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Chapter 50-Part 2

Zhou Liya glanced at the clock. Three minutes had passed, and no one else had bid. She opened the box window and called out, “Three minutes are up. The drug is mine.”

The cheongsam-clad hostess finally came to her senses, hesitating.

Indeed, time was up, and no one had placed a bid.

But if the auction ended like this, the highly anticipated event would be over just like that. The hostess felt she would be thrown out by the auction house.

The higher-ups who gave the orders had connections and would be fine. She, who executed the orders, would be the scapegoat.

The hostess collected herself and said, “The time has indeed passed. However, the seller is willing to provide a special demonstration by drinking the drug in front of everyone, with our auction house testing the genetic level before and after. Wouldn’t the customers prefer to see that first and then bid?”

“I don’t want to see it; I just want the drug,” Zhou Liya replied directly.

Unfazed by soft or hard tactics!

The hostess had no choice. The auction house’s reputation couldn’t be compromised, so she reluctantly brought down the gavel and said, “Sold! The drug goes to this lady.”

The Cheongsam hostess felt like crying internally. Her job was gone, and she was now unemployed. She might even end up destitute; it was so miserable.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Liya calmly asked, “Do you have the equipment ready to test genetic levels?”

The hostess was taken aback but answered, “Yes, we had prepared it for someone from the seller’s side to test the drug on the spot.”

Zhou Liya dropped another bombshell. “Then prepare it. I will drink the drug here.”

The hostess was stunned by this unexpected statement, asking blankly, “You’ll drink the drug on the spot?”

These young people today, they don’t follow the rules at all.

“Yes. I’ll transfer the money to your Federation account and drink it now,” Zhou Liya confirmed.

If she brought the drug home and drank it with no effect, others might think the drug was still at home, inviting trouble. Additionally, if her family finds out she spent a lot of money on it, they might say all kinds of unpleasant things and try to stop her. It was better to drink it right there.


The hostess was overwhelmed by the series of surprises.

Fortunately, the auction house manager stepped in, announced a 15-minute break, and went to negotiate with Zhou Liya in her box.

Zhou Liya was resolute: “I want to drink it in public. Didn’t you say you planned to have someone test it? Let me do it.”

The manager forced a smile. The testing was meant to boost the price. Now that the item has been sold, what was the point of testing?

Zhao Min wandered over and stopped halfway.

He called out warmly from a distance to the manager, indicating he had something to say.

The manager felt a headache coming on.

One difficult person was enough trouble. Now, another one.

In fairness, this was the auction house’s fault.

If they hadn’t tried to build suspense, there wouldn’t be this mess.

What if the seller refused to let go?

Reluctantly, the manager signaled his staff to let Zhao Min in.

Zhao Min approached, saying, “Drinking it in public is a good idea.”

The manager’s veins throbbed as he patiently explained, “The auction is over. We no longer provide that service. We hope you understand.”

Zhao Min smiled.

“This auction is over, but there will be a next one!”

The manager paused, “Next time?” What did he mean?

Zhao Min chuckled, “Didn’t I say? The drug was made by the chief pharmacist. Materials are scarce now, but if we find more, the chief pharmacist can make more. I plan to auction them here again.”

Tang Xin had told him the main ingredient was Starry Grass and reminded him to keep an eye out for it.

If the drug’s effect was impressive, wouldn’t others be eager to help find it?

This should have been mentioned earlier! Since there would be more in the future, a good relationship was necessary! The seller didn’t mind the auction house’s mistake and only wanted others to see the effect, so they had to allow it.

The manager slapped his thigh and quickly agreed to the testing request.

After the break, the hostess immediately tested Zhou Liya’s genetic level in public.

After a while, a clear “E” appeared on the tester.

Zhou Liya opened the vial and swallowed the drug in one gulp.

The hostess chimed in, “According to the creator, the drug takes about three days to fully take effect. Miss Zhou can return to her box for now and test her genetic level before leaving. Additionally, please return to the auction house daily for five days to test your genetic level. We will then announce your level to everyone.”

After drinking the drug, Zhou Liya seemed much more relaxed and casually agreed, “Got it.”

The auction continued, but everyone’s focus was clearly not on the auction. They kept glancing at Zhou Liya’s box.

The Cheongsam hostess felt helpless. She had never hosted such a cold auction.

Many items went unsold. Occasionally, there was some competition, but it wasn’t intense.

Finally, the auction ended. Zhou Liya returned to the stage for a symbolic test, not expecting much. The creator had said it would take about three days to take effect.

To her shock, the test showed a large “D” on the instrument.

Zhou Liya’s mouth fell open in disbelief.

She had already reached D level?

The joy was so overwhelming that she didn’t know what to do.

The hostess muttered, “The instrument, the instrument must be broken…”

Wasn’t it supposed to take three days?

She quickly found a brand-new tester.

After another test, it was still a “D.”

The hostess was astonished and said, “This clearly isn’t a machine error.”

The room fell silent!

Most people stopped watching the screens and stretched their necks out of their boxes to look.

The “D” on the tester was clear, showing everyone it wasn’t a dream!

The auction hall’s atmosphere heated up instantly.


Zhao Min shook his head with a wry smile, muttering, “The miracle doctor didn’t tell me the effect would show so quickly.”

What else could he say besides acknowledging that plans couldn’t keep up with changes?

He knew the auction house’s plan and privately agreed with it. Now that things had gone awry, it wasn’t entirely the auction house’s fault.

Who could have predicted that someone would be both able to afford the drug and willing to risk their life?

This auction house was still his best option.

Despite some bureaucratic tendencies, it was still safe.

Choosing another place could risk encountering a shady operation.

Zhao Min rubbed his chin.

“The effect is clear, but the price was too low. If we reversed the order, the price could have been at least five times higher. How can I explain this to the miracle doctor?”

He shook his head, no longer staying, and left with the photographer and the remaining vial of the drug.

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