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Chapter 100

Su Hua extended her hand, transferring all the water away.


The flood dragon, apparently not expecting Su Hua to extinguish its attack so easily, became furious. It opened its mouth wide and charged at Su Hua, seemingly intending to swallow her whole.

The violent instincts within Su Hua were fully aroused by the flood dragon. Her eyes gleamed with excitement as she floated in midair, holding a sword. Her long hair moved even without wind.

Seeing this scene, Meng Yunxin inexplicably felt a deep sense of panic and hastily began chanting a magic spell.

Although the flood dragon’s skin was extremely tough, Su Hua’s sword was very peculiar. If it could indeed cut through the dragon’s skin, Meng Yunxin couldn’t help but feel a sinking sensation in her heart.

They were in a secret chamber, and Meng Yunxin dared not use lightning magic.

“Oh great God of Fire, transform your fury into my boundless power—Flame God Descends.”

This was the most powerful spell Meng Yunxin could cast. A figure made of fire appeared in the air, clawing and attacking Su Hua.

Su Hua dodged the flood dragon’s attack, then waved her delicate hand, causing the fire figure to instantly disappear. Before Meng Yunxin could catch her breath, she saw Su Hua already slashing her sword at the flood dragon.

Blood immediately gushed out, and the air was filled with a bloody scent.

The secret chamber was too small, and the flood dragon’s body was too large, making it difficult for it to fight effectively. Su Hua, being agile, easily evaded, while the flood dragon seemed particularly clumsy in this confined space, getting slashed several times by Su Hua.


The flood dragon roared in anger, so loud that even people outside the chamber could probably hear it.

The roar also awakened Long Ao and his companions in the secret chamber.

“It’s a dragon!”

They exchanged glances and quickly rushed towards the light.

Meng Yunxin was also startled by the flood dragon’s roar. She hurriedly put the dragon back into her spatial storage and drew her weapon. She had realized that magic couldn’t harm Su Hua; she could only fight head-on.

However, the outcome was already determined. No matter how furious she was, she couldn’t defeat Su Hua.

Yet Su Hua had no intention of killing her.

Flip the table!

Was it really that she didn’t want to kill?

If she had such a thought, the heavenly Dao would strike her down! Not to mention taking action!

She decided to wait patiently, letting others deal with Meng Yunxin after her protagonist’s halo diminished.

Meng Yunxin, clutching her injured chest, was about to leave when she heard footsteps coming from the passage Su Hua had used to enter.


Long Ao rushed over as soon as he saw her.

“Are you alright?”

He took out a porcelain bottle, ready to give her some medicine, but noticed Meng Yunxin staring at Ni Xiang, who had followed him.

“Take the pill first.”

“Why is she here?” Meng Yunxin stared intently at Ni Xiang.

Long Ao didn’t know, but Meng Yunxin was clear. The woman in front of her appeared kind and good-hearted but was actually extremely ruthless. She deeply regretted saving her back then.

Ni Xiang looked aggrieved but still explained, “Sister Yunxin, I insisted on coming with Brother Ao. Don’t blame him. There’s nothing between us; don’t misunderstand.”

Despite her words, Ni Xiang secretly gave Meng Yunxin a subtle, triumphant look.

“Xin’er, don’t overthink. Xiang Xiang is just like a sister to me,” Long Ao explained.

Meng Yunxin had a strong personality. Usually, she was very rational, but she had just escaped a chase, narrowly missed obtaining the elixir, fought and lost to Su Hua, and even had her flood dragon injured.

Finally seeing the man she loved, Meng Yunxin had hoped for some comfort. Instead, she saw him with the scheming ingrate she had once saved. Feelings of grievance, frustration, and anger surged in her heart.

“What sister? She’s not even your real sibling! How old are you now? Don’t you know men and women should keep their distance? If she truly cared about you, she wouldn’t cling to you and cause misunderstandings!”

As she spoke, Meng Yunxin felt a great sense of relief.

“Long Ao, if you can’t sort things out with Ni Xiang, then don’t come looking for me again.”

With that, Meng Yunxin left the secret chamber.

Ni Xiang looked like she was about to cry, her frail body seemingly unable to stand. She looked at Long Ao with deep guilt and said, “Brother Ao, I’m sorry. Xiang Xiang never thought she would be so disliked. I’m sorry.”

“Brother Ao, you should go after Sister Yunxin. Xiang Xiang will be fine.”

At this time, Long Ao and Meng Yunxin were merely attracted to each other; their hearts stirred, but they had not yet endured trials that would solidify their devotion. Moreover, it was Long Ao who had taken the initiative and put in the most effort in their relationship.

Thinking about all he had done for her, only to find she couldn’t even be accommodating, made Long Ao very angry. He decided to let Meng Yunxin cool off.

Little did Long Ao know that what seemed like a simple lovers’ quarrel would alter everything that followed.

The butterfly effect, indeed.

“It’s fine. Let her cool down.”

Ni Xiang, showing great understanding, said, “Brother Ao, I’ll move out after we return from the secret realm. Otherwise, Sister Yunxin will surely be angry with you.”

Originally, Long Ao had agreed with Ni Xiang moving out, but seeing her being so considerate of others made him stubbornly revert to his chauvinistic pride.

If he couldn’t even take care of a sister, what else could he manage?

“We’ll see,” Long Ao said, feeling annoyed and restless.

Ni Xiang wisely remained silent.

Meanwhile, Su Hua finished watching the drama, closed her umbrella, and took Mu Ye’s hand to leave.

“Miss Yao, let’s go together.”

“Who wants to go with you?”

Without glancing at Long Ao’s gloomy face, she took Mu Ye and walked in the opposite direction of the female protagonist.

Having found Mu Ye, the male protagonist, who acted as a magnet for trouble, was no longer needed.

Su Hua wandered around the secret chamber with Mu Ye for a long time without finding a way out. In the end, she got so frustrated that she simply smashed the chamber apart.

At that time, Meng Yunxin hadn’t found the celestial pill, but the plot soon offered her another opportunity—an inheritance, a legacy of the God of Magic.

Unfortunately, her inheritance was interrupted halfway through because the chamber collapsed, forcing Meng Yunxin to stop.

“Damn it! Why did the chamber collapse just when I was so close!”

Meng Yunxin was very angry but helpless. She didn’t want to be buried in the chamber.

Su Hua still lets Mu Ye take the elixir. For Su Hua, the elixir was useless; her combat power was already unparalleled in this realm.

After taking the elixir, Mu Ye began to meditate. Su Hua stayed by his side the entire time, guarding him for over half a month. When Mu Ye finally opened his eyes, Su Hua was playing the card game Fighting the Landlord with Zhou Yuke and Ye Xi.

(T/N : Fighting the Landlord/Dou Dizhu is a card game in the genre of shedding and gambling. It is one of the most popular card games played in China.It is described as easy to learn but hard to master, requiring mathematical and strategic thinking as well as carefully planned execution.)

While others entering the secret realm feared time wouldn’t be enough, her host was playing cards!

Originally, Zhou Yuke and Ye Xi had been reluctant to stay and accompany Su Hua, but she had tossed them a few good items, and they immediately expressed their willingness to go through fire and water for her.

“Hua Hua, I’ve become a saint.”

Su Hua casually nodded, not paying much attention.

However, Zhou Yuke and Ye Xi were shocked. Zhou Yuke exclaimed loudly, “A saint?!”

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