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Chapter 180

The white-clad sword cultivator in the mystic mirror had twisted features, drooling at the mouth and convulsing as if doing a breakdance, before collapsing to the ground and crawling towards Liu Ying. “Having an attack… medicine…medicine…give me medicine…”

Then he paused, as if in extreme fear, and shouted, “No! She must never see me in such an ugly state… Muying, wait for your brother to come home… medicine… medicine!”

His facial features twitched as he crawled towards Liu Ying, resembling a writhing zombie.

In the silence outside the secret realm, someone finally said, “If I hadn’t heard of this ‘brother’ before, I might have believed it.”


The three of them competed fiercely.

Lin Qian was dumbfounded.

She had been holding back her thoughts for a long time, but in the end, she could only say that classic sentence: “Is this a sword cultivator?”

The elders of the Xuanxu Sect and the Wanjian Sect covered their faces, not daring to look. Only Ji Yunkai was very happy, munching on candied fruit and saying to Qu Feiqing beside him, “Young people are wonderful! So lively.”

He Zhizhou’s crawling and writhing were truly terrifying.

Even Liu Ying was startled.

Although she instinctively wanted to eliminate this writhing creature, thinking of his poor sister, the naive young girl couldn’t help but soften her heart, taking a step back towards Ning Ning.

Sensing her movement, Ning Ning’s breath caught.

He Zhizhou can now be said to be at the top of the big mountain, overlooking the small mountains. In terms of how miserable he is, he has left her and Ye Zongheng behind, and he has become a total scum. If Liu Ying changes her target and sets her sights on her——

Absolutely not!

Seeing her worthy opponent, Ning Ning refused to be outdone and fell backward with a thud, contorting her body into a strange S shape, clutching her neck, and gasping like a broken bellows, “Can’t breathe… can’t… Father, Mother… your unfilial child… doesn’t want to leave you…”

She put on a full performance, pretending to cough while secretly putting another snakeberry into her mouth. She bit into it too hard, accidentally choking on the juice.

Thus, countless pairs of eyes witnessed another extremely horrifying scene at the same time.

Ning Ning’s eyes suddenly widened, and her eyeballs seemed to be squeezed out of her eye sockets, which was very scary. At the same time, her body shook hard, changing from an S shape to a C shape. She stared with bloodshot eyes and coughed violently, and a string of black and red blood spurted out of her mouth.

Not just Liu Ying; even Ye Zongheng, watching from the side, was stunned.

—How could this be! You two, this is too much! They were each more ruthless than the other. How could he compete!

No, he had to come up with a winning strategy quickly to gain Liu Ying’s sympathy and escape the secret realm!


Outside the secret realm, the city lord was silent for a moment, struggling to find the right words.

“The disciples of the great immortal sects are truly… extraordinary. Haha, haha.”

“Don’t look at it! Don’t look at it! It’s outrageous!”

The great elder of the Wanjian Sect nearly had a heart attack, fearing that Ye Zongheng might do something equally shocking next. He didn’t dare to watch any further and, with a serious expression, said, “The secret realm is about to close. I shall use my spiritual energy to pull them out directly!”

Tian Xianzi was also alarmed and hurriedly agreed, “Yes, yes! Quickly! Don’t delay! My Ning Ning! Many young disciples have asked me about her preferences and birth date. Don’t let anything happen to her!”

Sword cultivators are decisive and swift in action. Without hesitation, the great elder gathered his spiritual energy. Upon sensing Ning Ning and the others’ locations, he focused his energy and exerted his strength.

In an instant, four people with different expressions appeared out of thin air at the empty entrance of the secret realm.

Liu Ying, looking terrified and extremely flustered, stood trembling like a lost chick, her face pale from the frightening atmosphere around her.

He Zhizhou, with a twisted face and his features distorted as if carelessly shaped from clay by Nuwa when she created humans, was unrecognizable. To convincingly portray his illness, he writhed and crawled on the ground in extreme pain, creating a scene straight out of a zombie movie.

(T/N: Nuwa, a Chinese mythological figure, is revered for her roles in creation and restoration.)

Ning Ning lay on the ground, coughing painfully and twitching like a fish out of water, her movements in sync with He Zhizhou’s style. The two of them lying there were definitely on the level of a horror movie that could win an Oscar.

And Ye Zongheng.

Ye Zongheng’s face was filled with the courage and determination of someone resigned to their fate. Tears in his eyes, he boldly stepped forward, striking a horse stance and suddenly tearing open his shirt.

Below his collarbone, a vivid and striking peach blossom was revealed.

“Don’t believe their lies! This pair of brother and sister from the Xuanxu Sword Sect are insidious and vicious. They used all kinds of lies to cheat me out of all my life savings. It was actually me who had to work in a brothel to earn money to pay off my debts!”

As he was being pulled out of the secret realm, he bared his chest and shouted, “That’s right, I disguised myself as a woman. I was the top courtesan, Xiao Taohua! This peach blossom birthmark on my chest is the proof!”

The sudden silence was the most terrifying.

It was only then that Ye Zongheng realized that the darkness in front of him wasn’t the night but a large crowd of people.

The young sword cultivator, with a terrifying expression, stood half-naked in a horse stance with his hands raised, looking like he was greeting the sea. His torn clothes fluttered in the wind like two butterflies, flying gracefully to either side of his body.

Then the sound spread, echoing back and forth among the cliffs, creating a grand reverberation like a surround sound system at a grand feast, continuously repeating in everyone’s ears.

“I disguised myself as a woman; I was the top courtesan, Xiao Taohua—disguised as a woman—top courtesan, Xiao Taohua—Xiao Taohua—Taohua—Hua—”

Some people are alive, but they are already dead.

Ning Ning finally noticed something was wrong, standing up from the ground like a jellyfish, her face turning red rapidly.

He Zhizhou, engrossed in his act and with his eyes fixed on the ground, didn’t realize anything was wrong. His body continued to twitch, making him the most beautiful sight of the night.

Liu Ying, originally the aggressor, was now completely frightened and had become the victim. She ran to Qu Feiqing, her voice trembling with a sob. “Island Master, they’re so scary, so scary! These sword cultivators are bullying me!”

Ye Zongheng’s tears were blown by the wind, and the little red peach blossom on his chest looked stunning.

He felt the night wind blowing against his chest, and just like his fragile little heart, it felt so cold.

The leader of the Wanjian sect gasped, rolling his eyes and falling backward. Fortunately, Zhen Xiao was behind him and, feeling a bit of pity, helped him up.

The entire place fell into a deathly silence, as if time had stopped.

Only Pei Ji, expressionless, strode over to Ning Ning, took an outer robe from his storage bag, and placed it over her head. He then grabbed the sleeve of her robe and pulled her out of the crowd.

Ning Ning, dazed, held the robe tightly with one hand and clung to his sleeve with the other, following behind Pei Ji with her head down. She mumbled incoherently, like an ancient god’s chant, “Wuwuwuwu… Pei Ji…wuwuwu.. they can’t see me, they can’t see me…”

He Zhizhou, who had been diligently twitching on the ground, finally noticed something was wrong after a while. He raised his head stiffly.

He Zhizhou: …

He Zhizhou let out an awkward laugh, lay on the ground, and gently patted the earth, looking forlorn as he performed a breaststroke posture and paddled forward with his hands and feet: “I’m practicing swimming on the ground. Do you want to join me? Haha…”

In the silent night, a sharp shout rang out: “Help! Brother Ye Zongheng of the Wanjian Sect has fainted!”

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