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Chapter 19

When the group from Daze Academy finally arrived at the foot of Daze Mountain, the sky had gradually darkened.

Entering the mountain at night is naturally a dangerous move, so Wu Zhao led the three accompanying teachers to set up camp by the shallow river at the foot of the mountain with the students who had come for training.

“Hey? Xiaowu, where did you get this tent? Why does it look so strange?”

While everyone was busy setting up their tents, Suifeng suddenly noticed that Xuanyuan Tianxin had somehow found a peculiar little tent, and it was even pink.

Xuanyuan Tianxin made a ‘shh’ gesture to Suifeng, then quickly set up the tent and pulled him aside, whispering, “I conjured it up. Brother Suifeng, keep your voice down. If anyone asks later, just say it was prepared for me by Yu Niang.”

This pink tent has been kept in her Xuanyuan ancient gold bracelet ever since she went camping with her fourth brother and third sister. Since taking the position as the chief of the Supernatural Crime Division, she often had to handle cases in the wild, so she always carried this tent with her.

Just now, while no one was paying attention, she took the tent out of the Xuanyuan ancient gold bracelet. Although she didn’t want to expose the bracelet, she didn’t want to sleep without a tent either. The academy had prepared tents in advance for this training trip, but no one expected an extra person, so she had no choice but to bring out her own tent.

Fortunately, she had traveled in the same carriage as Wu Zhao, so if anyone asked, she could just attribute it to Yu Niang. After all, last night, Yu Niang and Uncle Fan visited the deputy dean.

As for what Wu Zhao might think, she didn’t know, but she trusted Wu Zhao’s character. Even if he knew something was amiss, he wouldn’t say it out loud.

Seeing Xuanyuan Tianxin winking at him, Suifeng’s eyes flashed, and he nodded, “Alright!”

Suifeng didn’t ask any more questions, and this silent trust brought a knowing smile to Xuanyuan Tianxin’s face.

She wasn’t wrong. When everyone had set up their large tents, they noticed the small, peculiar pink tent, and many curious people came over to ask about it, but Suifeng managed to fend them off.

Meanwhile, Wu Zhao, who was quietly fishing by the river, turned his head and gave Xuanyuan Tianxin a deep smile. When Xuanyuan Tianxin felt embarrassed by his smile, Wu Zhao turned back as if nothing had happened.

While quietly fishing, Wu Zhao couldn’t help but mutter softly, “That little girl seems to be hiding a lot. Not just anyone can have something like a portable space.”


As night fell, bonfires were lit at the foot of Daze Mountain.

This group was composed of third-year students from Daze Academy, all fifteen or sixteen years old, so they quickly bonded. With Suifeng always by Xuanyuan Tianxin’s side and Zhan Feng goofing around, Xuanyuan Tianxin got along well with the other students.

Since they were going into the mountain early the next morning, the group returned to their tents to rest after dinner by the campfire, leaving only Wu Zhao and a few academy teachers to take turns keeping watch.

The mountain air was freshest in the early morning, something you couldn’t enjoy in the 26th century, so Xuanyuan Tianxin woke up early. She found a large stone near the camp, sat cross-legged, and began meditating.

Although her spiritual energy was the weakest among the past exorcist dragon clan successors, and she always aspired to be a carefree loafer, she understood the importance of doing her duty each day. Since assuming the role of the exorcist dragon clan successor, she has never slacked off in her training.

Of course, due to her congenital deficiencies, her spiritual energy growth was still slow despite her diligent training. However, her mental strength continued to grow, which she found rather helpless.

“Such a diligent girl,” someone remarked.

Soft footsteps sounded behind her. As soon as Wu Zhao emerged from his tent, he spotted Xuanyuan Tianxin meditating on a large stone.

“The other kids are still asleep, but you’re up early for training, little girl.”

“Uncle Wu?” Xuanyuan Tianxin opened her eyes slowly at the sound of Wu Zhao’s gentle laughter, turned around, and gave him a shy smile.

“I have poor talent, so I need to work harder than others. They say a slow bird starts flying early.”

Wu Zhao laughed heartily at this, looking at her shy expression with a faint smile.

“You’re still young; there’s plenty of time to train. Besides, although your spiritual energy is a bit weak, your mental strength is something even I can’t fathom.”

Wu Zhao practiced both martial and spiritual arts. The moment he saw Xuanyuan Tianxin yesterday, he sensed the fluctuations in her aura. Furthermore, Yu Fan and Yu Niang had specifically come to him regarding Xuanyuan Tianxin, so he knew what she was specializing in.

The emergence of a Heavenly language master in Daze City had caused quite a stir.

Seeing Wu Zhao’s ambiguous smile, Xuanyuan Tianxin didn’t hide anything and simply smiled back at him.

“Little girl, you don’t have any techniques to conceal your cultivation, do you?” Wu Zhao scrutinized her from head to toe. Although it was phrased as a question, his tone was quite certain.

Seeing Xuanyuan Tianxin’s confused look, Wu Zhao shook his head, walked closer, and said, “This won’t do. Spiritual cultivators are already rare, and as a Heavenly Language master with such strong mental power, you should know how to conceal it. Haven’t you heard the saying, ‘a tree standing out in the forest will be destroyed by the wind’?”

Understanding Wu Zhao’s sincere intention to help, Xuanyuan Tianxin blinked her eyes cutely and said sweetly, “I hope Uncle Wu will teach me. You know I’m just a wild girl from a remote village and have never heard of such techniques.”

If the past generations of the Xuanyuan family heard this, they would probably want to collectively come back to life and give her a beating.

The Xuanyuan family’s exorcism techniques were top-notch, possessing everything others had and more. However, Xuanyuan Tianxin couldn’t use them due to her insufficient spiritual energy.

Neglecting her family’s advanced techniques and seeking a simple concealment method from someone else would definitely anger her ancestors.

Nevertheless, Wu Zhao was amused by her charming antics. He had intended to teach her anyway, but he hadn’t expected her to ask so directly and without any pretense.

Shaking his head and chuckling, Wu Zhao beckoned her over with a smile. “No wonder Yu Niang treasures you like a gem. Daughters are indeed more endearing. Come closer, and I’ll teach you the technique.”

Xuanyuan Tianxin’s eyes lit up with joy, and she immediately leaned in obediently.

When Wu Zhao’s finger lightly touched her forehead, Xuanyuan Tianxin felt a gentle force entering her brow. A moment later, a new set of instructions appeared in her mind.

Concentrating, Xuanyuan Tianxin memorized the spell and silently practiced it. As expected, her aura gradually became blurred and then slowly disappeared.

This discovery delighted Xuanyuan Tianxin. While this concealment technique might be ineffective against powerful experts, it was sufficient to hide her presence from most people. Additionally, it was much easier to use than her family’s stealth techniques, as it didn’t consume much of her spiritual energy.

With this concealment technique, it would be much easier for her to move around the continent in the future.

Gratefully, Xuanyuan Tianxin smiled at Wu Zhao, then jumped down from the stone and bowed deeply.

“Thank you, Uncle Wu.”

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