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Chapter 167

“What? A big brawl?”

Tian Xianzi had been meditating all night and was now bursting with energy. Hearing those words, he gleefully approached to observe the scene reflected in the mystic mirror.

“Ning Ning’s arrow last night caused quite a stir.”

Qu Feiqing lazily glanced at him, a smile playing on her lips.

“Many people followed that flash of sword light to the waterfall and then wandered around aimlessly, stumbling upon the fox tribe’s village.”

Last night, after the water mirror formation broke and the demon clan suffered great losses, most of the disciples had returned to their rooms or caves to sleep. The elders, seeing no point in watching further, also retired to rest until this morning, when they gathered again, snacking on melon seeds while enjoying the progress of the trial.

What was reflected in the Xuanxu Sword Sect’s mirror at this moment was He Zhizhou, also eating melon seeds and watching the spectacle.

He adhered unwaveringly to his healthy routine of going to bed and waking up early. After waking, he had helped Qiao Yan retrieve over ten demonized fox tribe members throughout the secret realm.

Finally getting a moment to relax, he went out for a stroll with Xu Ye, only to stumble upon the scene of disciples from various sects engaged in a chaotic brawl.

Having survived in the wilderness for so long, with undrinkable lake and river water, the once refined and extraordinary young talents of the cultivation world now stood disheveled at the village entrance. They stand at the entrance of the village in a mess.

If you don’t know them, you might think they are some poor crew filming the first part of “Rural Cultivation Story”.

It was very down-to-earth, quite fitting for the grand stage of the people.

Judging by their robes, the group consisted of five factions: Fanyin Temple, Suwen Hall, Wanjian Sect, Tuxue Tower, and Liuming Mountain Sect.

In other words, there are Buddhist cultivators, music cultivators, medicine cultivators, sword cultivators, and talisman cultivators.

The trial encouraged disciples to fight and compete, so when several major factions suddenly clashed, it was inevitable that tensions would flare, and a big battle was imminent.

Most of the disciples were unfamiliar faces to him. The two bald monks from Fanyin Temple seemed particularly recognizable, and as for the lone female cultivator from Wanjian Sect standing under the distant ancient Wutong tree, with her black hair and white dress, exuding a fierce sword aura—

She was none other than Xu Ye’s beloved senior sister, Su Qinghan.

As a laid-back cultivator without much ambition, He Zhizhou decided to slip away the moment he sensed danger. Unexpectedly, Mingkong spotted him immediately, his eyes lighting up as he called out cheerfully, “Benefactor He!”

He Zhizhou nearly had a heart attack, wishing he could perform a spiral kick and a Pegasus Meteor Fist on this brat to let him experience the harsh reality of adulthood.

(T/N:Pegasus Meteor Fist is the main technique of the Pegasus saint. It consists of a very rapid discharge of punches at mid-short distances.)

Mingkong, oblivious to his dismay, continued sincerely, “My senior brother and I sensed something amiss in the sky, fearing something might happen to you all, so we came to investigate. Seeing you safe and sound, we’re relieved.”

Safe and sound? He Zhizhou just wanted to tell him, “I’d be fine if you didn’t come.”

As long as they didn’t come, he would be fine; once they showed up, he would be beaten up along with these two boiled eggs.

The other groups who were confronting the Fanyin temple, initially unaware of He Zhizhou’s presence, all turned to look at him simultaneously when the young monk’s loud-trumpet-like mouth drew attention, their cold, piercing gazes fixing on him.

Like barbecue on bamboo skewers, he and Xu Ye were poked into a sieve.

He Zhizhou: …

“You are all disciples of a great sect. It is a rare fate for us to meet here today.”

A young talisman cultivator in white clothes said with a lazy smile, his words brimming with aggression, “I know you all want to fight for the tokens, so let’s not be polite and just start.”

“That’s Senior Brother Bai Ye from Liuming Mountain,” Xu Ye whispered.

“He’s a rare genius in talismans, especially skilled in the arts of the five elements and yin-yang, his techniques are unpredictable and very troublesome…he’s the third opponent Senior Sister Su wants to challenge.”

In short, he’s a master.

“Haha, well said!”

The tall swordsman with a huge sword laughed heartily, agreeing enthusiastically, “If we’re going to fight, let’s get on with it and stop wasting time.”

He was burly and unkempt, covered in dust, looking more like a tired street performer heading home with a prop sword than a refined cultivator.

“That’s Senior Brother Lu Minghao from Tuxue Tower,” Xu Ye added.

“His giant sword is unstoppable, with the power to cleave mountains and split rivers at his peak.”

Clearly, another master.

“And over there are Senior Sister Wei Lingbo and Senior Brother Cen Ran from Suwen Hall, masters of medicine and poison who can kill invisibly. Be very careful with them.”

…Another pair of masters.

He Zhizhou’s heart sank. While sending a distress signal to Ning Ning with a communication talisman, he seriously asked Xu Ye, “Did you bring any incense? I don’t want my corpse to stink if I get beaten to death.”

“Senior Brother He, how can you be so defeatist!”

Xu Ye sternly interrupted, “Senior Sister told me that even if you’re not the strongest, you can still find a way to win—just watch, I won’t let senior sister down.”

Speaking with such confidence, He Zhizhou thought this foolish kid had come up with a brilliant, unexpected plan.

Unexpectedly, Xu Ye stepped forward and raised his voice, “I agree!”

He Zhizhou felt a chill down his spine, already anticipating the outcome.

“This little fellow cultivator is also a swordsman; why don’t we have a match first,”

Lu Minghao laughed heartily, though his unkempt appearance belied the fierce, sharp gleam in his eyes, revealing him as a true battle maniac. His giant sword emitted a deep hum, eager to be drawn.

Xu Ye had heard of this sword-fanatic senior brother, never expecting to be considered his prime opponent.

He knew his own strength well—though not at the pinnacle of the Golden Core stage, he was certainly not weak. If he gave it his all, he might just win.

Taking a deep breath, Xu Ye met the distant gaze of the white-clad female cultivator under the ancient wutong tree, and in that moment, he made his decision.

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