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Chapter 329: Childhood Friends Must Be Cultivated from a Young Age (12)

However, Shen Mubai never paid much attention to appearances. What she didn’t know was that, for most people, she and An Ziyu were indeed outstanding.

So, at school, they always attracted attention.

Even in elementary school, people liked beautiful things. In the eyes of other students, Shen Mubai had a good temper and good grades. She didn’t act spoiled or put on airs because of her looks. She was also very patient when helping others with their questions, earning the affection of many of her classmates.

But for An Ziyu, this wasn’t very pleasing.

Every time he came to find Luoluo, he would see those classmates swarming around her, just like now.

The tall boy behind her was always poking her back, trying to talk to her.

He watched this sulkily for a while. When he saw that Luoluo wasn’t really responding to the boy, he finally allowed himself a small smile.

In fact, Shen Mubai was also annoyed. The boy behind her often poked her back with his finger, and whenever she turned around, he would look away and not say anything.

After it happened several times, she naturally didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it was just the restlessness and curiosity of a child. The boy’s pokes weren’t very strong; they were just curious touches, like he found something amusing.

While considering whether to ask the teacher to change her seat, her deskmate nudged her arm and said, “Jiang Luoluo, your An Ziyu is here.”

Shen Mubai was stunned and turned her head to look.

She didn’t see An Ziyu in the corridor.

Her chubby deskmate was also confused, mumbling, “Weird, did I see wrong?”

At that moment, An Ziyu was talking to the teacher of Class 3.

He was very nervous because it was his first time lying to a teacher, but he managed to keep a calm facade and finished speaking.

The teacher, when stopped by An Ziyu, found him familiar. When he mentioned Jiang Luoluo, the teacher finally remembered him.

An Ziyu’s palms were sweating from nervousness. Looking up at the teacher, he said, “Teacher, can you move him away?”

The teacher hesitated a bit.

Seeing this, An Ziyu squeezed his little hands and said, “Teacher, Luoluo has very good grades. Auntie Xiao pays a lot of attention to her studies, and I don’t want Luoluo to be distracted by other kids.”

He pursed his lips and added, “If Luoluo’s grades drop, Auntie Xiao will scold her.”

His appearance was very convincing. Despite being quiet, he had good grades, and the teacher often heard praises about An Ziyu in the office. So, he didn’t suspect anything and thought to himself, Jiang Luoluo’s mother seemed gentle, but maybe not.

Well-behaved children, especially, tend to lower people’s suspicions. Since it was just a seat change, the teacher agreed.

Joy spread through An Ziyu’s eyes as he smiled and said, “Thank you, teacher.”

During class, the teacher moved the boy behind Shen Mubai and replaced him with a girl.

The boy was stunned, almost on the verge of tears, but since he was usually quite reserved, he quietly wiped his tears and sadly packed his things.

Her chubby deskmate nudged Shen Mubai’s arm and asked, “Why did the teacher suddenly change his seat?”

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