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Chapter 49-Part 2

Ma Tao said in a deep voice, “Lower the price for promotion.”

“Lower the price?!” Ma Ruian exclaimed.

“Family head, isn’t that bad? The price of Golden Wound Medicine has been gradually raised over the years. Each time we increased the price, the Ma family had to deal with external dissatisfaction and bear a lot of pressure. Lowering the price is easy, but raising it again will be very difficult.”

Ma Tao patiently explained, “Tangmen is targeting the high-end market. We’ll shift to the mid-to-low-end market, at least to survive. If we lower the price now, some customers who don’t want the hassle of changing stores might continue shopping at Ma’s house. Have you considered what will happen if the Ma family’s Golden Wound Medicine and Tangmen’s Hemostatic Ointment are priced the same over the long term and Tangmen’s Hemostatic Ointment has a good reputation?”

Marian hesitated. “Customers…will try to buy Tangmen’s Hemostatic Ointment?”

“Exactly.” Ma Tao nodded.

“Once they try Tangmen’s Hemostatic Ointment, quality-conscious customers won’t come back. And those who care more about price will continue to choose Ma’s house but won’t be happy about it.”

Ma Ruian began to sweat as he listened.

“So the family head means not giving them a chance to try?”

“Yes, keep some of them from the start,” Ma Tao said, his eyes flashing coldly. “Although Tangmen has gained a good reputation after two competitions, it can’t compare to Ma’s long-established presence on Jupiter.”

“A newly opened store might not survive long. If Tangmen has no other marketing methods or better formulas, Zhao Min will ultimately be no match for the Ma family.”

“It’s not about losing in strategy or formula; it’s purely about losing in accumulation. Accumulation only comes with time. Given time, why couldn’t the Ma family develop better medicines in the future? Then, the outcome would be uncertain.”

Ma Tao glanced at Ma Ruian, speaking earnestly, “When you become the head of the Ma family, you must learn to buy time for your uncles and aunts, not bet all your hopes on them like gambling. You can’t make rash decisions. If you push other medicines aggressively, as you suggested, the Ma family will head toward ruin. The burden on you is heavy, understand?”

Ma Ruian sincerely respected and admired the family head, “Thank you for your guidance, family head. I understand.”

The atmosphere in the study was harmonious when suddenly someone knocked on the door, shouting, “Family head, something terrible has happened!”

Ma Tao frowned, recognizing the voice of a trusted subordinate. Suppressing his annoyance, he said, “Come in.”

The usually calm subordinate was now anxious, indicating something serious had happened.

“What is it?” Ma Tao asked in a deep voice.

The subordinate, trembling, said, “That Zhao Min from Tangmen went to the research institute this morning. After testing a potion, he claimed it could safely enhance human genetic levels. Now, he’s printed the report and is distributing it everywhere, telling everyone the potion will be at the auction in two days. He says not to miss it.”

“Crash—” Ma Tao crushed the teacup in his hand, gritting his teeth.

“Zhao Min! Tangmen!”

Ma Ruian suddenly remembered the family head’s recent words to him: “If Tangmen has no other marketing methods or better formulas, Zhao Min will ultimately be no match for the Ma family.”

But the problem was that, given the current situation, Tangmen did have a better formula to attract attention!

Ma Ruian glanced secretly at the family head, thinking that this time, even the family head might not have a way to deal with Zhao Min.


“In two days, a potion that can safely enhance human genetic levels will appear at the auction.”

The news spread quickly.

Everyone who heard it scoffed, “I’ve never heard of a potion that can enhance human genetic levels. No one has even researched this before. Who’s spreading this rumor? Are they crazy?”

Then, they would be handed a research institute report.

Those in the know would find that, according to the report, the potion theoretically could enhance genetic levels. Moreover, scientific analysis confirmed the potion was safe and harmless.

Instantly, the entire planet of Jupiter was abuzz.

A genetic enhancement potion with a research report to back it up! The finished product would be seen in two days!

On the streets, everyone was discussing this through their communication networks with friends and family.

Some conspiracy theorists doubted it, thinking, “Isn’t the research report forged? This must be a new scam. Wow, scammers are really imaginative these days.”

Next to them, someone would dash off, “You think it’s a scam? I’m going to beg for an auction invitation to see it myself.”

“Hey—wait for me. I want to see how they pull off this scam too.”

People were shocked to find that auction invitations were already being sold at exorbitant prices.

Most often, people waving money couldn’t find anyone willing to part with an invitation.

When someone did find an invitation holder and asked if it was for sale, they were often met with a disdainful “Haha.”

As one person put it, “I’m not short of money. I just want to see what this genetic potion looks like and if it will kill people when they drink it.”

It was no longer just about money; connections and networks were now essential to getting an invitation.


The mastermind behind all this was sitting in a room, leisurely sipping tea.

Zhao Min muttered to himself, “Luckily, the auction house sees me as a big customer and is providing the gene purification agent for auction, heating up the topic while promoting their own reputation. They gave me an invitation too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to get one. If the test subjects couldn’t get in, the auction would be a joke!”

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