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Chapter 123-Part 1

The next morning, Jia Ping paced back and forth in front of Jiang Nian’s door, wanting to knock… but not daring to.

The assistant leaned against the wall with arms crossed, yawning. He hadn’t slept well the previous night either.

After waiting for a long time with ginger tea in the room, he thought it would go to waste. Unexpectedly, Xue Hang called in the middle of his drowsiness, instructing him to deliver it and change the afternoon flight to the next day.

He woke up with a start, realizing it was almost morning. As he put on his coat and carried the ginger tea out, his eyes were still half-closed, but his mind was already marveling at his boss’s stamina. Despite returning to the hotel around one, it had been over four or five hours since, which was impressive!

He was already fully awake when his assistant delivered the ginger tea. He spent some time scrolling through Weibo until daylight, then, without going back to sleep, went downstairs for breakfast.

Upon returning, he found Jia Ping standing like a door god outside Jiang Nian’s room.

“Conscience reminder: it’s important to save your life.”

Of course, he knew that. Otherwise, would he have been pacing for so long?

It was still early, just past seven. Usually, Jiang Nian would be up and heading to the set at this time due to the makeup process. While he was hesitating, the set called, understanding Jiang Nian’s exhaustion from the previous night, and moved her scenes to the afternoon, allowing her to rest.

The iron-blooded director’s survival instinct was strong!

Jia Ping thanked them profusely, internally cursing the terrifying power of capital.

Meanwhile, the drowsy Jiang Nian naturally woke up past seven. Thinking she had a morning shoot, she tried to get up with her eyes closed but was pulled back into bed by Xue Hang.

Falling back with an “ouch,” she patted the man behind her, comforting him, “Be good,be good, I have to go to work.”

Xue Hang: “…”

Jiang Nian kissed him again. She really couldn’t do anything with the beauty

Xue Hang coughed, patting her lightly, “The director gave you half a day off. No rush this morning.”

Jiang Nian, delighted, nestled back into Xue Hang’s embrace, thinking the director really understood her.

What a good director!

Yes, he understood Xue Hang’s thoughts too.

They slept until after eleven. After lunch in the room, Jiang Nian prepared to head to the set. As for Xue Hang, who had a flight at six the next morning, he decided to accompany her to the set in the afternoon.

Xue Hang’s arrival caused a stir on set, with everyone spreading the news, amazed at Jiang Nian’s good fortune.

The director was also excited, urging the assistant director and producer to cry poverty, saying the production budget was running out and their poor crew was really going to die!

Jiang Nian was also very excited; her blood was boiling… She still remembered the feel of his six-pack abs in her mind; they were so nice to touch!

Xue Hang: “…”

His eyes darkened, his face showed no expression, but his ears were burning.

He also remembered that her body was delicate and soft, and when she was clinging to him, her mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts: he was so big and hot and so strong that she was going to die… He was the one who was really going to die.

The two exchanged glances across the crowd, setting aside their private thoughts.


There are too many people; it’s both annoying and an eyesore!

Xue Hang left early the next morning. Jiang Nian gave him a goodbye kiss, saying, “Today’s parting is for a better future. Think of me.”

Xue Hang nodded, suddenly feeling a bit sad.

He often flew worldwide, so brief separations and distances were no problem for him. But…

This fool, he couldn’t bear to leave her.

Jiang Nian waved her hand, looking very serious. Now that the beauty was in her hand, she had to work hard with all her heart and strive for the big gold!

Xue Hang: “…” It seemed he still had a long way to go.

What made him happy was that Jiang Nian hadn’t mentioned finding the world boring or uninteresting for a long time. Though her despair remained, she now put in a lot of effort, like a small light guiding her through her dark life.

Hmm, next time, let’s give her jade. Her skin feels even smoother than the finest mutton-fat jade.

After three months with the “Wandering Jianghu” crew, Jiang Nian heard from Jiang Yu that Zhou Shanshan had given birth via cesarean to a son. Feeling her status elevated, the first thing she did after being discharged was to coquettishly ask Jiang Yong to buy her a BMW, claiming it was for picking up and dropping off their son.

Jiang Yu scoffed, saying the baby couldn’t even walk yet and that it would be a year or two before he attended early education classes. She was sure that if her brother’s company went bankrupt, that woman would divorce without hesitation!

Jiang Dad and Jiang Mom were initially happy for Jiang Yong. The birth of this child brought their family of four generations under one roof. However, their joy disappeared when they realized Zhou Shanshan had deliberately exposed their daughter’s secrets, harming her.

Jiang Nian wasn’t exactly a saint. When bullied, she wouldn’t just let it go, especially since Zhou Shanshan was one of the people who drove the original owner to desperation in her previous life. Still, Zhou Shanshan was her nephew’s mother, and her uncle’s family was kind, plus her grandparents were getting old.

She didn’t dwell on it much. Zhou Shanshan’s malicious actions would eventually backfire. Jiang Nian didn’t believe Zhou Shanshan’s days would continue to be smooth.

Moreover, it is never too late for a gentleman to seek revenge.

With that, Jiang Nian naturally put Zhou Shanshan out of her mind. By the end of August, the filming of “Wandering Jianghu” had wrapped up.

In October, “Before Dawn” held a press conference.

Jiang Nian reunited with the Director, Xiao Qian and others. The last time they met was before the new year. Jiang Nian hadn’t attended any events since, making such meetings rare.

Seeing Jiang Nian in high spirits with a hint of sweetness, Xiao Qian joked, “It seems Mr. Xue has won the beauty.”

Jiang Nian seriously corrected him, “It’s me who won the beauty!”

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