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Chapter 148

“Interesting, so interesting!”

Tian Xianzi watched with great enjoyment, laughing heartily. “The powerful figures of the Demon clan and the disciples of the Wanjian Sword Sect are fighting fiercely because of one word from him. Little He has truly played those two like a fiddle, drawing countless heroes to bow down!”

Zhen Xiao, with a nonchalant expression, picked up a piece of white jade cake and stuffed it into his mouth, which was open like a big trumpet.

Across the entire platform, the most elders had gathered in front of the Xuanxu Sword Sect’s mirror. Initially, only Lin Qian and Qu Feiqing came to join the fun, but now the unique actions of the disciples had become widely known, and everyone wanted to see for themselves.

—After all, in the mirrors of other sects, the disciples were diligently collecting tokens. Although those Golden Core and Nascent Soul stage kids were fighting fiercely, for the elders, such childlike battles were not very entertaining.

To put it another way, it was like a group of adults collectively watching middle school students solve math problems. At first, it might be interesting, but over time, it would inevitably become visually exhausting and lose its appeal.

But the Xuanxu sect was completely different.

While others were seriously evaluating, they had dug up a secret from years ago, involving things like “Ancient Divine Bow,” “Water Mirror Formation,” and “Extermination of the Spirit Fox Clan.” With all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, it was like reading a novel, never being able to predict the next move.

“Even while struggling to escape from the Demon Lord, Little He somehow turned it into a comedic performance.”

Lin Qian clicked her tongue in amazement. “Maybe this is what they call the legendary innate talent… It’s bad luck for Ye Zongheng to have encountered him.”

A female cultivator in white from the Wanjian Sword Sect snorted coldly. “Ye Zongheng lacks a firm mind; he got distracted during the fight. Once the Ten Methods Assembly is over, I’ll send him to the Demon Suppression Tower for training.”

A music cultivator from the Baiyue Sect laughed softly.

“There’s a world of difference between the Golden Core and Nascent Soul stages. Losing composure under the pressure of the Demon Lord is not disgraceful.”

Someone suddenly asked, “How are Ning Ning and Pei Ji doing?”

“It seems they’re still making slow progress!”

Ji Yunkai quickly swallowed the cake in his mouth and responded loudly, grinning foolishly with his cheeks puffed out.

“What a pity; we can’t see anything happening at the waterfall.”

Qu Feiqing covered her lips with her sleeve, her charming eyes sparkling with a faint smile.

“Don’t worry, fellow Taoist. There’s plenty of time in the trial; we can watch slowly.”

Tian Xianzi, excited, shouted righteously, “No way! If they find out, Ning Ning and Pei Ji would be so embarrassed!”

The person hesitated, then responded uncertainly after a long pause, “No, I meant… aren’t they investigating the truth about the Water Mirror? It’s crucial for the survival of the secret realm.”

——What’s going on in these people’s heads?

The scene grew awkward for a moment.

Ji Yunkai scratched his head, pretending nothing had happened, his round eyes looking down as he wobbled on the chair.

Qu Feiqing, her face stiff, took another piece of dessert and stuffed it into the child’s mouth.

Tian Xianzi let out a dry laugh, glaring at the two disrespectful sect leaders, and switched the mystic mirror’s view to Ning Ning.


By the time Ning Ning reached the Fox Tribe settlement, the sunset had been completely swallowed by the western mountain. A lonely moon hung gloomily on the treetops, barely shedding some pale light.

The surroundings were eerily quiet, with no signs of people, only the flickering candlelight in the wooden houses, like clusters of eerie ghost flames silently floating in the night.

She had told He Zhizhou and Xu Ye in her letter that leaving the village in a panic at such a critical moment would surely arouse the suspicions of the Demon Clan.

The best course of action now was for them to stay in their rooms as if nothing had happened and wait for her and Pei Ji to return, so they could then discuss the next plan together.

However, when Ning Ning arrived at He Zhizhou’s room, she found it empty.

“The wooden table has been overturned.”

Pei Ji said in a low voice, “There was a struggle here. The Demon Clan must have learned that they discovered the truth.”

Ning Ning felt uneasy, frowning as she examined the overturned round table. “Although the wooden table is knocked over, there are no traces of blood or bodies, and the other objects are still in place… This indicates the fight wasn’t very intense, and they weren’t injured.”

However, not being injured here didn’t mean they were safe outside.

When they had set up a trap on Niguang Island, Xiao Zhao had helped them create an illusion.

A young child had created such a sophisticated formation, which made Ning Ning feel uneasy at the time. In retrospect, it seemed his strength had already recovered significantly, far surpassing that of any disciple in the secret realm.

If He Zhizhou and Xu Ye had encountered him, the outcome would have been disastrous.

Xu Ye’s room was also empty, and Ning Ning had no way of knowing what had happened. She looked at Pei Ji anxiously.

Pei Ji didn’t care much about the fate of the two, so he wasn’t very nervous. However, seeing her frown, he subconsciously tightened his grip on his sword hilt and awkwardly comforted her, “Senior Brother He has a knack for turning danger into safety. I’m sure he’ll be alright this time too.”

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