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Chapter 190

Pei Ji’s mind was in turmoil.

He just wanted to draw his sword and chop himself to death, and died together with this extremely perverted Uncle Ying.

But, despite his embarrassment, he was always rational.

Silently lifting his eyelids, he glanced at the girl beside him.

Her ears were white as jade, not red.

Lin Xun hadn’t made her feel shy or embarrassed.

Satisfied, Pei Ji withdrew his gaze, his annoyance dissipating significantly, and he begrudgingly decided to forgive the chattering Cheng Ying this time.

Ning Ning, startled by the little white dragon, gently asked, “Tell me slowly, what happened to Master and the others?”

“Last night, after you and Senior Brother Pei left Tianxiang Tower, Master and Senior Sister Zheng praised Jiuzhou Spring Return as an excellent wine. They said that we finally managed to trick the City Lord to treat us, and we couldn’t waste it, so we kept drinking. Senior Brother Meng Jue and I were also forced to drink by them…”

Lin Xun’s expression gradually turned horrified, his eyes widening.

“In the end, everyone went crazy. Master, Senior Sister Zheng, and Senior Brother He leaped out of the window like a monkey and ran off. Senior Brother Meng Jue was lying unconscious on the floor. I drank the least and barely had the sense to chase after the three of them, but I passed out halfway and don’t remember anything.”

A perfectly good drinking session had turned into a monkey show. Just imagining the three of them jumping up and down with their teeth bared and finally jumping out of the third-floor window in full view of everyone…

It was horrifying—too scary to think about.

Ning Ning had planned to give Lin Xun a luminous pearl as a gift after the first trial, but seeing his current lost and disheartened state, it was clear he wasn’t in the right mind to accept it.

She decided to put it off for now and thoughtfully continued, “Senior Brother Meng Jue hasn’t appeared in the City Lord’s Mansion either… Do you remember where Master and the others ran off to?”

Lin Xun shivered at a memory and softly uttered four words: “Hundred Flowers Deep.”

Oh no.

How coincidental that it was on the same street where the last girl had gone missing!

Who knew what kind of trouble those three might cause in their confused state.

“Miss Ning Ning!”

As she worried about her master’s misfortune, a clear voice sounded in her ear. Ning Ning turned her head and found herself face-to-face with Qiao Yan’s light brown eyes.

The young fox girl had finally shed her usual melancholy, a faint smile reaching her eyes. As she saw Ning Ning, her ears twitched, catching a subtle gleam from the sun.

Lin Xun, overwhelmed by both alcohol and social anxiety, curled up in the corner.

Ning Ning smiled.

“Calling me ‘Miss Ning Ning’ is too formal. Just call me by my name. How are the people of the Spirit Fox Clan doing?”

Qiao Yan replied, “Last night, the elder from Suwen Hall examined the entire clan and said it was just demonic energy invading the body. If they rest in a place rich in spiritual energy, they can regain their consciousness within half a year and return to normal.”

“As for the demon clan, they have been imprisoned in the dungeon. Once the trial ends, Elder Kunshan will take them back to the Demon Refining Tower.”

Ning Ning nodded in understanding.

After a brief pause, she softly asked, “So, which sect do you plan to join with them?”

“The Suwen Hall is dedicated to medical arts, which will greatly benefit my clan’s recovery. Also, I have long been studying medicine in the secret realm, which aligns perfectly with this path.”

The fox girl blinked, her smile gentle and serene.

“Besides the Spirit Fox Clan, there are many others in the world who are suffering. If I can master the medical arts and save them, it would be my greatest wish.”

She had matured greatly overnight, no longer the girl who first met Ning Ning and her group, clutching a bow and arrow, solely focused on revenge. Ning Ning wasn’t surprised by this outcome. Remembering the secret realm, she added, “And the Sun Blaze Bow—”

Qiao Yan shook her head with a smile.

“That bow has brought countless conflicts. I’m not capable of controlling it now, so it’s better to leave it in the secret realm.”

This was the best outcome.

Not far away, the Lord of Luan City had already reached the center of the banquet and was making a speech full of official platitudes, reminiscent of a speech under a national flag.

After finishing her conversation with Qiao Yan, Ning Ning vaguely heard him say:

“Many disciples do not know what happened in the secret realm, the remnants of the demon clan, or the illusion formation. Thanks to little Taoist Ning Ning, a fellow disciple of the Xuanxu Sword Sect, the Shuijing secret realm was saved from disaster. Today, at this grand banquet, her master, Elder Tianxian, will explain the secrets to everyone.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the surrounding disciples respectfully paused their activities and looked up expectantly, much like Luo Yuanming.

However after half a cup of tea, Elder Tianxian, who was called, still hadn’t appeared.

A cloud slowly drifted by, making no sound at all.

Luo Yuanming was very embarrassed, exchanging awkward glances with the other elders, his temples throbbing.

Ning Ning tugged on Pei Ji’s sleeve, her expression stiff.

Her heart was in her throat as she stared unblinkingly at the center of the banquet, not expecting to see a familiar figure suddenly appear and slowly walk forward.

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