is always smiling and kind.

But her brother, Milreld, is hard to understand.

Mireld always has a stern face and speaks difficult words.

When I try to read his mind and stare at him, he says, “It’s rude, so stop it.”

So Noel tries not to get too close to Mireld.

But she has to meet him when she goes to deliver the “artwork.”

Milreld is not my favorite, but I like Mireille.

The maids said, “Even without bothering Mireille-sama, we will take care of Noel-sama,” but Mireille didn’t entrust Noel’s care to the maids.

“At least until Noel gets used to the new life, I want to stay by her side all the time. She still can’t speak, and I just can’t leave her alone, thinking about her life so far.”

Since the day I moved, Mireille has always been there for me.

She gives me delicious food.

She helps me change clothes.

She sings lullabies when I go to sleep.

Even when she’s working, she lets me stay in the same room.

Being together all the time makes me happy somehow.

Even now, Mireille and I are walking together.

When we’re looking at flowers in the big “garden,” Milreld comes over.

“Are you with Noel again today?”

“Yes. She seems to like flowers, so.”

“…You’re just like a mother.”

“Huh!? I’m not that old. Please call me ‘big sister’ at least.”

“No. You seem like a doting mother.”

“Once again, all you do is make sarcastic remarks, brother…”

While watching Mireille complain, Mireld smiles mischievously.

But somehow, Mireld seems happy too.

(…Should I try reading his mind?)

Thinking about that, Noel stares at Mireld. He’s chatting with Mireille now, so I don’t think he’ll get mad if I stare.


Mireille’s feelings always show on her face, so it’s easy to read her mind.

But Milreld’s feelings never show on his face, so it’s a bit difficult.


Oh. I can faintly hear the voice of his heart.

“—–It’s not bad to admire Mireille, who is like a loving mother.”


“――I didn’t know Mireille liked children.”

“――I didn’t expect that young Mireille would show such expressions.”


“――It’s adorable and irresistible.”

Milreld. It seems he really likes Mireille a lot.

Even though it doesn’t show on his face, he’s thinking about various things.

“――How nice it would be if I could tell her that I’m not her real brother.”

“――Mireille. I love you.”


It’s touching…

After that, he seemed to be thinking about “politics” or something, but it was too difficult for me to understand.

But I understood that Milreld really loves Mireille.

I thought he was a scary, stern older brother.

But, surprisingly, he seems like a nice guy.

I’ve started to like Milreld a little bit.

Milreld also smiled at me.

“Noel. If you have any problems, tell me right away. I’m counting on you.”

(Yes… Thank you, Milreld.)


Noel heard Milreld’s thoughts!!

“――But still, I was surprised to learn that Noel was a young girl. If she had been a boy of that age, I would have considered social eradication.”

Gahhhh!! What a shock!?

(Noel, I’m glad you’re a young girl…!)

Even though Milreld has a stern face, he’s thinking some pretty intense stuff.

“? …What’s wrong, Noel?”

“Oh, you look pale. Do you want to rest in your room?”

Seeing Noel trembling, Milreld and Mireille looked puzzled.


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