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Chapter 34

“I’ll keep it a secret.

Leefe blushed furiously at the straightforward word Rene used: ‘doting.’

‘St-stop it! That was because of the love potion yesterday!’

‘It only happened because there were genuine feelings to begin with, right?’

‘But Oliver-sama liked me too much, didn’t he? That must have been because he was thinking of someone else! I must have messed up making the love potion.’

‘Is that so? I’m well aware that the magic potions you make are first-class. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t have chosen you as my master.’

‘Ugh… but in any case, Oliver-sama don’t even think about me!’

Talking about it like this made yesterday’s events resurface in her mind, and she really wanted to stop. Just as she raised her voice even more, there was a voice.

‘—Did something happen with me?’


Oliver stood at the entrance of the salon.

Having been aggressively pursued by him just yesterday, Leefe wasn’t prepared for his sudden visit, and her eyes darted nervously.


But there was something a bit off about Oliver as well. Normally, he would close the distance with her with plenty of confidence the moment their eyes met, but now his expression seemed somewhat awkward.

However, Leefe didn’t have the composure to point that out right now. She quickly averted her eyes and spoke rapidly.

‘B-both Lady Aurelia from the Duke of Beltz’s house and Lady Sonia from the Marquis of Maier’s house just left. I’ll prepare your tea right away, Oliver-sama.’

‘Those two? …Nothing happened, right?’

‘Yes, nothing at all. We just… became friends.’

Feeling proud, she answered, and from the corner of the room, she heard Rene stifle a laugh. This was something very important and worth emphasizing for her, so she wished he wouldn’t laugh.

But simply speaking about the fact that she had made a long-desired friend seemed to make half the memory of Oliver’s love potion-induced advances disappear from her mind.

Leefe wanted ‘friends and a lover.’ This was an unfamiliar but proud feeling, something she had never experienced before. Oliver seemed to sense this as well.

‘…Leefe, you have “friends”?’

‘Yes, friends.’

Repeating Leefe’s boast, Oliver somehow seemed to be frozen. Seeing this, she realized something.

(Oh no. Having friends is a normal thing in society.)

She knew Oliver wasn’t the type to mock someone carelessly, but she still felt somewhat uncomfortable. However, Oliver smiled, appearing impressed, and shared her joy.

‘That’s amazing. Even though you’ve just arrived in this country.’

‘Today, they were worried about me because I was unwell yesterday… they are wonderful friends.’

‘I wanted to keep those two away from you. It seems my worries were unfounded. If more people understand you, Leefe, I’ll be happy too.’

Oliver’s words, as if he knew all about Leefe’s good qualities, brought back the memories of the previous night that had been half-forgotten by her proud ‘friend boast.’

(I’m blushing again! It’s a mistake, a mistake, a mistake.)

She tightly shut her eyes, willed herself, and then looked up at Oliver, who laughed and continued.

‘…I’m sorry about yesterday.’


Abruptly, he apologized smoothly.

Realizing what that meant, the heat she had chased away came rushing back. She couldn’t forget his sincere words from the previous night while leaning over the sofa.

‘I couldn’t control my feelings and ended up hurting you.’

‘No, um, I…’

Leefe had thought about what to say when she faced Oliver after that. She had considered saying she’d forget about it, or that she understood it was an accident, or that she was sorry for making an imperfect magic potion.

But when it came down to it, none of those words came out. Instead, she felt like her true feelings might slip out.

(I’m not upset… it’s more like I was disappointed in myself for not minding Oliver-sama’s advances at all!)

‘I won’t do anything like that again. If something similar happens next time, don’t hesitate to call someone. Or you can use magic on me. Rene, you too.’


It seemed better not to mention that she hadn’t called for help or used magic because she was thrilled and nearly swept away by him.

Clearing her throat, Leefe tried to maintain her composure as she spoke to Oliver.

‘I heard from Lala a while ago. She said there is someone very important to you, Oliver-sama.’

‘Oh, that story. Yes, that’s true.’

‘I think that yesterday’s incident happened because my potion was faulty and your feelings for that person overflowed. I’m truly sorry for…’

‘No, that’s not it. Those were my true feelings for you, Leefe.’


For the umpteenth time recently, Leefe found herself at a loss for words unbefitting a lady.”

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