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Chapter 45-Part 1

Halfway through admiring the painting, Jiang Xiurun finally pulled herself out of her initial shock.

A moment ago, she had forced herself to appreciate it calmly and collectedly like a man, but belatedly, she remembered—she was the tutor of the Crown Prince! She bore a heavy responsibility!

As the heir to the throne, it might be acceptable for him to look at erotic paintings, but what kind of virtuous tutor would she be, watching two men engage in lewd acts with him?

Realizing this, she straightened her expression, picked up the scroll, tossed it aside, and knelt with folded hands, saying, “Your Highness has great ambitions for the nation; how can you indulge in such vulgar and indecent things? Moreover, Your Highness is a remarkable man. If you must learn about the balance of yin and yang, it should be between a man and a woman, not two men. Who presented this painting? Their intentions deserve condemnation!”

Feng Liwu half-closed his eyes, was silent for a moment, and then said, “It was I who ordered someone to find the painting, to see if it could resolve the confusion in my heart.”

Jiang Xiurun hadn’t expected Feng Liwu to have actively sought out the painting, and her curiosity got the better of her. She half-raised her head and asked, “Why did Your Highness do so?”

Feng Liwu stared straight at her and said, “I hadn’t thought about these things before, but after being forcefully kissed by you that time… I have no interest in women… so I wanted to see what it’s like with men…”

If this had nothing to do with Jiang Xiurun, hearing such serious secrets of the Crown Prince after a good meal in the afternoon would be an amusing diversion.

In her previous life, Jiang Xiurun had always thought that this heir of the Great Qi Dynasty was somewhat detached from worldly desires, treating his legitimate wife and concubines coldly and without the slightest human touch.

But in this life, disguised as a man and becoming his close advisor, she had a bucket of cold water thrown on her head—the heir of the Great Qi Dynasty might actually be a homosexual. How was one supposed to react to this?

Jiang Xiurun, who had barely calmed down, now found her tongue tied again!

“Your… Your Highness, I was under the influence of a powerful aphrodisiac at that time, as you know, completely out of control… I didn’t mean to offend you…”

Feng Liwu nodded and said, “To dare offend even the future Crown Princess, the drug must have been very potent indeed…”

Recalling the scene of this female tutor intimately interacting with Princess Tian, Feng Liwu’s face darkened further.

Given that she was a woman, why was she so involved with Princess Tian back then? It seemed that regardless of gender, she had no reservations and was indeed a source of trouble!

Jiang Xiurun, however, thought the Crown Prince was once again jealous, feeling sorry for his future Crown Princess. She dared not speak recklessly anymore and could only put on a face of shame, half-lowering her head.

The Crown Prince felt he should give this unruly person a chance, so he softened his voice and said, “Actually, I have always been lenient with you, considering you saved my life in a crisis. If you have any secret troubles, you can tell me honestly…”

If she confessed the truth, Feng Liwu thought he could spare her life. After all, such a sweet and soft woman was hard to come by. As for her habit of lying, it could be corrected over time…

Jiang Xiurun, however, thought the Crown Prince was referring to the incident at the Taoist temple and only smiled obsequiously, saying, “Your Highness is magnanimous; I am deeply grateful and will serve with all my heart, unto death…”

Look at that, the same insincere flattery…

The more Feng Liwu looked at her, the angrier he became. At this moment, he suddenly reached out and pulled her into his arms, asking her face-to-face, “You said the drug was too potent; could it have also affected me? Why else would I always want to kiss you since then?”

Could the drug really be that potent?

Seeing Feng Liwu’s head lower further, so close that she could count his long, thick eyelashes, Jiang Xiurun panicked. She hurriedly pressed her hand against his chin, but her fingers accidentally brushed his thin lips, which he gently sucked in.

“Your… Your Highness, I am a man! How could… how could we engage in such impropriety?”

In such a situation, maintaining the etiquette between a ruler and his minister was impossible, and Jiang Xiurun shouted in desperation.

Feng Liwu, however, rarely showed the confusion of a nineteen-year-old youth, staring at her bewilderedly. “You started this; how can you not take responsibility? Just let me kiss you again and see if it’s really the drug that made me lose control.”

Jiang Xiurun’s tongue was tied up again, and as she racked her brain for words to stop the Crown Prince, Feng Liwu’s thin lips suddenly pressed onto hers.

This was already their second kiss, but the first time was initiated by Jiang Xiurun under the influence of the drug, somewhat like a hungry wolf.

This time, Feng Liwu was much more practiced, skillfully entwining Jiang Xiuruan’s little tongue, which accumulated over many days like a tiger descending the mountain or a dragon entering the sea…

Jiang Xiurun had never imagined she would entangle with a man again, let alone be kissed multiple times by the cold Crown Prince.

The most tragic part was that the Crown Prince thought he was kissing a man? Could he really be homosexual?

At this moment, she fiercely bit down on the tongue invading her mouth.

But Feng Liwu was quick-witted. Before she could exert force, he let go, only lightly brushing her cherry lips, saying, “Strange, there’s no drug today; why is it still so sweet?”

That slightly youthful and puzzled expression showed that his earlier boldness was merely to resolve his confusion, making it impossible to be angry at him.

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