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Chapter 352: Childhood Friends Must Be Cultivated from a Young Age (35)

Shen Mubai blinked her eyes, “Actually, the first person I saw was the teacher.”

An Ziyu looked slightly helpless as he rubbed her head.

The other girls were silent, staring straight at the two of them, their hearts shattered.

Someone whispered, “Who is that girl?”

“Jiang Luoluo, the legendary childhood friend.”

“Wow, wow, wow, are they dating?”

“No, they’re just close friends, not dating.”

“I heard that the male god only sees her as a sister, and Jiang Luoluo only sees the male god as a brother. Stop making things up, okay?”

For a moment, some girls’ hearts were reignited with hope.

That’s what they said, but some perceptive girls immediately gave up. Haha.. which guy would look at a girl with such gentle eyes and tone if he saw her as a sister?

There was still some time before the 1500-meter race. Shen Mubai was contemplating whether to buy something like the other girls when the young male lead said to her, “Luoluo, can you sit with me for a while?”

Shen Mubai nodded and, with some concern, said, “There’s still the 1500-meter race later. Are you sure you’re up for it?”

An Ziyu’s lips curved slightly, a teasing smile in his eyes, “Luoluo, don’t doubt a man’s abilities.”

Shen Mubai blushed and silently glared at the young male lead, thinking to herself, “When did this guy learn to make such suggestive remarks?”

The two of them sat quietly for a while. Shen Mubai then said, “I’ll go to the shop to get you some water and a towel.”

An Ziyu smiled at her gently and said, “Okay.”

After buying water and a towel from the shop, the race was about to start. The young male lead had already begun warming up. When he saw her coming over, a gentle smile appeared on his face.

The girls around him didn’t know who he was looking at, each one thinking he was looking at her, and their excited squeals grew louder.

A tall and handsome boy seemed to see something in the crowd, stopped his warm-up, and loudly called out, “Jiang Luoluo!”

Shen Mubai froze and looked over, realizing that the boy looked somewhat familiar. He seemed to be the one who had blocked her to confess last time.

Noticing her gaze, the boy’s handsome face lit up with a happy smile, and he loudly called out again, “Jiang Luoluo! I’ll win first place for you to see!”

The crowd buzzed with excitement, and within a minute, Shen Mubai became the center of attention.

The girls nearby whispered, “Isn’t that Li Li from Class 7’s hunk? So he likes Jiang Luoluo.”

“Up close, Jiang Luoluo is really pretty. I think she’s prettier than that, Yin Qianxia.”

“I heard Yin Qianxia has a thing for An Ziyu.”

Shen Mubai twitched her lips. She just wanted to watch the race quietly.

An Ziyu’s gaze paused slightly as he looked at the boy standing in place. He lowered his eyes, hiding the gloomy look in them, and raised the corners of his lips in a silent, cold smile.

The 1500-meter race tested endurance and physical strength. Many people chose to explode at the beginning, only to become exhausted towards the end. So in this event, mastering the technique was quite challenging.

The moment the gun sounded, all the competitors surged forward.

An Ziyu’s figure stood out, especially since he had won the 100-meter race before. Coupled with his title as the school heartthrob, he attracted even more attention.

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