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Chapter 194

The group of people looked flustered, seeing his disheveled clothes and hesitating to speak.

Among them, the most striking was the very girl he had been longing for, Hongyu.

Wait a minute, Hongyu.

Master Ji was dumbfounded.

Since Hongyu was here, then who had he just been intimate with?

Ignoring everything else, Ning Ning walked straight into the room, raising her voice and calling out, “Senior Brother He?”

Senior Brother He.

Senior Brother.


Master Ji could only pray fervently before the Buddha for five hundred years, hoping that this damn “Senior Brother He” was not the one in the room. But heaven didn’t grant his wish. As soon as Ning Ning spoke, the person curled up on the bed and moved like a soft worm.

When he stood up, even through a layer of gauze, Master Ji could see that it was a man taller than himself.

The man walked unsteadily with uncoordinated limbs, as if he were drunk. He fell to the ground as soon as he got out of bed. He struggled for a long time and finally stood up. He took only two steps before he fell again.

The room was deathly silent.

Several pairs of eyes watched him flail on the ground. After several attempts to get up only to fall again, he finally gave up and crawled out stiffly, his bones making eerie cracking sounds as they collided.

When he finally reached the gauze curtain, he yanked it open.

Master Ji was almost frightened to the point of vomiting.

What he saw was a large, heavily confused head with vacant eyes and a stiff expression, tilting cutely.

Upon seeing the stunned Ning Ning, he grinned, revealing bright red lips.

But that wasn’t the scariest part.

The scariest part was that this guy had eaten a lot of watermelon earlier, and in his rush to hide, he hadn’t swallowed one bite and hurriedly hid in the quilt without chewing or swallowing.

Now, as he opened his mouth to smile, watermelon juice poured out, red mixed with white, white tinged with black, flowing like a Peashooter on double speed.

(T/N: Peashooter is the most basic attacking plant in the puzzle strategy tower defense game “Plants vs. Zombies” series, and it is also the plant with the most variants in the later stages of the game.)

With him holding the gauze curtain aside, his body hidden behind it, and only his ghastly pale face showing while he grinned, the scene was horrifying enough to make any child tremble and kneel down to the ground to eat the dirt.

Master Ji wanted to cry.

The one he had just been hugging was this creature.

This year, amid the light rain and apricot blossoms, his heartfelt, true love was sadly misplaced.

He Zhizhou drunkenly looked at Ning Ning, but he still didn’t give up. He stared at Master Ji with dead fish eyes.

As he stared, he seemed to remember something happy and shyly laughed, every word he spoke sounding like a death sentence: “Master Ji, do you really think my hair is beautiful?”

Master Ji: …

Master Ji’s eyes rolled back, and he fainted on the spot.

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