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Chapter 322: Childhood Friends Must Be Cultivated from a Young Age (5)

Shen Mubai picked up a strawberry and handed it to him.

“Ziyu, here, eat this.”

An Ziyu seemed a little stunned. He looked at the strawberry in front of him, pursed his lips, and sneaked a glance at the two adults nearby before shaking his head.

Shen Mubai noticed his little gesture and whispered, “It’s okay; I don’t like eating this.”

An Ziyu’s eyes were filled with longing and struggle. Upon hearing this, he seemed to believe her a bit and looked up, whispering, “Really?”

Shen Mubai smiled, her eyes curving into crescents, and nodded, “Yes.”

An Ziyu hesitated for a moment before finally taking the strawberry from her hand and whispering, “Thank you.”

Shen Mubai replied, “You’re welcome.”

As An Ziyu ate the strawberry, he thought to himself that she wasn’t so annoying after all.

Shen Mubai seemed to have found a way to win over the little boy, constantly finding new ways to please him without scaring him off. Gradually, An Ziyu got used to her and didn’t resist her closeness as much as he did at the beginning.

Zhou Ruoyun and Xiao Xueqing naturally noticed the change in the relationship between the two kids and felt very gratified. At the same time, the two families grew closer.

However, sometimes Shen Mubai still made the little boy angry, especially when she got carried away and took a bite out of the cake she was using to appease him.

An Ziyu watched in dismay as she took a bite, and his tears fell in big drops.

Shen Mubai regretted it so much that she wanted to slap herself, and in the end, she had to spend two days making it up to him.

When they were three years old, they started attending the same kindergarten.

On the first day of school, a little boy sitting behind An Ziyu mistook him for a girl and tied a small pigtail on his head.

An Ziyu already looked very delicate, with particularly beautiful eyes. When the pigtail was tied, the other kids around him laughed at him.

An Ziyu touched the little pigtail on his head, his eyes filled with tears, his mouth pouting, and then he started crying.

The other kids were stunned and didn’t know what to do.

Hearing the commotion, Shen Mubai squeezed in and was also stunned when she saw An Ziyu with a pigtail.

She tried hard to hold back her laughter, walked up to him, and asked, “Ziyu, what’s wrong?”

Upon hearing her voice, An Ziyu cried even harder, his face full of grievance. “Luoluo.”

Shen Mubai patted his head like an adult and comforted him.

“What’s wrong? Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

An Ziyu pointed to the boy behind him and said in a babyish voice, “He bullied me.”

It was as if he had found an adult to back him up, his tone full of accusation and grievance.

Shen Mubai, though only a month younger than An Ziyu, had developed well and was even taller than some kids in the kindergarten.

She looked at the boy and asked, “Did you tie his pigtail?”

Shen Mubai’s attempt at looking stern had a bit of authority, and the boy was taken aback, hesitantly nodding.

Shen Mubai said, “Apologize.”

The boy, seeing that she was prettier than the little girl next door but quite fierce, got scared and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Shen Mubai said, “Don’t do it again, or I’ll tie a pigtail on you too.”

The boy hesitated, looked at An Ziyu, and then obediently nodded.

Only then did Shen Mubai turn around and say, “It’s okay now.” She then took off the hairband and gave it back to the boy.

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