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Chapter 44

“Yuan Yuan, Yuan Yuan, wake up!”

Nan Yuan was in a deep sleep, while Xu Xiaotang was stomping on her face.

Almost stamping paw prints on her face, the deeply sleeping person slowly woke up.

Nan Yuan moved the fluffy ball off her face and stretched lazily.

“Xiaotang, how long did I sleep?”

Xu Xiaotang immediately replied, “Not long, not long. I leveled up super fast this time. I think it’s been only about ten days at most.”

As Xu Xiaotang spoke, it twirled in front of her.

“Yuan Yuan, look, isn’t my fur prettier than before?”

Nan Yuan reached out and touched it.

The texture had indeed improved a lot.


She felt that her sleep had been unusually deep. Could she really have slept herself into such a state in just ten days?

With a wave of Nan Yuan’s hand, the seal at the cave entrance was lifted.

Both the person and the beast yawned in unison and leisurely walked out of the cave.

“Yuan Yuan, the air outside is so fresh!”

Nan Yuan thought Xiaotang’s nose must be faulty. Not only did she not find the air fresh, but she also sensed a heavy aura of death.

However, since they were still within the Snow City territory, Nan Yuan was not surprised.

She felt that her temper had truly improved; she had merely let Snow City meet its original fate of destruction by the Demon Lord without intervening herself.

“Xiaotang, want to drink some transformation water? It’s sweet.”

Xu Xiaotang rolled around and said, “No, I like my original form.”

Nan Yuan silently watched it for a moment, then tied two little pigtails on its fur as a disguise.

Even though Snow City was destroyed and its people all perished, her death was so heroic that she must have become a legendary figure.

As her spirit pet, Xiaotang’s fame was probably not small either.

Xu Xiaotang, annoyed, gritted its teeth, “Yuan Yuan, I’m male!”

Nan Yuan patted its little pigtails.

“Males can have pigtails too. When Ah Qing was little, he had two pigtails, and it was extremely cute.”

After speaking, she was taken aback; her full, moist lips pressed together slightly.

Xu Xiaotang glanced at her cautiously and softly suggested, “Yuan Yuan, why don’t we raise another child?”

Nan Yuan’s voice was flat and emotionless, “They are not Ah Qing.”

Xu Xiaotang immediately fell silent.

Walking through the snow, Nan Yuan’s figure seemed somewhat lonely and desolate.

“Yuan Yuan, where are we going now?”

“I don’t know; we’ll see.”

As Nan Yuan walked, the snow beneath her feet melted. Slowly, the dead grass turned into green grass.

It seemed, unknowingly, that she had walked through an entire winter.

“Yuan Yuan, have you started to dislike humans?” Xu Xiaotang asked cautiously.

“No, I just want some peace,” Nan Yuan replied lightly.

After a brief pause, she patted its head.

“I am human too.”

Xu Xiaotang thought: Yuan Yuan can only count as half human, considering her other half is too powerful.

“Yuan Yuan, this won’t do. If you don’t interact with people, how can you do good deeds? What’s our purpose in this world?”

Nan Yuan glanced at it and said, “Hmm, what’s the purpose?”

Xu Xiaotang: …

“Yuan Yuan, my leveling up wasn’t in vain; my brain has become smarter. After thinking it over, the method you mentioned before might actually work. Let’s wait until the protagonist has completed all the plotlines, and then we will kill the main villain of this world before him. That way, we won’t be disrupting the main storyline at all! In other words, hehe, we’ll be the mantis stalking the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Once the protagonist and the main villain are both severely weakened, Yuan Yuan, you will descend like a goddess from the heavens and deliver the fatal blow to the villain.

This way, the greatest merit will be attributed to you, Yuan Yuan.”

Nan Yuan’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly as she touched its little pigtails. “This method is very good.”

Xu Xiaotang successfully sparked the fighting spirit in the previously disheartened Yuan Yuan and continued enthusiastically, “To prepare for this, Yuan Yuan, you should start acting heroically from now on! No more being a salted fish, let’s get to work!”

Nan Yuan yawned.

Xu Xiaotang: …

It seemed that after a long sleep, Yuan Yuan had become lazier and showed signs of worldweariness.

However, the energetic Xu Xiaotang was not discouraged.

It soon found an opportunity for heroic deeds.

Under Xu Xiaotang’s encouragement, Nan Yuan killed several demon cultivators and saved a group of weaklings from a certain sect.

The weaklings were stunned at the first sight of Nan Yuan, momentarily thinking they had encountered some celestial being.

Except this celestial being’s figure was too… voluptuous.

Just by looking at that figure, it was easy to have some indecent and evil thoughts, but upon seeing that cold and beautiful face and looking into those dark and indifferent eyes, all thoughts were immediately dispelled.

Since their savior preferred silence, the weaklings huddled together and whispered among themselves.

Nan Yuan rested with her eyes closed, but at a certain moment, she suddenly opened her eyes and stared directly at the weaklings, “What were you just saying?”

The whispering weaklings were startled.

Weakling A: “Senior, which sentence do you mean? In recent years, the demon realm’s demon cultivators have become increasingly rampant, provoking disturbances everywhere. It seems there might be a war between demon cultivators and spiritual cultivators?”

Weakling B: “Among the five major demon lords of the demon realm, the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord is the most powerful?”

Weakling C: “The Bloodthirsty Demon Lord was born in the demon abyss of the demon realm; his true form is an ancient giant serrated spider, incredibly formidable?”

Weakling D: “Or was it this sentence—two hundred years ago, the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord inexplicably went berserk and destroyed the entire Snow City like a madman?”

Nan Yuan was somewhat stunned, murmuring, “Two hundred years ago?”

Seeing that he guessed correctly, Weakling D became excited and chattered on, “Yes, two hundred years ago, when the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord first emerged, he crawled out of the demon abyss and headed straight for Snow City as if searching for something. When he didn’t find it, he destroyed the city!

Snow City was already in a dire state, having just fended off a beast tide, and without even a moment’s respite, it was destroyed by the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord.

Oh, by the way, it is said that among those defending the city back then was Elder Zhuang Huaiyin from Yuming Mountain. Perhaps this incident angered the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord, implicating the entire Zhuang family.

Over the past two hundred years, almost all of the Zhuang family members have died. Even the top elders who were guarding the family were killed by the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord.

Sigh, thinking about how glorious the Zhuang family was two hundred years ago and looking at them now…”

Nan Yuan’s somewhat stiff neck slowly turned, her gaze landing back on Xu Xiaotang, her mouth twitching slightly.

“Ten days, huh?”

Xu Xiaotang let out a wail, unable to believe that it had taken two hundred years to level up.

This was a lifetime of pain that it could not bear!

Xu Xiaotang cried inconsolably, and in the end, it was Nan Yuan who managed to console it.

Spending two hundred years to level up was highly unlikely; at most, it would have taken a dozen or twenty years. So it was very likely that Xu Xiaotang had unintentionally used its innate ability to travel through time and accidentally ended up two hundred years in the future.

Nan Yuan quickly accepted the fact that they had accidentally traveled two hundred years into the future.

At least Xu Xiaotang hadn’t accidentally traveled to another world.

Heh heh.

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