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Chapter 160

“Strange, it looks like the sky is cracking open!”

He Zhizhou looked up at the unusual sight in the sky, shouting above the loud noise of the mirror breaking, “It must be Ning Ning and the others breaking the formation! No wonder she’s called Sherlock Holmes Qingtian Edogawa CoNing! I knew she could do it!”

(T/N: CoNing, a playful version of Edogawa Conan, the main protagonist in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. His real name is Shinichi Kudo.

Bao Qingtian (Justice Bao) was a Chinese politician during the reign of Emperor Renzong in China’s Song Dynasty. During his twenty-five years in civil service, Bao was known for his honesty and uprightness, with actions such as impeaching an uncle of Emperor Renzong’s favorite concubine and punishing powerful families. He gained the honorific title of Justice Bao due to his ability to defend peasants and commoners against corruption or injustice.)

He was so ecstatic that he started shaking his upper body and arms wildly. Noticing that Ye Zongheng was not reacting, he grabbed him by the neck. “Today is a great day, Ye Zongheng! Come on, cheer up!”

These two unlucky brothers had been fleeing north as if they were riding on hot wheels, trying to escape the Demon Lord’s pursuit.

He Zhizhou had used a stepping technique to fly, wearing his shoes down to black ash, like he had just finished a marathon, completely exhausted; Ye Zongheng, on the other hand, was dizzy from the demonic energy and hadn’t recovered.

They aimlessly fled for a while before deciding to hide in an abandoned village of the Fox clan. Unexpectedly, just as they were huddled inside a house, they saw a magnificent and splendid sight outside, like fireworks.

He Zhizhou gazed out the window, momentarily forgetting all past grievances, wildly shaking Ye Zongheng under his arm. “Quick, quick, quick, don’t act like a dead man; look out the window!”

Excitedly, he turned his head, but halfway through, his neck stiffened in place.

The one close to him, held under his arm, was not Ye Zongheng.

With those sparkling round eyes, that glossy, smooth, bald head, and that petite and charming body, everything was so familiar that it was unforgettable.

Fireworks, an embrace, and eye contact—such a classic romantic drama scene from idol drama. Gazes locked, skin touching, the firelight outside was so romantic it almost made him cry.

That moment touched time, blurred space, and shattered his fragile soul into pieces, leaving nothing behind.

He Zhizhou froze completely, maintaining an awkward but polite smile, showing his top eight teeth, and blinking blankly.

Why was it not Ye Zongheng beside him, but a mirror—ghost—ahhh—

After the two secret realms merged, disciples and mirror ghosts from different spaces would meet, as they had all stayed in this house. When the mirror folded, naturally, they would face each other.

He Zhizhou understood these principles.

But imagine you’re watching fireworks and singing, and as soon as you turn your head, you’re met without warning by a grotesque, twisted face covered in blood and mud—

Who can stand this!!!

He Zhizhou’s face turned pale, his eyes nearly popping out, but since the mirror ghost was from the spirit fox clan, he couldn’t bear to harm it.

After a silent moment, he let out a long, continuous donkey bray and shoved it back forcefully.

Ye Zongheng was separated from him by a mirror ghost. He was originally trying to hold back his laughter and watch the show happily, but he never expected that He Zhizhou would do such a thing. The mirror ghost, which was originally quite far away, suddenly fell straight towards him.

The mirror ghost was pushed and spun around.

Just like in all idol dramas, she faced Ye Zongheng and fell directly into his arms.

Ye Zongheng’s eyes widened, and he let out an earth-shattering sheep bleat, “Baaahhh—! My first hug!”


“The demons’ influence has waned, and the formation is broken. There should be no more danger in the secret realm.”

He Xiaochen looked at the Wanjian Sect’s mystic mirror before him and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Although the Fox clan has been affected by demonic energy, once the secret realm opens, we can take them outside for treatment. After the demonic energy is expelled from their bodies, they will regain their senses and return to their original forms.”

Lin Qian, who grew up with spiritual beasts and had the purest of hearts, looked at the red-eyed Qiao Yan in the mystic mirror and took a gentle breath.

“It’s great that the little fox finally reunited with her childhood friend.”

“Perhaps her real mother is also among the mirror ghosts and isn’t dead after all. But this is still uncertain and requires further investigation.”

Tian Xianzi also sighed, turning his gaze towards his own sect’s mystic mirror not far away.

“I’ll go check on Xuanxu Sect’s disciples—”

Before he could finish his sentence, his pupils trembled.

In the dark and narrow room shown in Xuanxu Sect’s mystic mirror, the first sound he heard was a piercing sheep’s bleat, followed by maniacal laughter.

The scene and sound were worlds apart from Wanjian Sect’s, causing him immediate heart palpitations.

“I’m tainted, I’m tainted!”

Ye Zongheng’s face twisted as he laughed and cried, desperately pushing the mirror ghost towards He Zhizhou.

“How could you do this while I wasn’t looking? How could you! My innocence of being a virgin for so many years is gone!”


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