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Chapter 50-Part 2

She was self-aware and knew under what circumstances Crown Prince Feng Liwu had agreed to marry her sister.

She could not imagine that the Crown Prince, knowing her sister had a child before marriage, would still favor her greatly. It was best for her to stay far away and live quietly in a small courtyard.

But she needed to know where Jiang Xiuyao was now.

When she cautiously asked, Feng Liwu, while drawing a neat circle on the map over that courtyard and writing “Persian Princess,” replied, “Luo’an City is full of gossip, so I’ve had her and her child moved to a suburban villa. There are designated people to take care of their daily needs. Rest assured. If you truly miss her, you can see her after our marriage.”

The Crown Prince made a good point. Besides, after their marriage, she would see Jiang Xiuyao frequently at the Crown Prince’s residence, so there was no rush.

As for teaching her the rules, it seemed the Crown Prince had already considered it. He would send palace maids to the suburban villa to teach her carefully, saving her the trouble of handling those details.

Hearing this, Jiang Xiurun felt much relieved and did not press further, lest she annoy the Crown Prince.

However, she was curious about how the Crown Prince would distribute his favor among the two pampered princesses once they entered the palace. She sneakily watched as Feng Liwu prepared to draw the next two circles.

But Feng Liwu paused, looked at the map, and asked, “Where do you think the remaining two princesses should be placed?”

Jiang Xiurun would not miss an opportunity to act as a sycophant, especially since Tian Ying was clearly at odds with her.

After pretending to consider for a while, she pointed to the courtyard closest to the Crown Prince and said, “I heard that Princess Cao is sensitive to the smell of flowers, so this place, far from the garden, would be ideal for her to recuperate.”

Feng Liwu nodded and drew a circle where she indicated.

For Princess Tian, Jiang Xiurun “thoughtfully” chose a courtyard near a pond.

In summer, the pond would surely breed mosquitoes, and Princess Tian’s delicate skin would swell if bitten.

The feng shui of this place matched Princess Tian perfectly!

As for Cao Xi, this was the best Jiang Xiurun could do. She hoped that in this lifetime, Cao Xi could stand her ground and suppress Tian Ying’s arrogance, making her own life easier as the nation’s fake uncle.

(T/N: This is the same way the netizens always name some celebrities as the nation’s husband or the nation’s first love. Jiang Xiurun is a fake uncle because her half sister had a baby, and considering that she is disguising herself as a man, she became her little nephew/niece fake uncle rather than aunty)

With Jiang’s help, Feng Liwu quickly decided on the residences for his concubines and prepared to tour the suburban military camps.

Jiang Xiurun initially thought she would accompany him, but Feng Liwu gave her a sidelong glance and sarcastically asked if she missed General Qin and wanted to go with him.

Where did this come from? Although Qin Zhao had been transferred to the military camp, her accompanying the Crown Prince had nothing to do with missing Qin Zhao.

Since the Crown Prince was displeased, Jiang Xiurun immediately expressed that she was actually quite timid and frightened by the soldiers’ training shouts. It would be best if she didn’t go, and she thanked the Crown Prince for his consideration.

However, it was becoming increasingly apparent that Feng Liwu suspected her of having an improper relationship with Qin Zhao. She hoped the three concubines would enter the residence soon and correct the Crown Prince’s abnormal thoughts.

In the previous life, Feng Liwu was weak due to a poisoned arrow, and although he married many women, he had no heirs.

In this life, he seemed much healthier, and his study was filled with various erotic paintings, suggesting he was capable.

Therefore, despite his frequent teasing and touching, Jiang Xiurun could endure, waiting for the day when he would be absorbed by his concubines and she could have peace.

When the Crown Prince entered the military camp, as per usual, he inspected the troops and entered the main tent to review documents and oversee camp affairs.

Qin Zhao, who had been in the camp for some time, eagerly awaited the Crown Prince’s visit. He hoped to have a private conversation to explain his side. He believed the Crown Prince had misunderstood him, thinking he was interested in men, which led to his transfer.

Although this did not hinder his career, it severed his connection with the Bo princess. Her identity couldn’t remain hidden forever. It would be better to ask the Crown Prince to marry her to him.

With this resolve, Qin Zhao kneeled before the Crown Prince when the other generals had left, requesting a private audience.

The Crown Prince coldly glanced at him and, after dismissing everyone, asked, “What do you have to say, General Qin?”

Qin Zhao, biting his lip, said, “I have been hiding something from Your Highness, but today I must confess and seek your forgiveness and approval.”

Feng Liwu leaned back against his cushion and asked, “What is it? Speak.”

Qin Zhao then revealed Jiang Xiurun’s secret of disguising herself as a man.

To his surprise, the Crown Prince remained calm throughout, his expression steady as a mountain, not even a hint of movement in his brows.

However, his face darkened like an unsolvable cloud, making Qin Zhao increasingly uneasy.

After listening, Feng Liwu only asked one question: “You… saw her chest in that room?”


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