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Chapter 187

Cheng Ying couldn’t bear to watch, twisted his expression, and shut his mouth. But then it couldn’t hold back its laughter and burst out in a series of chuckles, floating freely around the sea of consciousness.

Even if Pei Ji woke up tomorrow and, in a fit of shame and anger, wanted to kill him, it would still be worth it for the joy of this moment. ..hehehe!

“I can cook, do chores, play with you, and even fight—”

He stopped halfway through his speech, probably because he felt that it was not appropriate to talk about “fighting and hacking” in front of a girl. He looked flustered for a moment and swallowed back the rest of his words.

His tone and demeanor were almost like he was acting coquettishly.

Ning Ning listened in a daze, her mind in chaos.

—Was this drunken truth or just drunken rambling? Pei Ji actually cared about her spending time alone with He Zhizhou? And what’s with the cooking, chores, and fighting…?

In her confusion, she heard Pei Ji’s hoarse voice again, much quieter than before, like a cat’s soft whisper: “So, could you sometimes come see me and not always be with Senior Brother He?”

Ning Ning: …

Ning Ning’s face turned beet red.

She wasn’t sure of Pei Ji’s true thoughts, but in the quiet, dim alley with just the two of them, his words felt overly intimate.

Her palm, resting on his arm, grew hot. It seemed that every moment spent close to him made her body temperature rise.

Ning Ning wanted to move away from him but worried that, in his drunken state, Pei Ji might stumble and fall without someone to support him.

Ah… really.

Even at this moment, she was still thinking so carefully about him.

Standing in the alley, the girl lightly pursed her lips, her entire being enveloped by the tall shadow beside her.

She quickly avoided Pei Ji’s gaze and barely audibly replied, “Okay.”

The walk felt incredibly long, and it was only after they reached the inn and got Pei Ji into bed that Ning Ning let out a long breath.

She hadn’t felt this tense in a long time.

Just thinking about Pei Ji waking up tomorrow and possibly remembering tonight…

She couldn’t even dare to imagine.

With the alcohol fading away, she was left with a deep sense of fatigue.

Pei Ji obediently washed up and got into bed, burying himself in the soft bedding.

She was about to say goodbye and leave when he grabbed her sleeve.

The youth lying in bed had let his hair down, his black locks cascading over the white sheets. Pei Ji looked at her with his slightly upturned eyes, half of his face buried in the pillow, like a quiet deer.

He spoke with the same lack of emotional fluctuation as usual: “I’m afraid of the dark.”

He had no hesitation in admitting this now, unlike before when he stubbornly insisted, “I just don’t like the darkness.”

Ning Ning nodded in understanding: “I won’t turn off the light when I leave.”

But Pei Ji shook his head, his eyes unblinkingly fixed on her.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she finally understood what he meant: “You want me to stay?”

This, this, this—this isn’t appropriate.

Though they had slept in a cave together before, being alone in a room late at night, no matter how she thought about it… it didn’t seem right!

Pei Ji didn’t react, only staring at her with his calm black eyes.

At this moment, he wasn’t as spoiled as before. He was more like his usual self; even when asking for something, he was cold and indifferent, without much expression.

Yet there was a hint of reserved expectation and timidity.

“Then you… you should rest well in bed.”

After all, this wasn’t the first time this had happened, and Ning Ning was easily softened by his gaze. She quickly gave in, feeling stiff all over, and pointed to the table and chairs beside the bed: “I’ll sit here and meditate.”

For cultivators, using the spiritual energy of heaven and earth as nourishment, meditation replaces sleep.

It not only allows the body to rest fully but also enhances one’s cultivation, providing significant benefits.

Pei Ji seemed to be thinking about something after hearing this. He paused for a while before nodding gently.

His expression was hesitant and slow.

Suddenly, he tugged at Ning Ning’s sleeve again.

When she looked down, he nervously pulled the corners of his mouth up into a clumsy smile.

“I practiced in front of the mirror for a long time… It’s not a fake smile.”

A night breeze blew in from outside the window, causing him to move his head, and his hair brushed across his fair face.

Pei Ji lay in bed, gently curling his lips into a smile that was both warm and shy. His dark eyes glistened with moisture, like apricot blossoms in the spring rain, exuding an inexplicable purity and charm: “If you’re here, you can turn off the light.”

Cheng Ying took a deep breath, rolled its eyes, and spun up into the sky like a just-launched rocket.

Ning Ning stood by, grateful that Pei Ji was drunk and wouldn’t notice her flustered and embarrassed appearance.

This is bad.

She almost covered her face with her hands to stop the rush of blood.

…In this state, he actually seemed a bit cute, hitting her right in the heart.

Ning Ning took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart, and quickly turned around to turn off the light.

In the darkness, her voice came out stiffly, trying to sound calm: “Good night.”


This won’t do.

Ning Ning sat on the wooden chair, burying her head in her arms and trying to keep her eyes closed.

She was restless, unable to meditate or sleep, and could only lie on the table, tossing and turning, counting sheep. But the more she counted, the more anxious she became.

Pei Ji slept very quietly without making a sound. Just thinking about the words he had said in his drunken state made her heart race uncontrollably.

—Even knowing it was likely drunken nonsense, it was still very embarrassing.

The wind brought the rustling sound of leaves from outside the window, accompanied by the indistinct conversations of passersby. Ning Ning lay motionless on the table when suddenly she heard footsteps.

They were getting closer.

Pei Ji had gotten out of bed and was approaching her.

He probably thought she was already asleep, moving with incredible lightness. When he stood beside Ning Ning, he didn’t make a sound—not even the rustle of clothes. She was wondering what Pei Ji was up to when, without any warning, she felt a hand on her back.

Then her entire body was lifted into the air.

The unfamiliar warmth enveloped her instantly, and the woody scent of Pei Ji filled her nose. He had picked her up and was carrying her forward, step by step.

Ning Ning didn’t dare move or open her eyes, pretending to be asleep the entire time. Soon, she felt herself being gently laid down on something soft.

The place still retained a comforting warmth, and the familiar scent surrounded her. It was Pei Ji’s bed where he had been lying before.

“Pei Xiaoji, you don’t want to sleep in the same bed as Ning Ning, do you? No, no, no!”

Cheng Ying was shocked and twisted in its agitation: “When she wakes up tomorrow, she’ll be scared! Calm down!”

Cheng Ying screamed in his mind, but Pei Ji ignored it. He stood quietly by the bed, his long lashes lowered, silently watching the girl with her eyes tightly shut.

Surrounded by endless darkness and uncertainty, Ning Ning nervously clenched the bedsheet, unsure of his next move.

Suddenly, a light breeze brushed past her ear. After a moment, she realized it was Pei Ji’s breath.

Her heart pounded like a drum, and she remained still.

The warm breath slid down her face, getting closer and closer, finally stopping near her ear. This was an extremely sensitive spot. Just a gentle blow sent an invisible current through her veins, making her back tingle.

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