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Chapter 70: Alex Upset

On a bright afternoon, Ethan, who had come to the palace for the first time in a while, was cornered by Alex in the long and intricate corridors.

“Uncle, what on earth are you thinking, getting engaged to Miss Rosa?”

No matter how much Alex protested, it was in vain. The king had quickly approved and blessed Ethan’s engagement to Rosa.

From the king’s perspective, it was better for Ethan to be engaged to Rosa than for Alex to be, as it would avoid sparking a power struggle between the princes.

Such was the delicate nature of dealing with the Croitzer family in this kingdom.

“What do you mean, ‘what am I thinking’? She’s a straightforward and nice young lady,” Ethan replied nonchalantly.

“Maybe she is now, but she wasn’t like that a while ago. She’s quite a clingy woman. You should be careful,” Alex said, sounding genuinely concerned for Ethan.

“Well, she was certainly selfish, but isn’t that within the realm of tolerance?”

Though rumors about Rosa were not favorable, there were no stories of her engaging in persistent bullying or borderline criminal behavior. She was just a typical spoiled, rich girl.

“Can people change so easily?” Alex questioned.

“Well, it’s happened, so there’s no helping it. Rather than changing, she seems to have realized something. Her essence is probably the same. Alex, instead of worrying about me, aren’t you seeing Miss Moreau? How is that going?” Ethan asked.

Alex shook his head vigorously.

“I’m not seeing her. Even you, Uncle, are saying such things,” Alex trembled, his handsome face twisting in frustration.

“But the rumor has reached even me. If it’s not true, you should be careful.”

“Someone must be spreading these rumors intentionally,” Alex replied defensively.

“Are you saying the Moreau family is spreading these rumors intentionally? They seem to be doing well lately. They could provide a solid backing for you.”

Alex bit his lip. Ethan pressed further.

“You once said you had no interest in the throne. Why not be with the woman you love?”

“Uncle, do you have ambitions for the throne? Is that why you’re with Miss Rosa?”

Ethan looked at Alex in disbelief and shook his head.

“This is pointless. I withdrew from all that long ago, and Miss Rosa has no interest in the throne. She’s obsessed with making bath bombs.”

“Impossible! She wanted to join the royal family so badly. Why?”

Ethan didn’t feel like answering.

“Well, I have patients waiting, so I’ll be going.”

“Wait, Uncle.”

“What now?”

Reluctantly, Ethan turned back.

“Rosa loves business and making money. But you provide free healing to the people, don’t you? I heard you even handed out bath bombs from Rosa’s shop for free! I can’t see how you and the extravagant, materialistic Rosa could get along.”

Feeling a pang of sadness at Alex’s desperate plea, Ethan smiled gently.

“It’s a strange thing, but we’re getting along quite well. If she wants luxury, she can earn it herself. Now, focus on your duties.”

This time, Ethan turned away for good.

He felt a sense of pity for his nephew but knew his words wouldn’t reach Alex.

Alex clearly had his sights set on the throne. Ethan didn’t know when it had started.

However, the opposition faction to the Croitzer family was aligned with the first prince.

If the engagement to Rosa didn’t happen, Alex would never ascend to the throne.

That evening, Ellen received a visitor at the Moreau residence.

When she saw who had entered the salon, she exclaimed with joy.

“Lord Alex!”

Ellen hugged him tightly, but he quickly pulled away.

She had heard about Rosa and Ethan’s engagement.

Ellen had assumed Alex had come to propose to her.

However, seeing the stern expression on his face, a sense of unease grew in Ellen’s heart.

“Ellen, I’ve come secretly tonight. I can’t stay long. I have something to discuss.”

“Yes, what is it?”

Ellen sensed it wasn’t going to be a pleasant conversation.

“I need you to spread a rumor about someone. The Moreau family has the connections for such things, don’t they?”

Ellen looked down.

Alex knew it was the Moreau family who had spread the negative rumors about Rosa. She trembled at this fact.

“I was against it, but my father…”

“Ellen, it’s fine. There is no need to explain. Knowing the details wouldn’t do any good.”

“What do you mean by that?” Ellen asked, tilting her head in worry. But Alex changed the subject.

“More importantly, I need you to spread a rumor about my uncle.”

“Lord Griffith?”

Ellen felt puzzled.

“Yes. What I’m about to tell you is absolutely true. If things continue as they are, the country could be thrown into chaos. I must thwart my uncle’s plans. I need your help for that.”

As Alex explained, a slow smile spread across Ellen’s face.

(I can be of help to Lord Alex.)

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