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Chapter 169

This was inherently a powerless move, and in their current state, aerial flight was impossible. However, to everyone’s astonishment, the swirling air currents generated an unmistakable upward lift.

—With only a negligible amount of spiritual energy, the two actually broke free from the constraints of the ground, slowly rising into the air amid swirling snow white currents!


Tian Xianzi shivered.

“What principle is this?”

The swords spun faster and faster, the sword energy surging like a hurricane, spreading from the center outward.

The demonic energy and poison mist couldn’t withstand such a strong wind, retreating layer by layer until they completely dissipated, leaving no trace behind.

The red blood mist gradually faded, and sunlight, long unseen, shone on the dilapidated eaves, finally illuminating this corner of the world.

“They actually succeeded?”

Lin Qian was stunned; her heart stirred.

“Xu Ye and He Zhizhou—”

Her gaze moved upward, and upon seeing the two figures in the air, she was so shocked she couldn’t speak.

At the same time, Ning Ning realized something that caught her breath.

They had focused solely on creating wind to dispel the poison but had forgotten a fundamental, and very serious, problem.

As the swords spun rapidly, their bodies also spun continuously.

Even sword cultivators couldn’t endure such nonstop spinning.

It seemed she had inadvertently betrayed He Zhizhou and Xu Ye.

—The spinning swords lifted them higher, and they were flung around in the air like pendulums caught in a whirlwind, drawing perfect circles with their feet.

As the spinning grew faster, their figures blurred, becoming fleeting shadows in the distant sky, barely recognizable as human shapes.

Ning Ning: …

A phenomenon of unprecedented supernatural nature left the disciples dumbfounded and the elders speechless. The entire cultivation world was shocked—if you don’t see it, you are not an immortal cultivator!!!!

He Zhizhou and Xu Ye, with just a sword each, twisted and spun into the sky, achieving what seemed like daytime immortal ascension before everyone’s eyes! These two guys are so terrifying!!!

Lin Qian’s scalp tingled with anxiety as she quickly urged, “Quick, quick, quick! Adjust to the highest spirit vision orb and check their situation!”

Tian Xianzi obediently complied, his hands trembling slightly as he operated the mystic mirror.

What appeared before everyone were two faces with closed eyes, swaying erratically in the wind. Their skin flapped like bags of flesh on a skeleton, exposing red gums and chattering teeth. Their features were so distorted by the strong wind that they looked extremely terrifying.

From the ground, Ning Ning’s voice, filled with urgency and worry, rang out crisply in everyone’s ears: “The demonic energy has dispersed. You can stop now!”

But their journey is to the sea of stars, and new storms have already appeared—so how can they stop here?

In addition to the pressure differential, another powerful and mysterious force existed in nature: inertia.

After spinning hundreds and thousands of times, they were already dizzy and disoriented, their spiritual energy unconsciously pouring out, causing their swords to spin even faster.

He Zhizhou heard her voice and intended to respond tearfully, but nausea hit him. His mouth puffed up, and he spewed a mouthful of clear water like a swirling fountain.

Fortunately, cultivators convert food into spiritual energy, so his body contained no impurities. His current state was barely describable as “Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers” rather than a vomit producer.

The sight of these two was too pitiful.

Lin Qian couldn’t bear to watch, lamenting, “It’s just a trial; why must it come to this…! Is this what sword cultivation is?”

Even Wei Lingbo, who started it all, couldn’t bear to look. She was rare to be so shocked, standing there in a daze, trembling.

Elders from other sects on the platform, hearing of the commotion, rushed over. Upon seeing the scene in the mystic mirror, they all showed expressions of extreme shock.

Under countless gazes, the two of them, with their swords, continued to rise in the increasing pressure differential. Their bodies drew elegant arcs in the air, accompanied by bursts of swirling water splashes, which together formed an unforgettable shadow of adulthood for everyone present.

After an indeterminate time, when their spiritual energy was completely exhausted, the two spasming bodies finally drifted down from the sky.

“Senior sister… don’t look, I’m dirty, wah, I’m so dirty… Why, why did this happen…”

Xu Ye was utterly despondent; his face was tear-streaked and aged with sorrow. Crying and vomiting simultaneously, his eyes flowed like faucets while his mouth spewed clear water, vividly illustrating the saying, “Men are made of water.”

He Zhizhou, on the verge of collapse, his face swollen like a giant purple potato, took a shaky breath: “No more ascension, no more ascension, no more ascension…”


As he spoke, his eyes widened, and with his last bit of strength, he shook his head at Ning Ning: “Immortal Ascension is a huge lie. We were all deceived… There’s not enough oxygen outside the atmosphere…”

(T/N: Immortal Ascension is usually the last level in immortal cultivation, where cultivator after successfully overcoming the lightning tribulation, will ascend to the upper realm/celestial realm/heavenly realm, depending on what is mentioned in the cultivation novel.)




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