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Chapter 36

The Four Sacred Swords suppress all directions.

This sword is grand and imposing. It starts off ethereal but lands with great weight. In an instant, it feels as if the entire ground has grown three times heavier, and the sword intent pressing down from all sides makes it hard to breathe.

Yet, this immense weight is directly struck by another.

Thus, the heavy restraint is shattered, the sword energy disperses like fragments, and the previously overwhelming sword intent is now pinned to the ground, unable to rise again!

The sword intent is as imposing as a mountain, but when the ground collapses and the mountain crumbles, rocks shatter, and trees fall, the sword intent naturally dissipates.

The Four Sacred Swords are broken.

The old taoist in red showed a hint of surprise but a knowing smile in his eyes, clearly understanding something from this sword intent. Master Tan lightly curled his lips, thinking to himself, “No wonder Yu Xizhi’s Foundation Strengthening Pill must be refined in pairs. So, this is the reason?”

The sword’s intent is full and powerful. Since that’s the case, if she wants to go to the Kongti Desert, let her; it’s just another trial.

Peak Master Han’s eyes widened in astonishment, but he saw that the young girl opposite seemed even more shocked than he was.

“Peak Master Han, why do you know this sword technique?” Yu Xizhi blurted out.

The disciples in the main hall of Ziyuan Peak were perplexed, thinking, “Why is she asking this first? The Four Sacred Swords are clearly Ziyuan Peak’s exclusive secret technique. It should be Peak Master Han asking her how she knows it. Yet she’s taking the initiative here?!”

Someone was about to speak up, but Yu Xizhi hesitated slightly, then sincerely said, “It seems you don’t fully grasp it. I suggest you go to Qianya Peak and learn from Little Junior Uncle again.”

Han Yichun took a deep breath.

He had mastered the Four Sacred Swords of Ziyuan Peak for more than ten years. If the previous Peak Master had said his sword intent was incomplete back then, he might have accepted it. But after more than a decade, he believed his sword’s intent had been perfected. How could he be criticized by a little immortal like Yu Xizhi?!

However, his formidable, true immortal Nascent Soul sword was indeed broken by Yu Xizhi’s single stroke!

His sword intent was heavy because the Four Sacred Swords must suppress the eight directions. How could they not be heavy to achieve such dominance?

Yet Yu Xizhi’s recent strike was clearly light and even nimble!

How could something so light suppress the eight directions? How could it break his suppression of the eight directions?!

And she… she actually suggested he go learn swordsmanship from that young boy at Qianya Peak?

Even if Xie Junzhi was known as the world’s top sword cultivator, so what? When Han Yichun was learning the Four Sacred Swords, Xie Junzhi hadn’t even been born!

Was his sword… wrong?

Only now did he seem to hear the earlier conversation between the old Taoist in red and Master Tan.

In a daze, he asked, “What is your cultivation level?”

“Recently, Qianya Peak has had three breakthroughs. Once when Senior Brother Yi Zui broke into Foundation Establishment, once when Junior Brother Huang Li advanced in Qi Refining, and once when Junior Brother Cheng Luocen advanced in Qi Refining,” Xia Yiyao’s soft voice sounded, “Indeed… I haven’t heard of Second Senior Sister breaking through…”

“Since I haven’t had a breakthrough, Little Junior Sister, who has been happy to get the famous sword for a long time now, why don’t you go?”

Yu Xizhi turned her head to Xia Yiyao, giving a cold smile.

Seeing the slight shrinking in her eyes, her smile deepened, but her words were extremely harsh: “If you don’t want to go, shut up!!.”

“Second Senior Sister, how… how can you say that to me!” Xia Yiyao bit her lip indignantly.

“Strange, why can’t Second Senior Sister say that to you?” Feng Wanxing thought it was delightful but pretended to be puzzled and asked sweetly, “Hmm? Did Second Senior Sister say something wrong?”

Xia Yiyao glared angrily at Feng Wanxing, who, despite being veiled, put on an exaggeratedly fearful expression as if to say, “Wow, you’re glaring at me; I’m so scared!” Her eyes were filled with feigned grievance and fear, making it clear that if Xia Yiyao said anything more, she’d risk being labeled as someone who bullies junior disciples to the point of tears.

Having silenced Xia Yiyao, Yu Xizhi didn’t want to waste more time on her or answer Peak Master Han’s question. She simply said, “I’ve taken Peak Master Han’s sword. Now please keep your promise and let my brother rest for three days!”

Han Yichun, having focused only on his sword strike to push back this seemingly reckless disciple, hadn’t expected her to take it head-on. Although anxious, he suddenly realized that Ziyuan Peak indeed had no one else to send.

Most of the elders in the back mountain were in secluded meditation or seriously injured from the battle seventeen years ago, and those who had lost loved ones in that battle were unlikely to be called upon. Although the situation was urgent, it didn’t seem dire enough to warrant such measures.

As for the teachers, sending them would be sending them to their deaths. Most were better at teaching than fighting.

In the vast Kunwu Sect, there was no one else to go.

Han Yichun, having lived through many decades, knew that similar situations often arose after major conflicts, yet each time he felt powerless and saddened.

He took a deep breath and looked again at the girl, who had taken his sword and volunteered to fight. His perspective shifted significantly.

Everyone else wanted to retreat, but she wanted to advance.

Everyone thought she couldn’t do it, but she was willing to take his sword and, despite her pale face, wanted to protect her brother.

Having such disciples in Kunwu Sect was truly the hope for the future.

He had foolishly struck at such a disciple just now!

Han Yichun sighed inwardly and was about to speak when someone else did first.

“Zhizhi, enough,” Yu Si stepped forward, shaking his head at Yu Xizhi and shielding her behind him.

“I am the head senior brother of Taiqing Peak in Kunwu Mountain Sect. It is my duty to go. Since the master has spoken, I will naturally go through fire and water, even if it means shattering my golden core and destroying my spiritual roots. Moreover, subduing demons is the duty of us cultivators; how can we shirk it?”

“Brother!” Yu Xizhi exclaimed urgently.

Yu Si smiled gently at her.

“Your sword just now was excellent. Even I would have had trouble with it. So, will you come with me?”

Yu Xizhi was momentarily stunned.

Master Huaiyun’s expression finally softened a bit. He was about to say something when Yu Si suddenly became serious and spoke loudly, “Any fellow disciples willing to accompany me to the Kongti Desert, step forward. The journey will be perilous, but as long as I am alive, I will do my utmost to protect you all!”

The events in the Taiqing Peak main hall were witnessed by everyone. Some were anxious, some were thoughtful, and others were filled with righteous indignation, agreeing with Yi Zui’s words and wishing to support their senior brother.

Upon hearing Yu Si’s call, several people immediately stepped forward.

“Chen Nanjun of Ziyuan Peak is willing to go!”

“Zhou Xizhou of Xuecan Peak will join Senior Brother!”

“Lu Zhiheng of Taiqing Peak requests to fight!”

A chorus of voices rose and fell, and Yu Xizhi inadvertently counted them—there were already seventeen people. Including herself, it was eighteen. Reflecting on the plot of the original story, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of bitterness, wondering if, despite all her efforts, she still couldn’t change anything.

After these voices subsided, Yu Si scanned each face, seemingly committing them to memory. Without saying much more, he nodded heavily and started to stride out, lifting his robes.

But then a voice rang out, clear and firm, albeit slightly late.

“Gao Xiude of Xuecan Peak… wishes to go too!”

Yu Xizhi whipped around.

How could Gao Xiude, who always opposed her and secretly loved the junior sister, be doing this…?

Gao Xiude himself didn’t know why he stood up at that moment. Ever since everyone had called for Yu Si’s reinforcement, he had felt an inexplicable frustration. Initially, he couldn’t understand the source of his feelings until now.

When he called out his name, he felt somewhat embarrassed. But after speaking, he felt a weight lift off his heart.

The emotions that had been weighing him down vanished, and he raised his head, repeating loudly amidst everyone’s astonished or disbelieving gazes, “Gao Xiude of Xuecan Peak requests to fight!”

“And me,” Yi Zui straightened up from the threshold, naturally following along, waving at two people holding hoe and gripping sword hilts, “What are you standing there for? Let’s go.”

Yu Xizhi unconsciously took a couple of steps forward and saw that more than just eighteen people were following Yu Si. Including her, a formidable group of Kunwu disciples, all in uniform, with swords on their backs, their robes fluttering with various small flowers at the edges.

“Senior Brother! Second Senior Sister!” A clear voice rang out as Feng Wanxing chased after them, her red robes billowing. As Yu Si and Yu Xizhi turned back, she lifted her hand and threw her veil into the air!

The bright and beautiful girl sat down, knees slightly bent, cradling a pipa. Her slender fingers plucked the strings, producing a resounding melody.

The notes were intricate and varied, like large and small pearls falling on a jade plate.

Her hands flew over the strings, the sound of the pipa rising like the breaking of winter ice, the crashing of a high mountain waterfall, and the fierce neighing of warhorses on the battlefield. The north wind raised battle flags, an army of thousands shook the ground, sand and stones swirled, and the force was unstoppable, moving forward with determination!

Many in the Taiqing Peak main hall were deeply moved; their expressions were complex. Some began to reflect on why they had initially taken up the path of the sword, while others took a deep breath, stepping forward with newfound resolve to follow.

However, the twenty-three figures of Kunwu had already disappeared into the mountain’s wind and snow.

Raising their eyes again, they saw only a landscape filled with yellow sand.

“Senior Brother Shen, don’t worry about us,” Zheng Chengxu coughed up a mouthful of blood. He instinctively tried to raise his hand to cover his mouth, but remembered that both his arms were broken. Though he still held his sword, he could no longer swing it: “You have a chance to escape alone. If you take us, then…”

Shen Ye’s eyes were bloodshot. He remained silent, seemingly ignoring Zheng Chengxu’s words, and furiously emptied his qiankun bag, spilling small bottles all over the ground. He picked them up one by one, pouring out the pills into his palm as if they were worthless.

The small village was already in ruins. Fortunately, they arrived just in time to escort the villagers, who hadn’t been killed by the snake demon, to safety. However, in the rush, one villager forgot to bring his deceased wife’s memorial tablet and insisted on retrieving it.

Ning Shuangsi, while escorting this villager, was suddenly grabbed by a massive snake tail emerging from the ground, flung into the air, and then slammed back down heavily.

Shen Ye had long since memorized the Ten Thousand Demon Compendium and immediately recognized the patterns on the flipping green snake tail as belonging to a Tu Huaping snake demon, though he doubted his own eyes.

(T/N: Earth Flower Vase snake demon)

Tu Huaping snake demons are usually as thin as fingers and are often kept in clay or porcelain pots. Because of their harmless appearance, they are often children’s playthings. However, they are cursed by nature. If captured by someone with ill intentions, they can bring curses upon others, causing family decline, strange deaths, and misfortune. But the curse always backfires on the demon itself.

Even with the backfire, these demons typically transform into upper human bodies with snake-like lower bodies. How could one grow to such a massive size—?

Shen Ye’s mind raced, but his sword was already drawn. Despite his speed, he couldn’t reach Ning Shuangsi before he hit the ground.

Cultivators’ bodies are naturally much stronger than those of ordinary people, but they couldn’t withstand such a heavy blow from the massive snake demon!

One moment, his junior brother was alive and well, but in the next, blood covered his chest. The snake’s blow shattered his spine, and he fell from the sky without the ability to gather spiritual energy to cushion the impact—

Dust and blood splattered together. Shen Ye watched helplessly as Ning Shuangsi lay in a pool of blood, motionless.

On the other side, Zheng Chengxu was still organizing the villagers’ evacuation. He managed to get the last villager onto the government’s evacuation carriage and set up a barrier to completely cover the area. Hearing the commotion, he turned and asked, “Senior Brother Shen! How is Senior Brother Ning?!”

But at that moment, another snake head darted from the sand dunes. Smelling the fishy stench, Zheng Chengxu turned to block it with his sword, only to see the giant fangs bite down!

Shen Ye had barely processed what happened to Ning Shuangsi when he heard another scream!

The snake demon struck swiftly; its bite was followed by a retreat, slithering back underground like lightning!

Shen Ye dragged both of them into a house that hadn’t fully collapsed. Ning Shuangsi’s life was uncertain. Shen Ye pried open his mouth, forcing a pill inside, and tried to stay calm while searching for a blood-stopping and flesh-regenerating pill.

But this was the first time he had faced such a brutal scene. Zheng Chengxu’s blood flowed across the ground, and the snake demon’s stench grew stronger in the air. Shen Ye’s vision turned red, and his hands began to tremble uncontrollably.

“Not this one, not this one,” Shen Ye panted, looking through bottle after bottle but unable to find the antidote for snake venom.

He had sent out a distress signal over a quarter of an hour ago. Given Ning Shuangsi’s and Zheng Chengxu’s current conditions, Taiqing Peak’s Destiny Soul Bell must have sounded. They…they just needed to hold on until the sect sent help.

Shen Ye kept reassuring himself. He fed more pills to Zheng Chengxu and sprinkled an entire bottle of external injury medicine on his arms to stop the bleeding.

“Junior Brother Zheng, don’t be afraid. Help is coming soon. We’ll survive. We’ll all survive. Just hold on! You must hold on!”

The once-quiet village began to stir. The ground trembled slightly, indicating something massive was moving underground, and the sounds seemed to come from multiple places.

The longer the silence lasted, the longer the snake demons were gathering strength.

Shen Ye finally found the antidote bottle amid the scattered medicines and felt a glimmer of hope.

At almost the same time, a deafening roar filled the air.

The village was eerily silent, with only blood and flesh in this place.

A gigantic snake head, its tongue flicking out, had stealthily approached.

The snake demon, with its intelligence, realized the barrier trapped it and knew it had to eliminate the one who set the barrier to escape.

Its vertical slit eyes, forming a black line, stared silently at the people inside the house. After gathering strength for a long time, it finally launched another attack!

Shen Ye turned around in a panic, but the fangs were already upon him!

A flash of despair crossed the young man’s mind.

In the instant before death, time seemed to stretch infinitely. Shen Ye thought about how he was in the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment at the age of nineteen with a promising future.

Peak Master Han had said he would soon teach him the third sword of the Four Sacred Swords. What a pity…

A sword light, bright as autumn water, descended from the sky. The familiar sword energy of the Four Sacred Swords suppresses all directions, forcefully blocking the snake head’s powerful attack!



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