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Chapter 28

In the peach forest, the fake Chong Zhao’s face stiffened involuntarily, and he pointed his staff at Fan Yue.

“I was also born with a divine body. Don’t think just because you awakened first, you can devour me!”

“You’re nothing but a piece of rotten wood. It’s only natural for me to devour you.”

The fake Chong Zhao sneered at Fan Yue’s indifference.

“Stop pretending. Don’t think I can’t tell that you’re injured. Otherwise, how could I have taken her just now?”

Fan Yue’s expression paused.

The fiery heat in his chest gnawed at his heart, revealing that the evil creature had noticed his internal restraint. Every full moon, the blazing fire within him attacked his heart, and to protect it, his demonic energy was only half of its usual strength, barely at the peak of a supreme lord.

Bai Shuo, who had been watching the show with a grin, suddenly turned as sour as a bitter melon when she saw Fan Yue’s silence.

“No way. This guy is injured? What’s the point of showing off? Has he gotten so used to being a big shot that he doesn’t realize ‘being a coward’ is also a fine virtue?”

“Originally, I planned to devour this girl first before going to the Haoyue Palace to find you. Since you’ve delivered yourself, you and she can both be my elixirs!”

“Just you?” Fan Yue scoffed.

Fake Chong Zhao sneered and, without further ado, swung his wooden staff straight at Fan Yue’s forehead.

Fan Yue remained calm, suddenly producing a silver chain from his palm. The chain gleamed with a white light, straightening in his hand. The demonic energy of the chain danced, meeting the black staff without hesitation.

In the sky above the peach forest, immortal, demonic, and evil energy intertwined. Nearby, Chong Zhao wanted to question Er Yun, but seeing these three forces, his expression changed.

“Ah Shuo!” Without time for more questions, Chong Zhao, holding a bamboo slip, quickly flew towards the peach forest.

“Junior brother!” Er Yun stomped her foot and hurried after him.

The silver chain and black staff intertwined, the two were locked in a stalemate mid-air. Suddenly, the branches of the nearby peach trees moved as if alive, wrapping around the unsuspecting Bai Shuo. The cold branches bound Bai Shuo, who screamed as she was dragged into the depths of the peach forest, her bamboo flute falling to the ground.

“Ahhh! Monster! Help!”

The silver chain flew horizontally, and Fan Yue leapt to cut the branches, catching the falling Bai Shuo. The peach tree whimpered and retracted its branches. The fake Chong Zhao seized the opportunity and struck heavily on Fan Yue’s shoulder.

Bai Shuo heard a muffled grunt. Fan Yue landed, holding her. She quickly scrambled off of him.

“I…I…I…I’m coming down!”

A gust of wind came from behind. Fan Yue swung the silver chain to block Fake Chong Zhao and push Bai Shuo away.


A demonic energy carried Bai Shuo half a zhang away. Instinctively, she turned and ran. For some reason, she looked back, seeing Fan Yue and the fake Chong Zhao still locked in mid-air. Fan Yue’s face was pale, and the wooden staff was getting closer to his forehead. She hesitated.

In the air, the fake Chong Zhao’s face twisted with glee.

“I intended to devour that girl to ascend, but since you’re here, devouring you will do just as well. Hahaha!”

Evil energy surged around him, and he swung his staff at Fan Yue’s forehead. Just then, a sweet fragrance filled the air, weakening the light on the fake Chong Zhao’s black staff. He looked back incredulously, seeing Bai Shuo tremblingly flying a cloud behind him, holding an open porcelain bottle in one hand and fanning towards him with the other.

The cloying scent entered the fake Chong Zhao’s nose. His hand holding the staff shook, his pupils turned entirely black, and his face twisted with rage.

“Seeking death!”

He swung a black evil energy at Bai Shuo.

With her immortal energy, Bai Shuo had no chance of dodging. Fear filled her eyes.

“Oh god, I’m dying again. I should have just silently sneaked away. What’s a monster compared to this?”

At the last moment, as the staff was about to hit Bai Shuo, Fan Yue suddenly appeared in front of her, taking the blow. Then a wooden pig flew out of his sleeve, growing to half a zhang in size. Its golden wings unleashed powerful demonic energy, striking the fake Chong Zhao’s chest. A large hole appeared in the fake Chong Zhao’s chest, but no blood spilled out. He roared in fury, his body dissipating into a cloud of dark, evil energy.


Fan Yue, unwilling to continue fighting, retrieved the wooden pig, grabbed Bai Shuo, and fled the peach forest as a stream of light.

As the fake Chong Zhao dissipated, a gap opened in the overwhelming evil energy outside Fire Ice Island. The ten disciples of Liuyun seized the opportunity to charge onto the island.

(T/N: This is the second-generation disciple of Piaomiao Island (including Er Yun and Chong Zhao) that could activate the Jingtian formatian and has been chosen to go to the fire ice island to suppress the evil energy on the island. It is supposed to be mentioned at the end of chapter 26, but somehow I missed out on this word and only put the words ‘ten second-generation disciples’, so I’ve fixed the back chapter….huhu pleaassssse forgive this lazy translator…huhu)

Simultaneously, two beams of immortal light headed straight for the peach forest’s center.

With a flash of demonic light, Fan Yue and Bai Shuo landed near the roaring sea, at the edge of Fire Ice Island.

“Are you alright?”

Bai Shuo, seeing Fan Yue’s pale face and recalling the two blows he took for her, quickly tried to help. Fan Yue brushed her off, deliberately avoiding her support.

Bai Shuo awkwardly retracted her hand, wiping it on her waist. She glanced nervously at the eerie peach forest.

“That was close! Good thing I kept a bottle of Wanling Intoxication for self-defense, or that monster would have devoured me.”

Fan Yue snorted.

“You’re not stupid. When did you realize Chong Zhao was a fake?”

“The Palace Lord always reminds me. It’s hard to be stupid,” Bai Shuo said righteously.

“When did I remind you?” Fan Yue raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t deny it, Palace Lord. When you appeared, you said…” Bai Shuo ingratiatingly said, “He could recognize you in one move, which actually meant he shouldn’t have recognized you. Although I’ve been cultivating for a short time, I know the Haoyue Palace lord rarely shows himself. How could a disciple from a remote, immortal island who has only been cultivating for three years recognize you in one move?”

Bai Shuo paused, then looked at Fan Yue. “Also, Palace Lord, when you attacked me by the spring, you were actually trying to save me, right?”

Fan Yue squinted.

“Even if I didn’t remind you, you would have known he was a fake.”

Bai Shuo chuckled, not denying it.

“I grew up with Ah Zhao. How could I not recognize him? Besides, Ah Zhao would never let me use the Wanling Intoxication against that white tiger and fall into danger. As soon as he appeared, I felt something was wrong. Taking out the Wanling Intoxication was just to test him.”

Bai Shuo spoke confidently, then turned to see Fan Yue looking at her strangely.

“Palace Lord?”

Fan Yue suddenly spoke, “Who am I?”

Bai Shuo trembled inwardly, meeting Fan Yue’s gaze, and answered softly, “The Haoyue Palace’s Lord.”

“And what else?”

Bai Shuo tried to calm herself, quickly going over everything that had happened today in her mind.

Ah Zhao was injured; she found ancient texts in the library, came to Fire Ice Island seeking treasure, encountered a strange evil creature, and then that creature took Ah Zhao’s form. Her once peaceful cultivation life had been thrown into chaos. Bai Shuo’s mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, only wanting to escape this cursed place and inform Ah Zhao of everything so the sect could respond appropriately. But she had exhausted all her immortal energy, and returning to Piaomiao Island would require the help of the person before her.

Bai Shuo steadied herself, clasped her hands in salute to Fan Yue, and forced a kind smile.

“Brother Mu, it’s been a while. How have you been?”

Fan Yue looked at Bai Shuo with a playful glint in his eye.

“You always like to play dumb; why don’t you play dumb today?”

“In front of the Palace Lord, how dare I deceive?”

“Speak human language.”

Bai Shuo took a deep breath and said, “I’m afraid of dying.”

Fan Yue was taken aback.

“Piaomiao Island might be remote, but we’re not ignorant of the affairs of the three realms. Your demonic energy is unparalleled, but that evil creature didn’t fall behind in your fight. Why did such a person transform into Chong Zhao’s appearance and lead me to the spring instead of slapping me to death? He didn’t kill me; it must be that I have something he wants, so he approached me as Ah Zhao, but he was interrupted by the Palace Lord before he succeeded.”

Her blood?

Fan Yue’s eyes flickered. The two exchanged glances, recalling the events from three years ago on Muxiao Mountain, but neither of them spoke about it.

“What secret do you hold that makes my spells ineffective against you?”

Bai Shuo was stunned by the question. She also wanted to know. Ah Zhao had been affected by the Haoyue Palace Lord’s spell and forgot everything, yet Fan Yue’s spells had no effect on her at all.

Bai Shuo shook her head honestly.

“I don’t know either.”

Fan Yue frowned, not entirely believing her but too lazy to pursue it further.

“I see you’re not destined for a long life. If you want to live a few more years, go back to the mortal world.”


“A commoner with a treasure is guilty. Though you may seem ordinary, your flesh and blood are divine elixirs. Today you attracted this evil creature, and in the future, you will inevitably encounter more. Without the power to protect yourself, you’d be better off as a mortal.”

“As long as I stay on Piaomiao Island, I’ll be safe enough.” Bai Shuo muttered.

“Foolish.” Fan Yue turned to leave, but Bai Shuo grabbed his robe.

“Fan… Fan Palace Lord!”

Fan Yue frowned, looking coldly at Bai Shuo’s hand. Bai Shuo trembled but didn’t let go. She raised her head, her eyes glimmering slightly.

A strange feeling stirred in Fan Yue’s heart, making him unconsciously lower his head to meet Bai Shuo’s eyes.

“I-I have a small favor to ask…” Bai Shuo, looking bashful, said, “Palace Lord, it’s rare that we have such a connection…”

She held up one finger and quickly added, “Could you help me one more time? I used up all my immortal energy to save you. Could you please take me back to Piaomiao Island?”

The atmosphere fell silent. Fan Yue’s face darkened, and Bai Shuo, not knowing what she had said wrong, looked up innocently.

“Palace Lord…”

Before she could continue, Fan Yue turned and left without looking back, “Get back there yourself.”

He had never met anyone as shameless as Bai Shuo!

“Hey! Palace Lord!”

“Bai Shuo!”

Just as Bai Shuo was about to argue further, several flashes of immortal energy appeared, and ten Piaomiao disciples landed in front of her, walking towards her.

Bai Shuo’s heart tightened, and she quickly turned around, but Fan Yue was already gone. She breathed a sigh of relief, but before she could speak, the lead disciple started questioning her harshly.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to collect herbs for alchemy. Senior brothers, why are you here…”

“Have you seen Senior Sister Er Yun and Junior Brother Chong Zhao?”

Bai Shuo’s face changed.

“What? Ah Zhao also came to this island? Why would he come to this cursed place?!”

“Something happened on the island. Bai Shuo, return to the sect immediately. We have a mission and can’t say more.”

The ten disciples of Liuyun looked serious, saying no more before turning into streams of light and heading deeper into the island.

Two beams of immortal light landed at the site where Fan Yue and the evil energy had fought, revealing Chong Zhao and Er Yun.

The ground was littered with battle traces, and a bamboo flute lay on the ground.

“Ah Shuo!” Chongzhao stepped forward, picking up the flute, his expression anxious as he shouted, “Ah Shuo! Ah Shuo!”

Seeing Chong Zhao in a panic, Er Yun couldn’t help but say, “Junior brother, Bai Shuo is very clever. She’ll be fine. We need to find that evil creature…”

“This bamboo flute was a gift from me to Ah Shuo. She wouldn’t leave it behind for any reason. Something must have happened!”

Before Chong Zhao could finish speaking, the peach forest behind them came to life. Countless branches stretched out like tentacles towards Chong Zhao and Er Yun.


Chong Zhao turned his head to see Er Yun being dragged towards the depths of the peach forest by one of the branch’s tentacles.

“Senior Sister!”

Chong Zhao shouted in anger, wielding his sword to save Er Yun. However, he was entangled by roots and branches. With a flick of his palm, he swung his immortal sword, cutting through the branches on both himself and Er Yun.

A burst of evil energy surged from the forest, hitting Er Yun.

With a groan, Er Yun fell to the ground, and Chong Zhao hurried to catch her.

At that moment, the evil energy took a physical form, appearing behind Chong Zhao. He turned to see the face of the evil entity, momentarily stunned. The entity swung its black staff again, and with a muffled groan, Chong Zhao fell to the ground.

Ten beams of immortal energy flashed as the ten disciples of Liuyun landed in the peach forest. Several streams of evil energy emerged, enveloping the disciples. Amidst their screams, their faces withered instantly, and their immortal energy was drained, leaving them lifeless on the ground.

“Ah Zhao!”

At the edge of Fire Ice Island, Bai Shuo heard the cries not far away and, without hesitation, turned to run towards the island’s interior.

Fan Yue blocked her path with an outstretched arm, frowning. “What I injured earlier was just his clone. Going back now is as good as committing suicide.”

“I don’t need you…” Bai Shuo blurted out, but she came back to her senses after being stopped by Fan Yue and pleaded, “Palace Lord, Ah Zhao is no match for that evil creature. Please…”

“The life or death of a mere disciple is none of my concern,” Fan Yue coldly refused before Bai Shuo could finish.

“If you wish to seek death, it’s no business of mine.”

Fan Yue turned to leave.

“If you agree to help, I’ll tell you his weakness!” Bai Shuo took a deep breath and spoke calmly, “Palace Lord, you came here for that evil creature, didn’t you?”

Fan Yue paused, then slowly turned around.


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