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Chapter 71: Ethan Effect

The engagement with Ethan had a remarkable impact. Some young ladies harbored resentment, but that was usual, while the opposing faction was generally favorable.

This was because the opposing faction had determined that there was no longer a concern about the Croitzer family intruding into royalty.

Rosa secretly referred to this as the “Ethan Effect” and was quite pleased.

Now, Rosa and Ethan were at the most popular cafe in the royal capital.

In the crowded cafe, they were the center of attention.

“Did we really need to come to such a crowded place?” Rosa tilted her head almost ninety degrees and voiced her question.

“Of course we did. If we never appeared together after getting engaged, that would be a problem. From now on, we’ll occasionally go to crowded places, attract attention, and then leave,” Ethan had a solid plan.

“I see, so we are creating the appearance of having dates,” Rosa thought, thinking that even a fake engagement was quite challenging.

“Exactly. Now, let’s go buy a dress for you.”

“What? Will you accompany me for my shopping?” Rosa asked in surprise, and Ethan shook his head.

“No. There’s a ball at the palace soon. You need to have a dress ready for that. If I don’t gift it to you, it won’t mean anything.”

In this country, it was customary for an engaged couple to gift a dress for major balls. Rosa found it cumbersome.

“Let’s skip that part. I’ll buy what I like myself.”

“That’s not going to happen.”

Though Rosa spoke firmly, Ethan immediately dismissed her. Rosa took a sip of her tea and sighed.

“If we act too conspicuously, it will become an issue when we eventually break off the engagement.”

“It will become a topic of conversation anyway. So, shall we head out to buy a dress? Ah, and just so you know, we won’t be buying out the entire store. Two or three custom-made dresses will suffice.”

Rosa’s favorite extravagant spending spree was abruptly curtailed.

Nowadays, her “from here to here” phrase is legendary, known by all the nobles in the capital.

“Why not go for custom-made dresses?” “A noble lady buying extravagantly?” were the bizarre rumors circulating.

“Sigh, engagements are quite restricting.”

“It’s you who are unusual. It’s only temporary, so bear with it for a while,” Ethan said, smiling.

Even while having this conversation, they both maintained pleasant expressions.

It was a display of friendliness.

After Rosa finished her pear tart, Ethan spoke.

“Shall we go shopping now?”

Being with Ethan inevitably drew attention, so Rosa had no choice but to stand up with a smile.

Escorted by Ethan, Rosa boarded the Griffith family’s carriage.

“Your smile is a bit stiff at times. When that happens, at least cover your mouth with a fan,” Ethan, sitting across from her, pointed out immediately.

“Your Excellency is quite a perfectionist.” Rosa remarked.

“It’s Ethan, Miss Croitzer.”

“Understood, Lord Ethan.”

“Nice to meet you, Rosa.”

(This is bothersome. But I guess it’s the same for His Excellency. Perhaps this is better than constantly avoiding women. Come to think of it, this is easier for me too compared to being courted by His Highness.)

While relieved that the threat of poisoning had receded, Rosa realized that she didn’t have to be as cautious around Ethan as she did around Alex.

In fact, she could even discuss business matters during their dates.

The day after her date with Ethan, Rosa was swamped with work.

First, she assisted her mother in educating the servants. She experienced firsthand how challenging it was to train even one excellent servant.

This situation arose because the servant in charge of education had quit.

After that, Rosa went to check on the shop.

The shop was more vibrant than ever.

It seemed the shop could manage without her. The prospect of opening a second branch of Rozerian was becoming clearer, thanks to Helena.

Helena was standing resolutely in front of the back office.

“My lady, I am your maid!”

“Hahaha, I’m sorry, Helena. I’ve been so busy that I ended up leaving the shop to you.”

Rosa tried to laugh off Helena’s questioning. She knew she had burdened her.

“My lady, during that time, I have been training the sales clerks.”

“Indeed, the staff’s actions are different now. The shop is lively, which is great. You have the makings of a manager! You’re good at managing people.”

Rosa candidly expressed her thoughts.

“That’s not the case. My lady, I have found an excellent candidate for the manager position.”

Helena spoke with conviction.

“Huh? An excellent candidate?”

“Of course, from the sales clerks you hired.”

Since Rosa had interviewed all the clerks, she had a good idea of who it might be.

“Uh, are you thinking of making Anne the acting manager?”

Helena nodded vigorously at Rosa’s words.

It seemed Helena had come to Rosa to directly appeal to her in order to reclaim her position as a maid.

(Helena, you’re a valued maid, so there’s no need to worry about that.)



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