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Chapter 341: Childhood Friends Must Be Cultivated from a Young Age (24)

Back when Zhou Ruoyun had an out-of-wedlock pregnancy with a scumbag, her parents found it very shameful and shut her out, ignoring her for many years.

Although Xiao Xueqing was internally resistant to the situation, everything ultimately depended on An Ziyu’s choice.

An Ziyu’s attitude remained indifferent throughout. Those two elderly people caused a few disturbances, and during the last incident, after An Ziyu said something to them, their faces darkened, and they left angrily, never to return.

Although the custody situation was complicated, Xiao Xueqing and her husband eventually secured it.

An Ziyu insisted on staying in his own home, which the others understood and felt even more sympathetic towards him.

During that difficult period, the young male protagonist’s grades plummeted. Shen Mubai tutored him while silently accompanying him. After a considerable amount of time, his grades finally stabilized.

The first semester of the third year passed like this. In the second semester, An Ziyu suddenly shot up in height, reaching nearly 1.8 meters.

While Shen Mubai was happy, she also felt a bit melancholic. After all, she used to look down at him, but now their positions were reversed.

Their relationship returned to its previous closeness. Not only that, but An Ziyu’s personality also became more outgoing, and he underwent a significant transformation.

The former An Ziyu was short, with a very handsome face, like a little prince.

Now, An Ziyu had grown much taller, with a slender, perfect physique. His face had matured significantly, becoming even more handsome, turning him into a true male god.

The former An Ziyu had a slightly childish voice, which, after going through puberty, had become warm and gentle, like a spring breeze, making many girls’ ears turn red with embarrassment.

The former An Ziyu was quiet and didn’t like to talk, sitting in his seat like a little prince living in his own world.

Now, An Ziyu’s eyes always carried a slight smile, and his lips held a gentle smile tinged with a subtle aloofness.

He had completely transformed into a perfect male god. Among his rowdy teammates, he maintained a gentle smile, his clean and elegant aura making him stand out, but not in a jarring way.

Many girls confessed to him, but none succeeded.

Countless girls regretted not acting sooner. If they had known An Ziyu would become like this in two years, they would have made a move already. All their hesitation was pointless!

Even the title of “school heartthrob” seemed too mundane for the likes of An Ziyu!

As his childhood friend, Shen Mubai naturally became the target of many people’s envy and jealousy. Even she was bewildered by his transformation.

She felt quite exhausted every day from being asked to pass on love letters. It was especially frustrating since these letters weren’t for her, so she couldn’t save them up to buy popsicles.

When Shen Mubai handed over the first love letter, the smile on An Ziyu’s face faded.

By the second time, his smile had completely vanished.

Even someone as thick-skinned as Shen Mubai could tell that he was angry!

And for some reason, she felt that the current An Ziyu was… well, she definitely didn’t think it was just her being timid.

Those girls speculated darkly behind her back, but after a semester, there was still no sign of any romantic sparks between the childhood friends.

They finally felt relieved—at least their male god hadn’t ended up with another girl.

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