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Chapter 120-Part 1

Jiang Yong never expected that going out to buy a sweet potato would lead to seeing Xue Hang at the entrance of his residential complex, being so intimate with his cousin…

Supporting his wife, he walked over, looking somewhat agitated and incredulous, rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. If it had been any other big star, he might not have reacted this way. After all, stars are just people, right? But this was Xue Hang, the head of the Xue family and a genius in business! He couldn’t help but admire him.

“Nian Nian, is this your…?”

Jiang Nian remained quite composed. She hadn’t intentionally kept it a secret; she just didn’t want to tell certain people. She disapproved of her cousin’s actions and found him very disappointing. Why should she share her private affairs with him? She had no desire to share her happiness with him.

Even now, having been discovered, she didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed, nor did she try to cover it up.

Holding Xue Hang’s arm, she said, “Xue Hang, this is my cousin Jiang Yong and his wife.”

She then told Jiang Yong, “This is my boyfriend, Xue Hang.”

Jiang Yong smiled and extended his hand, saying, “Hello, hello, I’m Nian Nian’s cousin, Jiang Yong. I didn’t expect Nian Nian to come out to meet you. If I had known, I would have invited you to our place…”

Xue Hang nodded reservedly and shook hands with him, saying, “I came to see Nian Nian. I didn’t mean to disturb your family reunion. I’ll make an appointment to visit properly next time.”

Jiang Yong’s smile widened, and he kept agreeing.

Zhou Shanshan also extended her hand nervously, saying, “Hello, Xue Hang. I’m Zhou Shanshan, one of your fans! I really admire you and like you a lot…”

Xue Hang remained indifferent, not acknowledging her nor shaking her hand, as if she didn’t exist.

The atmosphere turned awkward.

Zhou Shanshan was extremely embarrassed, and Jiang Yong felt uncomfortable too. But faced with Xue Hang’s powerful presence, he didn’t dare question anything. This was Xue Hang, after all. He never imagined he would be introduced to Xue Hang and shake hands with him. Ignoring a small figure like Zhou Shanshan was hardly surprising; it was just an everyday occurrence.

But Zhou Shanshan couldn’t accept it; her face turned red with embarrassment.

Jiang Nian smiled, holding Zhou Shanshan’s hand and squeezing it.

“Sorry, I get jealous easily.”

To outsiders, this seemed like an attempt to ease the situation, but to Zhou Shanshan, it felt like a provocation!

She had previously talked about Xue Hang at home, saying how he would scorn women who tried to seduce him, indirectly implying that Jiang Nian was one of those sluts who couldn’t reach him…

Reality hit her hard. Jiang Nian hadn’t just reached Xue Hang; she already had him! Jiang Nian probably mocked her internally back then, knowing how misguided she was.

It was a pity that she had fantasized about him for so long, but when she actually met Xue Hang, she was already married to another man.

Xue Hang’s expression darkened, and he refused Jiang Yong’s invitation to come inside again, saying, “This is my first visit. Naturally, I should go to Jiang Nian’s house, not someone else’s.”

Jiang Yong wanted to say that their homes were practically the same, as his father and Jiang Nian’s father were brothers, and their families were close. But Xue Hang clearly didn’t see it that way and had no interest in continuing the conversation.

Jiang Yong truly felt regretful.

Jiang Nian said, “Xue Hang has to leave soon. Brother, you guys go back first, and I’ll see him off.”

Jiang Yong had no choice but to agree, telling Xue Hang they should drink together sometime. Then he supported Zhou Shanshan back. He was so excited and thrilled that he didn’t notice Zhou Shanshan’s reluctance. She kept looking back, walking slower and slower. But she was pregnant, so walking slowly seemed normal to him. He sighed and told Zhou Shanshan, “Who would have thought Nian Nian would dump a scumbag and end up with someone as great as Xue Hang.”

Zhou Shanshan was even angrier: “Who knows if it’s really that great? Who is Xue Hang? Will he stay with a woman for his whole life? They’re not even officially together yet; why are you so happy?”

Jiang Yong said, “I think Xue Hang really cares for Nian Nian…”

Zhou Shanshan, even angrier, looked back and saw Xue Hang talking softly to Jiang Nian, gently stroking her hair. Even if he didn’t show it openly, his tenderness was evident. Remembering how Xue Hang had treated her coldly earlier, she thought it must be Jiang Nian badmouthing her. Otherwise, why would he ignore her from the start?

Jiang Nian was truly bad!

Her eyes rolled, and she suddenly clutched her belly and sank to the ground, sitting down heavily. “Jiang Yong, my stomach hurts!”

Jiang Yong panicked, dropping the bag of roasted sweet potatoes to help her. But Zhou Shanshan, nearly seven months pregnant, was big and wearing layers of winter clothing. At 150–160 pounds, he couldn’t even wrap his arms around her, let alone lift her.

“Shanshan, what’s wrong? Why does your stomach hurt again? Did you eat too many sweet potatoes?”

Zhou Shanshan kept shaking her head, biting her lip, and crying for help. The streets were empty due to the holiday. Jiang Yong was so anxious that he turned around and didn’t see anyone who could help. He could only shout, “Help, help quickly! Jiang Nian! Come and help!”

Hearing the shout, Jiang Nian turned and saw Zhou Shanshan sitting on the ground, her cousin in a panic. She was truly startled and rushed over. Xue Hang frowned but followed, instructing his assistant to call an ambulance. A security guard from the complex arrived to help move her indoors, as it was freezing outside and the ground was wet and hard, not suitable for a pregnant woman.

But Zhou Shanshan refused to be touched, crying out in pain and asking if she was going to die.

Jiang Nian squatted beside her, wanting to check for bleeding, but Zhou Shanshan was too scared to be touched. Jiang Nian could only comfort her: “Don’t cry; stay calm; take deep breaths; the ambulance will be here soon; you’ll be fine.”

Zhou Shanshan cried, “You’re not pregnant; of course you can stay calm. You’re so mean!”

Jiang Nian: “…Haha.”

Jiang Yong said, “What are you talking about? Nian Nian is worried about you.”

“How am I talking nonsense?” Zhou Shanshan pouted, glancing at Xue Hang behind Jiang Nian.

“She used to mock me; now she’s worried? I don’t believe it; she must want to harm me!”


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