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Chapter 18

Wu Zhao naturally saw the warmth in Xuanyuan Tianxin’s eyes.

He chuckled and said, “Alright, you two youngsters can come with me. The carriage has been waiting outside the city for a long time.”

With that, he started walking towards the city gate.

Zhan Feng, who had been standing beside Suifeng and the other person, immediately called out to Wu Zhao’s retreating figure, “Deputy dean, you can’t play favorites! I want to ride in your carriage too.”

Wu Zhao turned his head, gave Zhan Feng a teasing look, and said, “I know you can’t be separated from Suifeng, so you can come along too.”

Suifeng’s handsome face immediately twisted upon hearing this. How could he not catch the teasing tone in Wu Zhao’s words? However, he didn’t dare shout at Wu Zhao, so he could only glare angrily at Zhan Feng and grumble, “Can’t you leave us alone?”

Zhan Feng responded with a flirtatious glance at Suifeng and said with a grin, “That won’t do. Our ‘Double Wind Duo’ can’t be separated!” Seeing Suifeng on the verge of exploding, Zhan Feng burst into laughter and dashed ahead.

“Don’t worry, Suifeng, I’ll protect you well!”

“Get lost!”

Seeing Suifeng’s enraged expression, Xuanyuan Tianxin couldn’t help but laugh. Zhan Feng indeed had some skills; it was the first time she’d seen Suifeng get so angry in all these days.

When Xuanyuan Tianxin and Sui Feng exited the city gate, they saw a row of carriages waiting outside. These carriages were quite large, capable of seating ten people each.

Once everyone had boarded the carriages, Xuanyuan Tianxin, Suifeng, and another person joined Wu Zhao in his personal carriage. Wu Zhao’s carriage was much smaller than the others, but as Xuanyuan Tianxin entered, she realized that the interior was like a beautifully decorated and comfortable small room.

“Uncle Wu, what is the main purpose of our training in Daze Mountain this time?” Xuanyuan Tianxin had come along with Suifeng but had forgotten to ask about the purpose of this training. Now, being in the same carriage as Wu Zhao, she couldn’t help but ask.

Seeing Xuanyuan Tianxin looking at him, Wu Zhao chuckled and explained, “This time, we are heading to the Gale Territory in the Daze Mountain Range. There is a type of demonic beast called the Gale Wolf there. Most of these wolves are under a hundred years old, making them suitable opponents for you youngsters to practice with.”

In this world, demonic beasts are categorized based on their lifespan, which Xuanyuan Tianxin had crammed about in recent days.

Demonic beasts are classified by how long they’ve lived. Beasts under a hundred years old are collectively known as decade beasts. However, their exact age determines their strength.

The longer they live, the stronger they become. Every century, a demonic beast undergoes a tribulation, and with each tribulation, their power and bloodline improve.

Tribulations are divided into major ones at a thousand years, heavenly tribulations at ten thousand years, and divine tribulations at a hundred thousand years. As for million-year-old beasts, no one has ever seen or heard of one in contemporary times.

When Xuanyuan Tianxin read a miscellaneous record on demonic beasts, she remembered that the Golden-winged Great Peng had mentioned that demonic beasts could transform into human form after ten thousand years. A million-year-old beast would be considered a demon god, equaling true gods.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that beasts become demon gods upon reaching a million years, but that their power is comparable to that of gods, potentially rivaling them.

Some demonic beasts possess extraordinary bloodlines, giving them god-like abilities even if they don’t reach a million years. However, these beasts are usually mythical or ferocious creatures, rarely seen or known to exist.

Xuanyuan Tianxin glanced at the little golden chick in her arms, her lips twitching.

How could mythical beasts not exist when she had a golden-winged Great Peng, a legendary Buddha’s mount, right in her arms!

The divine beast, with no sense of its nobility, had been eating and sleeping with Xuanyuan Tianxin, growing plump and rounder. At this moment, it was sleeping on its back, its chicken feet occasionally twitching.

Seeing its twitching claws and belly-up sleeping posture, Xuanyuan Tianxin’s forehead veins throbbed. She couldn’t help but internally scream: Damn it, at least maintain some dignity! You might be a chicken now, but you’re still a rooster! Who are you showing your bits to, lying like that!

The other three in the carriage didn’t notice Xuanyuan Tianxin’s odd behavior. Seeing her suddenly fall silent, Wu Zhao thought she was frightened by the Gale Wolves. He smiled and continued, “Are you scared, girl? Don’t worry; those Gale Wolves are under a hundred years old. Even the Gale Wolf King is just a century-old beast.”

Demonic beasts cultivate much slower than humans. Even with several centuries of cultivation, their strength is only equivalent to that of human martial artists.

“Not scared, just curious about what the Gale Wolves look like,” Xuanyuan Tianxin laughed. She hoped to encounter these wolves on Daze Mountain, as she was eager to gauge her strength.


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