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Chapter 192

Elder Tian Xianzi carried the horse and ran away.

The banquet was in chaos; some people were trembling with fear, some were confused and whispering, and most of the disciples from the immortal sect were filled with sorrow, mourning deeply for their fallen junior sister, Ning Ning.

Some were bowing their heads in silent tribute, and some prayed for the salvation of souls with the Buddha’s light. The once-well-ordered Ten Method Assembly now truly resembles the Ten Method Ritual, filled with a tragic and sorrowful atmosphere.

“Stop, stop! Young Taoist,  it’s not what you think!”

Luo Yuanming hurried back from the stables, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead with his sleeve in a panic.

“Elder Tian Xianzi meant that he hopes everyone can achieve greatness. As for Miss Ning Ning, she’s alive and well and here at the venue—Miss Ning Ning, where are you?”

The response was still silence.

After a while, a young man with dragon horns finally walked out from a corner, trembling all over, his eyes red and filled with tears, as if he had just cried bitterly. Even his voice carried a sob.

“Senior Sister Ning Ning, she…”

The piercing gazes from all directions felt like needles, and Lin Xun wasn’t used to such intense attention. He was anxious and panicked. The tears that had been caused by Tian Xianzi before began to flash again. He tightly grasped the cuffs of his sleeves and took a deep breath to hold back the urge to cry: “She… left not long ago.”

The reason why Lin Xun dared to speak out in public was that he just wanted to explain for Ning Ning so that she would not end up publicly dead.

Lin Xun mustered all his courage just to say these words, and after speaking, he immediately fell silent, shrinking back into the shadows of the corner.

Seeing his teary eyes, unwillingness to speak more, the forced strength but unable to hide the sobbing tone, and the deeply pained “left,” everyone couldn’t help but sigh.

In just two words, he expressed so much bitterness, pain, sorrow, joy, and separation.

Everyone couldn’t help but lament that the lovely and intelligent Junior Sister Ning Ning finally died in the battle with the Demon Lord.

Someone hesitated to speak, their voice particularly abrupt in the suddenly quiet hall: “Could it be that Elder Tian Xianzi drank to drown his sorrows because of junior sister Ning Ning, leading to his current state?”

“That would explain everything!”

Another person suddenly understood.

“The elder fell ill with longing and blamed himself for not protecting her well. His deep grief drove him to this madness! Such touching master-disciple love, truly moving!”

“Alas, her junior brother is also pitiful, crying like this. It seems the bonds among Elder Tian Xianzi’s disciples are indeed deep. It’s a shame Ning Ning can no longer feel it.”

Thus, Elder Tian Xianzi was seen as a deeply emotional and righteous master. Poor Ning Ning, who had done nothing, was inexplicably considered dead, and several disciples seriously discussed building a monument to commemorate her sacrifice against the demons.

Luo Yuanming: …

Luo Yuanming glanced at Ji Yunkai beside him. “Sect Master Ji, do all your major sect disciples have such vivid imaginations?”


With just one sentence, Lin Xun deservedly became the last straw that broke the camel’s back, causing Ning Ning’s already limited reputation to become even more distorted, and in many people’s minds, she was completely dead.

Oblivious to being the subject of public mourning, she hurriedly followed Elder Tian Xianzi, who was carrying a horse and rushing out, and pursued him.

Despite being drunk and confused, Elder Tian Xianzi was still a man of profound cultivation, running as fast as if he had a motor in his legs. Later, he even leapt into the air under the horrified gazes of many onlookers, becoming the most beautiful sight in the sky.

The horse was so frightened that its limbs were twitching, and it fainted at some point.

Pei Ji, who had been following her quietly, suddenly lifted his eyelids, his voice arriving with the wind.

“The jucidial officer is here.”

Ning Ning was startled, seeing several black, solemn figures on the distant rooftop, exuding an aura of intimidation visible to the naked eye.

The Jucidial Officer is the law enforcement division in Luan City. They can intervene in cases as big as murder and arson or as small as the dispute between He Zhizhou and Ye Zongheng.

With Elder Tian Xianzi causing such a disturbance in the city, naturally he would be invited by this group of people to have a tea. Several black shadows swiftly descended from the rooftops.

The jucidial officers showed respect despite Elder Tian Xianzi’s drunken foolishness, deploying a powerful formation. The black shadows drew residual images in the air, spiritual energy forming a net that captured him. When Tian Xianzi was firmly trapped in the net, the streets instantly rang with cheers and applause from the people.

The reputation of an elder from the Immortal Sect had fallen to such a low that it was truly unprecedented.

Tian Xianzi caused such a commotion in the city that, as the saying goes, “the emperor is guilty of the same crime as the commoner.”

Even if his status is high, he still has to follow the judicial officer to “reminisce about the past.”

Although the ending is a bit tragic, at least he was safe.

Feeling anxious, Ning Ning rushed forward just as her master was about to be taken away, reaching Tian Xianzi’s side.

“Ning—Ning, Ji—Ji,” Tian Xianzi’s eyes were unfocused, but when he saw Ning Ning, a silly smile finally appeared on his previously stone-like, numb face.

“The city lord is looking for you.”

“I know,” Ning Ning felt a whirlwind of emotions and asked him seriously, “Master, besides you, where did Senior Sister Zheng and Senior Brother He go?”

His eyes went blank for a moment, as if recalling some extremely embarrassing incident.

His face contorted, baring his teeth in a grimace, and he panted heavily along with brother horse above his head.

“Are you done talking?” A judicial officer had closed the net, ready to escort Tian Xianzi to the judicial court.

Finally snapping out of his anger, Tian Xianzi, forced to turn away, gritted his teeth and said five words to Ning Ning:

“Remember, Nuanyu Pavilion.”


Nuanyu Pavilion.

From the suggestive name and Lin Xun’s words, and seeing how the three had rushed into the “Hundred Flower Deep” like monkeys,

Ning Ning could swear on Pei Ji’s reputation that Nuanyu Pavillion was surely a place of ill repute.

To the people of Luan City, “Hundred Flower Deep” was a street known for its indulgence, filled with wine, lights, and beauties, a place of nightly revelry.

Though it was Ning Ning’s first time in such a place, she felt more curious than uncomfortable, looking around with interest. Seeing beautiful women, she would pull Pei Ji’s sleeve to admire them together.

——After all, every profession has its outstanding individuals, and the cultivation world did not forbid the development of such industries. Though the women here had low social status, they were in legitimate professions. Who doesn’t love beautiful big sisters in various shapes and sizes?

Due to it being noon, the place was not as bustling as at night. Rows of luxurious buildings lined the streets, red eaves contrasting with white marble, the long road winding through the alleys seemingly endless.

The buildings on either side were grand, with occasional movements of silk curtains revealing lush green plants and wafting incense.

Men and women strolled together everywhere.

In the shops, lone women either lounged lazily to attract customers or stood by the windows in a daze. A young woman watering flowers waved and smiled at Ning Ning when their eyes met.

Ning Ning and Pei Ji soon arrived at the Nuanyu Pavilion.

It was twice as large as the other buildings and the most dazzling star.

Though it was daytime, there were still guests coming and going. A woman greeting them at the door raised an eyebrow in surprise and smiled.

“Are you two here to enter?”

The Xinghen Sword suffered some wear and tear in the secret realm, so Ning Ning sent it to the blacksmith shop for careful repair. Pei Ji carried his sword with him, and with his cold temperament that kept people at a distance, it was easy to tell that he was a sword cultivator with a bad temper.

Cultivators rarely visited such places, especially with a pretty girl in tow.

“Sister, we’re looking for someone,” Ning Ning said with a sweet smile, stepping closer and smelling a light plum fragrance.

“Our master, senior brother, and senior sister got drunk last night, and we can’t find them. Did any sword cultivators come here last night?”

The woman’s smile froze. “You… know those two from last night?”

Two people.

Ning Ning’s heart skipped a beat.

“Your senior sister did not come here. The ones who broke into Nuanyu Pavilion were two handsome young men. They tried every possible means to beg us to take them in. They really tried their best. Sister Hongyu, who was in charge, softened her heart and agreed to let them stay here.”

Ning Ning was overjoyed.

“Thank you, sister! Where are they now?”

The woman smiled and waved her fan: “It’s a pity that you are late.”

Her gentle voice and attractive appearance revealed a touch of helpless bitterness.

“Those two disappeared today, and we don’t know where they went.”

Ning Ning’s hope turned to disappointment.

Luan City is so big that it is like looking for a needle in a haystack to find someone. If they don’t find He Zhizhou and Senior Sister Zheng as soon as possible and they get drunk and crazy in front of everyone like their master, their reputation and that of the Xuanxu Sword Sect will be completely ruined.

As Ning Ning was worrying, Pei Ji asked, “Did they mention any useful clues last night?”

Pei Ji was handsome, and even if he walked on the street without saying a word, he would attract many people’s secret gazes.

The woman looked at him steadily, with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

Finally, she turned her head to look at Ning Ning, and the smile on her lips deepened: “What a coincidence! Their behavior last night was really outrageous. I specially used my spirit vision orb to record it. I wonder if you two are interested in taking a look?”

Ning Ning was surprised. “Spirit Vision Orb?”

This thing is expensive and not something that ordinary people would carry with them.

“Haven’t there been women disappearing in Luan City recently?”

She frowned slightly, as if remembering something.

“You may not know that the last person who disappeared, Wei Lingyuan, was the girl from our place. Since then, everyone has been worried about their safety and has bought protective talismans and spirit vision orbs to carry with them, hoping that they will be of some use if they encounter danger one day.”

Ning Ning, concerned about the disappearances, eagerly asked, “Did that girl’s disappearance leave any clues?”

The woman shook her head, her smile tinged with helpless bitterness.

“We are mostly orphans with no family. If Sister Hongyu hadn’t been friends with her and hadn’t come to visit her after not seeing her for a few days, we would never have discovered that she had disappeared.”

Ning Ning frowned, thinking.

“There are all kinds of people in the “Hundred Flower Deep”. Once night falls, it is difficult to find out what is going on around, and it is even easier to take action. Since most of the people here are orphans living alone, maybe the number of missing people… is actually much larger than the number that has been found so far.”


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