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Chapter 162

There’s still some time before the trial ends. After unanimous discussion, everyone decided to set out separately at dawn tomorrow to search for other fox clans in the secret realm and bring them outside for recovery.

Qiao Yan took Yan Qing and the other clan members into a room to heal, and then she remained behind closed doors.

As the only awake descendant of the Fox clan, she must have felt deeply troubled upon learning the truth, thinking about the past few years. Even the usually insensitive He Zhizhou understood this and did not disturb her.

It was already late, and everyone found a room to rest in temporarily.

Pei Ji specifically chose a quiet, small room for Ning Ning. After carefully cleaning it with a dust removal spell, a broom, and a towel, he took out a new quilt from his storage bag and spread it on the bed.

When he gently picked her up from the wooden chair and placed her on the bed, Pei Ji subconsciously lowered his head.

Ning Ning was very light.

He had very few impressions of other people’s bodies before. Whether it was fighting while wandering in his childhood or the provocations from fellow disciples after joining the sect, everyone he encountered was always tough. Even if he punched them hard, Pei Ji wouldn’t feel any pity.

But when he held Ning Ning, he didn’t dare use an ounce of extra force. His hand on her shoulder was soft and hot, making him feel unprecedentedly awkward.

The little girl in his arms was deeply asleep, her body so soft it felt boneless. When Pei Ji stood still, he could hear her shallow, rhythmic breathing.

He hadn’t noticed by the noisy waterfall before, but now that sound seemed to carry some warmth, passing by his ears and inexplicably making him feel a bit restless.

…How strange.

Pei Ji pursed his lips, moving his gaze away from her face, and laid Ning Ning flat on the bed, awkwardly tucking her in.

He was skilled at fighting and swordsmanship, but this was the first time he had ever tucked someone in, making him seem clumsy. His careful actions even made Cheng Ying laugh.

“Hey, Pei Xiaoji, you’re just tucking someone in. There’s no need to be so serious. Someone might think you’re serving an emperor.”

Cheng Ying’s laughter continued: “What’s this? Being so cautious, are you afraid to touch her?”

As Pei Ji was flattening the quilt near Ning Ning’s neck, he replied coldly, “What’s an emperor worth?”

“Yo, yo, yo! You have guts; that’s incredible!”

Cheng Ying’s laughter turned sly and mischievous.

“I get it. I get it. No one compares to Ning Ning. If you think she’s important, what is the relationship between us brothers? Do we need to beat around the bush like this?”

Cheng Ying would go to any lengths to build a relationship. It had previously called itself an old lady; now it was calling them brothers. Who knew what it would come up with next? Its words were ear-piercing and worldview-shattering.

Pei Ji ignored it, his long lashes casting a shadow over his eyes as he glanced at Ning Ning again.

He had deliberately moved his gaze away from her not long ago, but now he felt he had little self-control.

When she lay on the bed, her entire head sank slightly into the pillow, her loose hair gathering around her cheeks, making her fair skin look like jade.

His eyes quickly took in her long lashes like little fans, her delicate nose, and her rose-colored lips. Ning Ning was the complete opposite of him. Whether awake or asleep, she exuded a gentle and approachable warmth that made people want to get closer.

Unlike him, who was always cold and dry, unable to interact with others or understand any fun, his life was solely about “living” and “practicing swordsmanship,” which was utterly boring.

Pei Ji had seriously thought many times about why Ning Ning kept approaching him repeatedly.

He had nothing to offer her and no value to her, and she always had many friends around her. She didn’t lack his presence. Even so, Ning Ning would often come to his courtyard, standing at the door and waving with a smile, “Little Junior Brother!”

Later, Pei Ji thought, Maybe Ning Ning was nice to him because she was nice to everyone.

—But he didn’t want her to be nice to everyone.

Pei Ji was startled by this strange thought, frowning in confusion. As he frowned, Ning Ning, lying on the bed, moved her eyebrows and shook her head slightly.

It turned out that a few strands of hair had fallen on her face, and when the night wind blew, they moved like tickling feathers.

Pei Ji’s fingertips twitched slightly.

His right hand moved quickly and lightly, and as his fingers brushed Ning Ning’s cheek, his whole body visibly paused for a moment.

When his fingers brushed away the hair, they also skimmed over her soft skin.

…He touched her.

Ning Ning’s cheek was unbelievably soft. Just a light touch made his fingers slide down. Even though he quickly moved his hand away, the faint, gentle, and soft touch still lingered on his fingertips.

Pei Ji had always hated being touched by others, but for some reason, he didn’t dislike this feeling.

In fact… even having more of it wouldn’t be a bother.

Suddenly, he felt a bit flustered.

“Doesn’t this count as,” Cheng Ying, unaware of Pei Ji’s anomaly, carefully chose its words, “secretly touching Ning Ning’s face?”

Pei Ji finally responded to it this time, his tone full of impatience.

“Shut up.”

Cheng Ying didn’t understand why the young master was suddenly in a bad mood, watching him leave the room with a gloomy face and carefully closing the door behind him.

It wasn’t until it saw his thumb tightly pressed against his forefinger that it burst out laughing, “No way, Pei Xiaoji! Ning Ning is still asleep, and you’ve already made yourself shy. What will you do when she wakes up?”

Pei Ji spoke each word deliberately, his eyes filled with a murderous intent: “Shut up.”

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