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Chapter 121-Part 1

At home, Jiang Nian received a call from Jiang Yu, who said that Zhou Shanshan was indeed fine—it was just another farce. This time, however, Zhou Shanshan had gone too far. Previously, her antics were confined to their home, and they would turn a blind eye. But this time, she called an ambulance, and the doctor exposed her little trick in public. Now, she had incurred the wrath of many at home; a lot of people were dissatisfied with her. Tsk tsk.

Jiang Nian could see that Zhou Shanshan’s antics today had a purpose. First, she wanted to attract Xue Hang’s attention. Second, even if she couldn’t attract him, she intended to set some traps and sow discord between Jiang Nian and Xue Hang. She probably wanted Xue Hang to think Jiang Nian was a malicious woman. All in all, this drama was bound to fulfill her intentions in some way.

In fact, compared to Zhou Shanshan, Jiang Nian was more curious about another matter. She glanced at Xue Hang, who was sitting on her sofa, drinking tea and playing chess with her father, looking composed and calm. This man was too smart. Although Jiang Nian had said nothing and Xue Hang was unfamiliar with her family’s situation and had never met Zhou Shanshan before, how did he instantly see through Zhou Shanshan’s act? Even Jiang Yong, her husband, didn’t see through it.

Xue Hang couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. He knew that his special ability allowed him to clearly see the desires in everyone’s hearts, helping him evade many schemes. However, it also deprived him of much joy.

He had discovered that even his old friends secretly despised him and plotted against him. Uncles, aunts, and elders sought more shares of the Xue family’s company. Countless women who approached him had ulterior motives, seeking his status and power, pretending respect and politeness while secretly wishing to trample him and see him beg in despair.

This realization had once made him extremely troubled, causing him to distrust anyone, not daring to let anyone close or even go out to meet people. The overwhelming thoughts of others had brought him immense pain.

Similarly, if others knew he could hear their inner thoughts, it would be frightening and terrifying for them, as all hidden aspects would be exposed under the sun.

Xue Hang dared not reveal his secret to anyone. This might remain his eternal secret.

Now that Jiang Nian was suspicious, he was naturally worried she might detect something. This silly girl could be very perceptive. Her quick mind showed she was not always as foolish as she appeared, just like how she quickly saw through Zhou Shanshan’s act.

Xue Hang feared Jiang Nian might realize something, and even more, he feared her fear and alienation.

He lowered his gaze and made a move on the chessboard. Jiang Nian suddenly came over, hugging his arm and leaning on his shoulder, asking curiously, “Xue Hang, how did you see through Zhou Shanshan’s act so quickly?”

Xue Hang: …Why couldn’t you just think about it? Why did you have to ask out loud?

Before he could respond, father Jiang coughed heavily from the side, glaring at Jiang Nian, “This is someone else’s family matter. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Jiang Nian responded with an “oh,” closing her mouth reluctantly, thinking that her beauty must have sharp eyes, which is why he could run such a big business and make a lot of money to buy her lots of gold!

Being smart is not a crime; he must be well protected.

Xue Hang rubbed his forehead: …Well, it seems a crisis has been averted. = =

Mother Jiang was in the kitchen, cooking. She brought out some fruit and, seeing her daughter leaning on Xue Hang’s arm, said helplessly, “Was that Xiaoyu on the phone? What did she say? Is Shanshan okay?”

Jiang Nian shrugged, “Same as always.”

Mother Jiang understood and shook her head helplessly. She glanced at her husband, who was pretending to be calm and composed, and pulled her daughter aside.

“Alright, don’t be in the way here. Come help me in the kitchen.”

Xue Hang patted Jiang Nian’s head and said, “Go ahead.”

Jiang Nian followed her mother into the kitchen. As soon as they were inside, mother Jiang dropped her pretense of calm and whispered, “Are you crazy? Bringing your boyfriend home without any notice! At least give us a heads up. And your boyfriend is Xue Hang, from a prominent family. We are just ordinary folks. If we don’t prepare properly, what if he looks down on you?”

Jiang Nian said she didn’t expect Zhou Shanshan to cause such a scene. Xue Hang was about to leave when Zhou Shanshan had a stomachache, causing a big fuss, so he stayed for a meal.

“Mom, don’t overthink it. Xue Hang hasn’t proposed yet, and I’m not planning to marry anytime soon. Just think of it as me bringing my boyfriend home for you to meet. Don’t be nervous.”

How could Mother Jiang not be nervous? It was Xue Hang!

“What if the Xue family doesn’t agree? Did you ask? I’m afraid you’ll get hurt.” The last incident had hurt Jiang Nian deeply.

Getting hurt was unlikely. Xue Hang wouldn’t take her gold away.

Jiang Nian patted her mother and explained that Xue Hang was a good person. He had helped her selflessly many times before they got together. Xue Hang was not the problem. As for the future, they would deal with it when it came.

Mother Jiang had seen enough of the Jiang Yong family’s behavior to be cautious. Jiang Yong, whom she watched grow up, seemed respectful and helpful to neighbors, but he caused so many problems later. Knowing people is tricky, and many things are unpredictable.

“Mom isn’t criticizing you, but hopes you protect yourself. Relying on yourself is better than relying on anyone else.”

“I understand. Don’t worry.”

In the living room, Father Jiang chatted and played chess with Xue Hang. He appeared stern, but his mind was racing with chaotic thoughts. He seemed nervous and worried. Xue Hang could understand; the previous incident with Sun Xu had sounded a warning bell for the elderly couple, making them wary of Jiang Nian getting hurt again.

Father Jiang said, “I didn’t expect my daughter to date you. After what happened before, I thought she wouldn’t trust men again…”

Xue Hang replied, “It’s my honor. Jiang Nian is very lovable, and I like her a lot. As for what happened before, it’s in the past. I will do my best to heal her emotional wounds.”

Father Jiang shook his head. Men mean what they say when in love, but once that changes, their words no longer hold.

“I watch the news and know you’re impressive. As a father, my only wish is for my daughter to be safe and happy, not to be hurt again.”

Xue Hang promised, “I won’t hurt her. I’ll protect her and won’t let anyone else harm her.”

“…” Good, he said everything he was thinking.

His sweet talk was impeccable!

In fact, Father Jiang didn’t dislike Xue Hang. He had admired his achievements from the news. But seeing Jiang Nian with such a formidable person was unsettling. However, Xue Hang’s sincere demeanor and Jiang Nian’s evident fondness for him left him with no choice but to wait and see.

“I haven’t agreed yet. Let’s see how you perform in the future.”

Xue Hang said, “Thank you, Uncle Jiang.”

In the evening, Mother Jiang and Jiang Nian cooked together. They prepared several vegetarian dishes, steamed sausages, and a stewed pig’s trotter, filling the table. Importantly, Father Jiang had Xue Hang drink a lot of wine, as if it were a rite of passage for a son-in-law meeting his father-in-law.

When Jiang Nian saw Xue Hang off, she could still smell the faint scent of alcohol on him—the first time she had smelled such a strong scent on him.

Holding hands outside, Jiang Nian noticed the snowflakes dancing under the streetlights, looking particularly beautiful. She smiled and said, “It’s snowing again.”

Xue Hang murmured in agreement. They walked along the pebble path through a shaded trail. Xue Hang could hear Jiang Nian humming a tune in her heart, sensing her good mood and slight excitement. He stopped, pulling her back when she didn’t notice.


Xue Hang pulled her into his arms, gazing down at her. She smiled, hooking her arms around his neck. They stared at each other for a while before Jiang Nian asked, “Want some candy?”

He smiled, his usually calm and handsome features glowing with liveliness under the moonlit, snowy night. He lowered his head to kiss her.

“Let me taste it to see if it’s sweet.”

“Of course, it’s sweet…”

“If it’s not, there will be a punishment.”

A kiss between a man and a woman on a snowy night carried a unique atmosphere. Jiang Nian felt Xue Hang’s arm tighten around her waist; the air was filled with sweetness and a hint of intoxication.

Xue Hang wrapped her in his warm-down jacket, her fair cheeks blushing. He kissed her, sometimes gently and tenderly, sometimes passionately and fervently, their breaths intertwined.

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