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Chapter 52-Part 2

Yun Tian maintained his courteous demeanor to save face: “Think it over carefully. If you want the agent, I’ll spare no expense, even if I have to sell everything I own to get it for you.”

Having known each other for many years, Yun Tian was certain that Butler Su wouldn’t take such a risk.

Sure enough, Butler Su laughed it off, “I’m already half a step into the grave and at level seven. Why take such a big risk? I’m living well and enjoying my life. There’s no need for the agent.”

With that, Yun Tian and his servant took their leave.

Tang Xin watched them depart, feeling relieved to have dealt with one problem.

She then turned her attention to Zhao Min, whose turn it was next.

Zhao Min shivered under her gaze, “What’s the matter?”

Tang Xin asked, “Why did you come back?”

Zhao Min immediately responded respectfully, “I came specifically to ask about the two-level advancement. Also, I’ve told others that two Starry Grass plants are needed for one bottle of the agent, so we can get one or two more bottles.”

Tang Xin rested her chin on her hand and said, “Good job on finding the plants. Didn’t I already explain the reason for the advancement? If you’re still hanging around, do you have any other questions?”

Zhao Min was confused. Was it a problem for him to stay if he had no other business?

Looking around, he realized it was just him, the divine doctor, and her bodyguard left.

He long considered the two of them as a couple.

Zhao Min couldn’t help but think the divine doctor was hinting that his presence as a big light bulb was too obvious and that he should leave.

He rarely came back to Huangsha Star to discuss serious matters, and they had to choose to be intimate and sticky when he was there. Couldn’t the two of them hook up when he was busy with Jupiter’s business!

He was busy as a dog, while the divine doctor was leisurely counting money and flirting with men. In comparison, he seemed too miserable.

What was even more miserable was that he was forced to eat a mouthful of dog food in the end.

Feeling aggrieved, Zhao Min clutched his chest and reluctantly bid farewell to Tang Xin.

Although feeling discontent, he knew well that the one with the expertise is the uncle, and this thick thigh must be held tightly.

As Zhao Min left, Tang Xin noticed his expression seemed even more sorrowful than when he arrived and thought to herself, “There goes another crazy one.” Then she turned to face Yan Hao.

With the small fry cleared, it was finally the big boss’s turn.

Now it was just Tang Xin and Yan Hao.

Yan Hao gently reminded her, “Be careful of Zhao Min. He doesn’t look right.”

Tang Xin had left a safeguard against Zhao Min. If he dared to betray her, he would meet a terrible fate.

Thinking fiercely, she quickly realized Yan Hao was probably jealous.

“Why do you like me?” Tang Xin asked, genuinely puzzled.

She had never been popular with men. She found most men unworthy, and the capable ones she would turn into subordinates.

What man would like a woman stronger than himself? She had never met one.

Capable men preferred delicate, obedient girls who would cry at the sight of a robber or a wounded rabbit.

She, on the other hand, would think of a dozen ways to subdue the robber and might consider catching the rabbit to roast.

She found it more unbelievable that someone could genuinely like her than the existence of the genetic purification agent.

Feigning ignorance, she couldn’t fathom how someone could genuinely like her.

Yan Hao, however, found her insistence that she wasn’t a good person endearing. He responded with a gentle smile, “You can be ruthless to your enemies, but once you accept someone, you’re completely devoted. You’re very gentle and warm.”

He thought about how she had told him the real dosage for the genetic purification agent and tirelessly prepared medicinal meals for him every day.

Didn’t the master think that if he replaced Butler Su to become the number one, the master’s words would not count anymore?

Only if he continued to follow her would she be able to maintain her authority through him.

Tang Xin was smart and would never overlook such an obvious mistake.

The only explanation he could think of was that Tang Xin trusted him and believed he wouldn’t betray her.

Gentle? Warm?

Tang Xin was baffled, thinking he might have an eye disease.

Maybe he accidentally mistook someone else for her?

She began to imagine all sorts of wild scenarios because she felt that the adjectives in Yan Hao’s mouth did not match her at all.

After a moment of contemplation, she said slowly, “I think you don’t really understand me. I’m not as good as you think. I’m actually not a good person.”

Yan Hao found her serious claim of not being a good person adorable, not realizing it was mutual affection.

With a light laugh, he replied, “I never said I considered you a good person.”

What good person would give people ideas and then challenge others just to attract attention?

What good person would persuade an opponent’s subordinate to create trouble for the enemy?

What good person would lie with a straight face, advising against taking the medicine?

Despite knowing these things, Yan Hao still thought highly of her.

She seemed to treat life as a game, appearing indifferent to everything.

Often, she would give irresponsible advice, letting others choose their path.

She would tempt and lead others astray, but never force them.

Strictly speaking, people made their own choices. Her suggestions were just too tempting to resist.

But Yan Hao knew she had never wronged him, as he had never betrayed her.

Tang Xin only retaliated when hurt, never proactively harming others.

That was enough for him.

Yan Hao suddenly recalled the first day they met when she teased him twice.

He silently corrected himself; she had never done anything excessive to him—except for occasionally taking advantage of him.

Tang Xin, shocked, looked at her bodyguard and wondered if secretly adding medicine to his medicinal meals in the future might help fix his brain circuit.

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