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Chapter 26

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Meanwhile, several beams of light soared into the sky from the main hall of Piaomiao Island and headed toward the southern part of the East Sea.

Amidst the roaring winds and giant waves, Chong Zhao led the way. A crystal-clear bamboo slip was tucked into his belt; his lips were tightly pressed together, and his eyes reflected the urgency of the recent revelations.

Ah Shuo, don’t get into trouble, don’t get into trouble!

Half an incense stick ago, inside the main hall of Piaomiao Island, Songfeng led Chong Zhao and Er Yun to a place behind the hall, where the tablets of the past masters of Piaomiao Island were enshrined. These tablets, though revered as sacred, were merely bamboo slips carved upon their passing.

After burning three incense sticks before the tablet of Songhe, Songfeng slowly turned around.

“Second Uncle, what exactly is going on? Who injured you? Why is there such turmoil at sea? What is that evil creature?”

Er Yun couldn’t hold back anymore and blurted out.

Songfeng was silent for a long time before finally speaking: “Tonight, someone broke into the barrier we set up on Fire Ice Island.”

“Fire Ice Island? What place is that?” Er Yun was taken aback. She had lived on Piaomiao Island for hundreds of years and had never heard of such an island.

Chong Zhao also asked, “Uncle Master, I’ve never heard of this island either. Why did our sect set up a barrier there?”

Songfeng sighed lightly and looked at Chong Zhao.

“Actually, you’ve been to Fire Ice Island before. The barrier was set up by your master three years ago at the cost of his life.”

“Father set it up?” Er Yun was stunned.

“Master set it up? Are you referring to the deserted island from three years ago?” Chong Zhao was even more puzzled.

“Uncle Master, what exactly is that island? Why was Master severely injured there?”

“That island wasn’t always deserted, nor was it originally called Fire Ice Island. It all started with a heavenly fire ten years ago,” Songfeng’s voice became distant.

“The East Sea is located at the border of the Immortal Realm, far from conflicts, and there aren’t many blessed lands on the sea. Ten years ago, a heavenly fire descended upon that island. The fire burned continuously, day and night. Although the island was uninhabited, it had many living creatures, so my senior brother and I naturally had to extinguish the fire. But the power of the heavenly fire was immense; we couldn’t even get within a hundred miles of the island.”

Chong Zhao blurted out, “At that time, Master was already a Supreme Immortal Lord, and even he couldn’t get close. That heavenly fire must have contained…”

“Yes, the heavenly fire contained at least a trace of God’s divine energy,” Songfeng said slowly.

“Since it involved the god realm and the heavenly fire wouldn’t cease, why didn’t you report it to the Heavenly Palace?” Chong Zhao was puzzled.

Songfeng sighed, his eyes showing a complex expression. He hesitated but finally said, “My senior brother, in all his life, was a paragon of virtue, protecting the East Sea. Only this once did he have a selfish desire, which ultimately harmed him.”

Chong Zhao’s face changed. He glanced at the dark exterior of the hall, feeling uneasy.

“The path of immortality is long, but it also has an end. Yun’er, Zhao’er, we immortals may live for thousands of years, but our lifespans also have limits. If one can pass the third heavenly tribulation, they can reach the peak of the Supreme Lord and have a chance to glimpse the God Realm; if not, they will be reduced to ashes. Ten years ago, my senior brother calculated that his third heavenly tribulation would arrive in a few years, but his immortal energy hadn’t increased for a century. He knew that overcoming the third heavenly tribulation was nearly impossible unless he encountered a great opportunity or consumed a first-grade immortal pill to forcibly elevate his cultivation to the peak of the Supreme Lord…”

Songfeng turned his head and said, “Piaomiao Island had long declined; where would we find such opportunities or first-grade immortal pills? But if my senior brother fell, Piaomiao Island would have no place to stand. So, the heavenly fire on that remote island in the East Sea was the only chance for my senior brother and Piaomiao Island.”

“What kind of chance?”

“Where there’s a divine sign, there must be divine treasures. The heavenly fire burned ceaselessly and contained divine energy. My senior brother believed there must be some divine energy, or at least a treasure, that could be used to refine a first-grade immortal pill within the heavenly fire. So, my senior brother and I set up an immortal barrier around that island to isolate the energy of the heavenly fire from being discovered by the Heavenly Palace.”

Songfeng’s voice was low, but Chong Zhao felt its weight. The energy of an immortal couldn’t compete with divine energy. If his master was severely injured on that island, something must have gone wrong.

“What happened later? If father was guarding the island, why was he severely injured?” Er Yun was anxious. Three years ago, Songhe passed away suddenly and without explanation, leaving her with the mystery of his sudden death.

“The energy of the heavenly fire was stronger than we anticipated, burning for years without ceasing. Fortunately, it didn’t spread beyond the island. Piaomiao Island couldn’t be left unguarded, so my senior brother and I took turns guarding outside the island until the fire extinguished. But year after year, the fire not only failed to go out, but its energy grew stronger. I became increasingly worried that if the fire broke through the immortal barrier, it would endanger all living beings in the East Sea. So, I decided to report the matter to the Heavenly Palace and the Phoenix Emperor…”

Songfeng paused.

Chong Zhao guessed, “There was no news of this in the Immortal Realm, which means you and Master didn’t report it. Was it because…Master disagreed?”

Songfeng nodded, “My senior brother waited for years, knowing his heavenly tribulation was imminent. How could he give up his only chance? We argued, but my senior brother still cared for all beings in the East Sea. He promised me that if the fire didn’t extinguish within a month, he would report it. After that, I returned to Piaomiao Island until I went back to the island a month later…” Songfeng turned to Chong Zhao and said, “I saw the extinguished fire, my severely injured senior brother, and you and Bai Shuo.”

Chong Zhao was stunned.

“But when Ah Shuo and I drifted to that island, the fire had already gone out. The island was desolate, with only Master unconscious on the shore.”

“I found it strange then too, but my senior brother was gravely injured. I didn’t have time to think. I took you all back to Piaomiao Island. A few days later, my senior brother woke up and told me that shortly after I left, the heavenly fire became unstable and almost broke through the immortal barrier. He didn’t have time to report to the Heavenly Palace, so he used all his immortal energy to extinguish the fire. He thought he would die silently on the island, but you two happened to drift there and took care of him, allowing him to live until I arrived.”

“You know the rest. My senior brother’s injuries were incurable. Even with all the immortal medicine on Piaomiao Island, we could only prolong his life for three months. Before he died, he took you as his last disciple, set a barrier on Fire Ice Island, and passed his remaining immortal energy to you before passing away.”

Song Feng’s voice was full of sorrow, followed by a sigh.

The hall fell silent. Er Yun’s eyes were red, and Chong Zhao, while moved, felt a growing sense of unease.

“If the heavenly fire was extinguished, why did Master set a barrier on Fire Ice Island?”

“Although the fire was out, the divine energy within it didn’t completely vanish. It transformed into a spring, leaving its remnants on the island,” Songfeng explained slowly.

“My senior brother set a barrier around the spring, preventing any immortals or demons below the level of an Immortal Lord from approaching it. Before he died, he instructed me that Lord Jinyou was strict in enforcement. If he knew that our sect’s selfish desire almost endangered all beings in the East Sea, Piaomiao Island would be bullied and exiled in the Immortal Realm. To protect the peace of the island and Piaomiao Island’s thousand-year reputation, I agreed with my senior brother to bury this matter in my heart and tell others that he died from the heavenly tribulation.”

Songfeng paused and looked at the two of them, “This matter was a top secret of the island. I had planned to tell you when I handed Piaomiao Island over to you. Unfortunately, our selfish act has caused a great disaster.”

“Uncle Master, what happened on Fire Ice Island? Is the chaos in the East Sea tonight related to it?” Chong Zhao asked seriously.

Songfeng nodded, “Tonight, I sensed someone breaking into the barrier set by my senior brother. I went to stop them, but the spring, which we had hidden, had lost its divine energy and was filled with evil. The spring originally contained great power, and over the years, it had somehow bred a monster. If someone hadn’t accidentally broken in tonight, alerting me, the monster might have fully emerged, and the entire East Sea would have been doomed. I used our sect’s secret method to escape from the monster, intending to activate the Jingtian formation to seek help from the Heavenly Palace, but I was too late. The monster destroyed the formation and created waves, isolating us from the outside world. Now, Piaomiao Island is a lone island…”

Chong Zhao and

Er Yun was horrified; her face was pale. If what Songfeng said was true, the entire East Sea might be finished.

“Second Uncle, what should we do now?”

Songfeng took a deep breath, looking determined, “To save Piaomiao Island, there’s only one way…”

Songfeng recited an immortal spell, sending a wave of immortal energy toward the altar. The bamboo slips on the altar floated up, emanating a faint yet pure immortal energy. Sweat beaded on Songfeng’s forehead as he spat out a mouthful of blood onto the bamboo slips.

“Uncle master!”

“Second Uncle!”

Songfeng’s face was ashen, and his body was shaky.

Chong Zhao and Er Yun rushed to support him.

“Don’t come near!” Songfeng shouted angrily, biting his finger to write an immortal spell in the air. The spell burst into white light, enveloping the restless bamboo slips. When the light faded, a thick bamboo slip floated in the air, its jade-like surface tinged with blood red, emanating a strong and domineering immortal energy.

Songfeng couldn’t hold on any longer and collapsed to the ground.

“Uncle Master!” Chong Zhao hurriedly supported him. With a weak wave of his hand, Songfeng sent the jade slip flying toward Chong Zhao, who caught it in his palm.

Song Feng’s face was ashen as he looked at Chong Zhao and Er Yun, slowly beginning to speak, “This is the immortal slip left behind by the past sect masters of Piaomiao Island upon their passing. I have refined it with my immortal energy. Now, this slip contains the power of a Supreme Immortal Lord. Zhao’er, you and Yun’er must lead the elite disciples of the island with this slip to Fire Ice Island. Perhaps, using this slip, you can reactivate the barrier your master left and seal that monster back into the spring.”

Songfeng was panting heavily and suddenly grabbed Er Yun’s hand tightly.

“If you cannot seal it, then even if it means the destruction of our Piaomiao Island lineage on Fire Ice Island, you must destroy that spring! Promise me!”

Seeing Songfeng’s bloodshot eyes, Er Yun felt a heavy tremor in her heart, filled with panic. Though she had always been a favored child of the heavens, faced with this sudden catastrophe and the life-and-death crisis of the sect, she didn’t know what to do.

“Uncle Master, even if we perish, we will not let this evil creature emerge to harm the world! Rest assured! Senior Sister, let’s go!” Chong Zhao grasped the slip, pulled Er Yun up, and was about to head outside the hall when Songfeng called out to them.

“Wait!” The two turned back to see Songfeng looking somewhat strange as he beckoned to Er Yun.

“Yun’er, stay. I have one more thing to tell you. Zhao’er, go gather the others.”

“Yes, Uncle master.”

Chong Zhao knew that this mission was fraught with danger and was anxious about Bai Shuo. He nodded hurriedly and left.

The sound of thunder interrupted Chong Zhao’s thoughts. Several beams of immortal light crossed the treacherous sea, flying straight south. The closer they got to the southern region, the more intense the thunder and rain became, and the closer they felt the presence of the evil energy.

Chong Zhao tightly gripped the bamboo slip at his waist, remembering everything that had happened in the main hall. His face was deeply somber.

Er Yun followed beside him; her expression was complex and tinged with a trace of barely detectable wariness.

Second Uncle, if everything is as you suspect, then who exactly is this person before me?

Half an incense stick ago, Chong Zhao had rushed out of the hall, leaving Er Yun alone with Songfeng. She looked at him with a puzzled expression, “Second Uncle, what…?”

“Yun’er, come here. I have something to tell you…” Songfeng beckoned her closer.

Er Yun leaned down to listen as Songfeng whispered something.

Her eyes widened in disbelief, “Second Uncle?!”

Songfeng quietly held Er Yun’s hand, his gaze intense, “Remember, trust no one. Yun’er, the future of Piaomiao Island is in your hands!”

Er Yun’s eyes were filled with tears, and her expression was conflicted. She finally nodded firmly.

“Rest assured, Second Uncle, I will not fail your trust!”

Songfeng nodded, looking utterly exhausted.

Er Yun stood up and hurried out. As the hall doors closed again, Songfeng could no longer hold on, spitting out a mouthful of blood and fainting on the cushion.

“Senior Sister, we’ve arrived! It’s right there!”

A shout pulled Chong Zhao and Er Yun back to reality.

With a wave of his hand, Chong Zhao signaled the disciples to stop outside the eerily silent island. They gazed at the evil energy surrounding the island, their expressions grave.

Crows circled around Fire Ice Island, which was shrouded in a haze. Though it was a sunny day, the island appeared as dark as night, surrounded by layers of evil energy that made it impossible to approach. The evil energy was slowly spreading toward the surrounding sea, freezing the waters and shattering any marine life it touched.

“Form the formation! Block this evil energy!” Seeing the dire situation, Chong Zhao gave the order. The disciples drew their immortal swords, and dozens of beams of light formed a larger formation to contain the spreading evil.

The evil energy roared and crashed against the immortal formation. The disciples’ faces turned pale with fear.

“Junior Brother, we don’t have much time!” Er Yun’s expression was serious.

“We must seal the spring before this evil energy gets out of control, or the entire East Sea will be doomed!”

Chong Zhao nodded, throwing the slip into the air. It emitted a beam of immortal energy that fell upon the evil energy surrounding Fire Ice Island.

“Break!” With a shout, Chong Zhao finally managed to break through a section of the evil energy.

“Go!” Seizing the opportunity, Chong Zhao pulled Er Yun toward the island.

A flash of spiritual light, and the two landed on Fire Ice Island. Once on the island, everything was eerily calm, except for the suffocating silence that hung in the air.

Chong Zhao took the jade slip from his waist and activated an immortal spell with his fingertips. The jade slip instantly pointed to a spot within the island, emitting a scorching light.

“There!” Chong Zhao pointed south.

“The bamboo slip can sense the power of the evil energy. That must be where the spring is. Senior Sister, let’s go!”

“Wait!” Er Yun suddenly stopped Chong Zhao and extended her hand toward him.

“Junior Brother, give me the bamboo slip.”

Chong Zhao was puzzled. “Senior Sister…”

“Junior Brother Chong Zhao, did you go to the herb garden after leaving the main hall?” Er Yun asked slowly, causing Chong Zhao to pause, frowning.

Half an incense stick ago, Chong Zhao had rushed out of the main hall and hurried to a corner, where he summoned a bamboo flute into his palm.

“Ah shuo! Ah shuo!”

There was no response from the bamboo flute. Chong Zhao’s expression changed as he activated the flute again, calling out, “Ah shuo? Ah shuo?!”

Still, there was no response. Unable to suppress his worry, Chong Zhao vanished from the corner.

As he disappeared, Er Yun emerged from the hall, her brow furrowing as she followed him.

The herb garden was in disarray, swept by a fierce wind. A flash of light signaled Chong Zhao’s arrival.

“Ah shuo!”

No one answered in the garden, not even the old turtle. Chong Zhao rushed into the hut, his steps faltering at the chaotic sight inside.

Medicinal boxes were scattered all over, and Bai Shuo was nowhere to be seen. The old turtle lay on the ground, its shell emitting faint, immortal energy.

In front of it was a water mirror with a few small pieces of turtle shell floating inside.

“Master Turtle!” Chong Zhao hurriedly injected some immortal energy into the old turtle’s shell, reviving it. The old turtle looked dazed.

“Where is Ah shuo?!” Chong Zhao asked urgently.

With such a major event happening on Piaomiao Island, Bai Shuo, with her cautious nature, should have been hiding in the herb garden. The fact that the bamboo flute couldn’t locate her indicated that something had happened.

The old turtle gradually regained clarity and, upon seeing Chong Zhao, became agitated. “Zhao, something happened to Xiao Bai!”

“What exactly happened?”

“It’s my fault! Xiao Bai wanted to make a First-grade pill for you after discovering your injury. But there aren’t any suitable materials on this island. I was afraid she’d cause trouble, so I lied and sent her to the Coral Sea. Who knew this clever girl would drug me! When I sensed the disturbance outside the island, I tried to call her back, but she wasn’t in the Coral Sea. I used divination to locate her and found she was in the southeastern region. Just as I pinpointed her location, an evil energy appeared in the water mirror, disrupting my divination and injuring me!”

“Xiao Bai is in the southeastern region?!” Chong Zhao’s voice faltered as he recalled Songfeng’s words.

Someone had breached the barrier that Songhe had placed on Fire Ice Island tonight! That person was Ah shuo!

Chong Zhao’s face changed drastically as he gripped the bamboo flute. Behind them, outside the hut, Er Yun’s expression was uncertain.

“I know it was she who broke into the barrier my father set.”

Er Yun extended her hand, her expression severe.

“If Bai Shuo has already fallen into the hands of that monster and is used to threaten you, you might hesitate. The East Sea is in peril, and I don’t want you to jeopardize the bigger picture for personal reasons. No matter what happens, the person who seals the spring must be me.”

Chong Zhao hesitated, gripping the bamboo slip tightly.

Er Yun’s anger flared. “What are you hesitating for? It’s her fault for awakening that evil creature! She caused Uncle Master’s injury and endangered the entire Piaomiao Island. Junior Brother, will you betray the entire sect for her?”

Chong Zhao clenched his hand hidden in his sleeve, his face contorting as he spoke gravely.

“Senior Sister, the sect’s kindness to me is as deep as the mountains. Master and Master Uncle’s grace is life-renewing. Even if I die a thousand times, I cannot repay it. Now, the monster wreaks havoc, threatening the entire East Sea. If the East Sea falls, protecting one person is meaningless. I understand the priorities. If you don’t trust me, Senior Sister, then take the bamboo slip.”

Chong Zhao handed the bamboo slip to Er Yun. She felt its weight in her palm, seeing the sincerity in Chong Zhao’s expression. She turned to leave but hesitated, stopping him again. “Wait!”

Chong Zhao turned back, staring at Er Yun.

Her expression was complex as she took a deep breath and asked, “If Bai Shuo is in danger, what will you do?”

Chong Zhao was taken aback but slowly replied, “Ah shuo has supported and helped me greatly. If she is in danger, I would risk my life to protect her.”

Er Yun gazed at Chong Zhao and sighed. “Junior Brother, though I dislike your answer, I am satisfied with it for now. At least I can choose to trust you.”

Er Yun handed the bamboo slip back to Chong Zhao.

“This bamboo slip is our only hope. If you were the monster in disguise, you wouldn’t give it to me so easily.”

Chong Zhao was puzzled.

“Monster in disguise? Senior Sister, what are you talking about?”

Er Yun’s expression grew solemn.

“Master Uncle said that even if our Piaomiao Island declines, the Jingtian Formation, set by our ancestors, relies on the island’s spiritual energy. Even if it’s destroyed, it wouldn’t happen silently, unless…”

Chong Zhao’s face changed slightly. “Unless what…?”

“Unless it was destroyed by someone from within the island.”

Er Yun said slowly.

“But the only people on the island who know how to activate the Jingtian Formation are Uncle master, you, me, and the ten second-generation Liuyun disciples we brought along.”

She looked at the ten beams of immortal light outside the island.

“Uncle master told me to trust no one but myself.”

Chong Zhao’s expression shifted as he looked at Er Yun.

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