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Chapter 25

The grand formation of Piaomiao Island was situated in the square, just outside the main hall. As the first light of dawn appeared, Chong Zhao and his fellow disciples were lined up in the square, channeling their immortal energy into their palms and directing it at the pentagram on the ground. Stimulated by their energy, the five-star formation immediately lit up, sending five beams of light straight into the sky.

The disciples’ faces showed a moment of joy, but it quickly turned to alarm. The five beams of light in the air suddenly extinguished, and the pentagram on the ground dimmed instantly. At this moment, Songfeng, supported by disciples, arrived in front of the hall.

“Uncle Master, the Jingtian formation has gone out!” Chong Zhao, who is usually calm, couldn’t hide his dismay.

“Master! Master!”

Before Songfeng could respond, several young disciples guarding the island gate ran up to the square, their voices trembling. “It’s bad! Something has happened!”

“What is it? Speak slowly!” Er Yun demanded coldly.

The young disciples pointed towards the sea outside the island, their faces still filled with fear.

“Something’s happening in the sea…”

Everyone followed the direction the young disciples indicated and saw that the sky was covered with dark clouds. Enormous waves rose around Piaomiao Island, forming an impenetrable water barrier that isolated the entire East Sea.

The disciples outside the square turned pale, and no one dared to speak.

“Zhao’er, Yun’er, come with me inside.”

Songfeng’s voice suddenly rang out. He gently pushed away the disciples who were supporting him and walked into the hall. Chong Zhao and Er Yun, puzzled, exchanged glances before hurriedly following him.

In a desolate forest, Bai Shuo, trembling, turned her head and let out a sigh of relief. She punched the shoulder of the young man beside her.

“You scared me! Ah Zhao, what are you doing here?”

Chong Zhao hugged her tightly.

“I finally found you. I’m glad you’re okay!”

Bai Shuo was stunned and patted the young man’s shoulder.

“Ah Zhao?”

Chong Zhao exhaled a long breath, released Bai Shuo, and put on a stern face. “How many times have I told you? The East Sea outside of Piaomiao Island is full of dangers. With your limited immortal energy, how dare you run around?”

Bai Shuo looked at Chong Zhao, who was nagging in front of her, and was taken aback. She stared at him in a daze. Since leaving the capital years ago, she hadn’t seen this side of Chong Zhao.

“What’s wrong?” Chong Zhao paused.

Bai Shuo’s eyes reddened, and she took a deep breath.

“It’s nothing, I… I…”

“I know, you came here to refine a first-grade elixir for me.”

“How did you know?” Bai Shuo blurted out, then realized, “That stinky old turtle! He can’t keep any secrets!” She then frowned.

“But that’s not right. That stinky old turtle tricked me into going somewhere else. How did you know I was here?”

Chong Zhao produced a bamboo flute from his palm, identical to the one he had given Bai Shuo.

“These two flutes are imbued with my immortal essence. As long as you have the one I gave you, I can find you.”

“No wonder.”

Bai Shuo understood and looked around. “Ah Zhao, do you remember this place?”

Chong Zhao nodded.

“Of course. Three years ago, we saved Master here. Ah Shuo, why did you come here?”

Before Bai Shuo could respond, Chong Zhao suddenly covered her mouth and pulled her behind a large tree.

Bai Shuo’s eyes widened, and Chong Zhao’s low voice sounded in her ear.

“Don’t move. Something’s coming!”

Bai Shuo held her breath. Before Chong Zhao could finish speaking, a dark shadow flew over their heads. It was a massive figure, radiating a fierce aura and powerful spiritual energy, swiftly passing into the forest.

Bai Shuo’s eyes lit up, and she pushed Chong Zhao’s hand away.

“Let’s go! Follow it!”

“Ah Shuo!”

Chong Zhao couldn’t stop her and was pulled deeper into the forest by Bai Shuo.

As they followed the direction where the shadow disappeared, they entered deeper into the forest, and their astonishment grew.

The dense forest and barren rocks underfoot slowly vanished, revealing a valley of green grass. A stream flowed at the edge of the valley, surrounded by wildflowers, and a rainbow fell on a rock by the stream. Lying on the rock was the dark shadow that had flown over their heads.

It was a white tiger with translucent fur, and it had wings on its back. At the moment, it was resting with its eyes closed, unaware of their approach.

On this desolate island, how could there be such a paradisiacal place hidden within the forest?

Chong Zhao was full of doubts, but Bai Shuo was different. This miraculous sight was perfect for hiding a first-grade treasure!

Suddenly, Bai Shuo’s gaze focused on a spot beside the white tiger, her eyes filled with excitement.

“I found it! The spring is there!”

Bai Shuo, in her excitement, slipped, crushing some dry leaves underfoot. Chong Zhao hugged her, and in a flash of spiritual light, they disappeared from sight. The white tiger opened its eyes sharply, looking towards where they had been hiding.

Its large, copper-bell eyes scanned the surroundings but found nothing and lay back down on the rock. This time, however, it didn’t close its eyes.

Bai Shuo and Chong Zhao hid behind a rock behind the white tiger. Bai Shuo covered her mouth, not daring to breathe loudly.

“Ah Shuo, we need to leave now. This flying tiger is at least at the peak of the Supreme Lord level. Even Uncle Master is no match for it. If it discovers us, it will be too late!”

“No, I came here specifically to find it!” Bai Shuo shook her head.

“Find it?” Chong Zhao was puzzled.

“I mean… to find this!” Bai Shuo hurriedly took out a book from her medicine pouch, opened the last page, and showed it to Chong Zhao. “I knew the old turtle was lying when he led me to the coral sea, so I found this book in the library.”

Bai Shuo’s finger pointed to a transcribed sentence.

“South of Piaomiao, a sudden heavenly fire descends, burning an island. All things on the island are destroyed, leaving only a spring in the southeast of the island. It has been so for over a decade.”

Bai Shuo continued, “This was left by the old sect master. I guess the reason the old sect master came to this island years ago was because it had something he wanted. Maybe the old sect master wasn’t injured in a fight with someone…”

“Are you saying…?” Chong Zhao looked at the white tiger not far away. “It hurt, Master?”

“Yes, don’t forget, a first-grade treasure is extremely rare in this world and will definitely be guarded by a spiritual beast. Maybe the sect master wanted to take the treasure from the spring, angering the white tiger, and got injured by it. This also explains why no one on Piaomiao Island knew about this important place. The old sect master knew it was dangerous and didn’t tell anyone, but he also didn’t want this treasure on a remote island to disappear. So he left clues, hoping that someone in the future could find it and obtain it when their immortal energy was sufficient.”

Chong Zhao listened with anger, “If you knew that such a rare treasure is guarded by a powerful spiritual beast, one that even Master can’t defeat, do you have a death wish coming here with your little bit of immortal energy? Even if there are treasures here, with our current power, we can’t take them.”

“Ah, but while I might not have much immortal energy, I have this.” Bai Shuo tapped her head. “Don’t forget what I’m best at.”

As she spoke, Bai Shuo took a small porcelain bottle out of her medicine pouch and shook it.

“I’m the best at making medicines, especially ones that deal with spiritual beasts.”

“And this is…?”

“Wanling Intoxication!” Bai Shuo grinned.

Seeing Chong Zhao’s puzzled expression, she blinked. “It’s normal if you haven’t heard of it. I just made it yesterday and gave it that name.”

Chong Zhao was speechless, half skeptical.

“Will this really work on it?”

“Absolutely. Although it doesn’t contain any treasures, it has ‘Beauty’s Fragrance’ in it. Even the old turtle can’t walk after smelling it.”

“And what is ‘Beauty’s Fragrance’?”

Bai Shuo laughed and pretended to open the porcelain bottle. “It’s…”

Chong Zhao leaned in curiously. “What?”

“Oh, you’re too young to know such things. Just trust that it will work!”

Bai Shuo lifted the lid halfway, then quickly sealed it again, holding it like a precious treasure.

“Remember to cover your nose and mouth, protect yourself with your immortal energy, and don’t breathe.”

Bai Shuo instructed Chong Zhao and was about to leave with the bottle when Chong Zhao stopped her.

“Let me do it.”

Bai Shuo shook her head.

“Your immortal energy is too strong; you can’t get close to it. I don’t have any immortal energy, so it won’t notice me easily. If I’m not within three meters of it, the ‘Beauty’s Fragrance’ won’t work!”

Chong Zhao still didn’t want to let go of Bai Shuo’s hand. Bai Shuo looked at him, rare firmness in her eyes. “Ah Zhao, I must refine a first-grade immortal elixir for you. Let go.”

Chong Zhao slowly released her hand. “Alright, but be very careful.”

Bai Shuo paused, nodded, and then stealthily crawled towards the white tiger with the porcelain bottle.

The valley was eerily silent. Under the cover of bird songs, Bai Shuo finally reached a cluster of flowers closest to the white tiger. She lay in the grass and quietly opened the porcelain bottle. A faint fragrance wafted out, carried by the wind to the white tiger.

The white tiger sniffed the air unconsciously, and its sharp eyes gradually grew dazed. After half an incense stick’s time, its head drooped, and it fell asleep on the rock.

Bai Shuo watched the white tiger intently. Seeing it motionless, she crept up to it and tugged on its tail.

Chong Zhao, watching from a distance, was filled with anxiety. “Ah Shuo, be careful!”

Bai Shuo played with the white tiger’s tail, then tossed it aside and clapped her hands triumphantly. “It’s done! I told you, there’s no spiritual beast in the world that my Wanling Intoxication can’t handle!”

She waved to Chong Zhao, then eagerly approached the spiritual spring behind the white tiger.

Taking quick steps, Bai Shuo reached the spring. The water shimmered with light, and within the spring bloomed a pure white snow lotus. The snow lotus was completely translucent, with such concentrated immortal energy that it seemed ready to burst.

“Ah Zhao, I found it! A first-grade treasure!”

Bai Shuo’s face was filled with wild joy as she reached out to pick up the snow lotus from the spring.

Suddenly, a flash of silver light shot towards her wrist with immense demonic energy. Bai Shuo felt a chill in her heart and, before she could react, was pulled away from the spiritual spring by someone.

The demonic energy struck the spring and exploded instantly. If Bai Shuo had still been there, she would have been blown to pieces.

Terrified, Bai Shuo patted her chest and then the person behind her. “Thanks, Ah Zhao!”

It was Chong Zhao who had saved her. He stared coldly at the red figure in the distance, his lips pressed into a thin line and his eyes as dark as ink.

Following his gaze, Bai Shuo looked towards the figure under the tree. Her breath caught, and she felt utterly terrified.

Damn! This! Demon! How is he here!

Under the tree, Fan Yue, dressed in red, stood with his arms crossed lazily over his chest. His gaze fell on Bai Shuo, and he seemed somewhat surprised.

Suddenly, he smiled with a hint of amusement and looked at Bai Shuo.

“Since when did someone from the immortal clan start using my demon clan’s charms to make medicine?”

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