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Huo Ling had always been calm and self-sustaining; even landslides and cracks could not change his face, especially in recent years. He did not expect to break the streak today.

No, it should be said that after meeting Jiang Nian, his emotions were no longer under his control.

Waiting for the video to hang up, the pretentious calmness on his face was no longer there, the phone was directly thrown aside, the girl was pinched by the waist and brought into his lap, and, since she could not be scolded, he kissed her to death, as if to vent all emotions in that kiss.

Jiang Nian touched the man’s short and hard hair and felt it prick the palm of her hand. Not only were her lips and tongue numb, it seemed that even her heart became crisp and numb because of this warmth.

“Jiang Nian.”

He was still very close, his breath was on her lips, his dark eyes looked at her, one hand unfastened the buttons tied to the neck, one, two, the loose neckline exposed sexy tan skin.

At the moment, Huo Ling revealed all the danger he normally converged, even his eyes filled with aggression and wildness. In this way, he made people want to shrink back, but also wanted to get closer.


“Jiang Nian.”

“What’s the matter?”

He squeezed her delicate little chin, threateningly said: “You want to be cleaned up?”*

Jiang Nian shook her head and looked at him, and said sincerely, “Baby, you’re so pretty!”


This was good, Jiang Nian was directly pressed onto the sofa, the man tied her neck around her lips, forgetting it, and getting worse, the air between each other became a sweet smell.


Dad Jiang was very unpleasant. Originally, he was not a fragile man, but now, under the double blow, he really couldn’t hold back a bitter tear.

His brother was arched by his baby daughter.* His baby daughter wanted to rob him, his brother abandoned him, and his baby daughter didn’t want him! How could he describe this matter, would anyone dare to believe it?!

Not only did Father Jiang wipe bitter tears, but Mother Jiang, Grandpa Jiang, and Grandma Jiang were also quite shocked. Several people kept talking about it. Obviously, Jiang Nian being in love was normal, but her partner being Huo Ling left them shocked.

Grandpa Jiang was at a loss: “When did we miss our brother Huo?”

Mama Jiang exclaimed, “This girl is bold and dare to confess!”

Grandma Jiang said strangely, “Brother Huo agreed. Is he afraid of irritating Niannian to fall ill and dare not refuse it?”

Grandpa Jiang also wondered, “Yeah, I didn’t see any trace of Brother Huo liking Niannian before. Is it because we are not here? What happened in a month?”

In this way, Father Jiang was shocked: “Really? Really?!”

Did his brother really promise his baby daughter due to his (Dad Jiang) face?

That was really wronging his big brother!

Mother Jiang quickly said, “Don’t guess, father and mother; if Xiao Huo doesn’t really like her, would he promise our Niannian? This is about feelings. If he really doesn’t like it, even if he cares about her body, he will only think of better wording and refuse her and wouldn’t be able to agree.”

It seemed reasonable to say this, and Dad Jiang wilted again.

Not for him, then was it true love???

In the evening, Jiang Xiaobao came back from the evening to study and saw his family sitting in a daze in the living room. The TV looked like it hadn’t been turned on, and he didn’t know what they were thinking in a trance.

Jiang Xiaobao scratched his hair: “What’s the matter with you guys?”

Jiang family members came back to God. What could be the matter? What else?

Their baby Niannian had a boyfriend!

Jiang Xiaobao cried, oh my, can he still have a brother-in-law?!

He admits that his sister is a genius, but it is also true that she is a deviant!*


Huo Ling waited until Jiang Nian fell asleep before driving back home. He told Zhang Yan to take care of Jiang Nian carefully. She had just recovered from an illness and it was easy to repeat.

When he got home, he found that Mrs. Zhang was still watching TV in the living room. When he came back, she smiled meaningfully: “Come and sit, I will talk with you. I think you often ran out recently and come back late. Say, you kid, do you have a girlfriend?”

Huo Ling sat down and said,” Yes.”

Mrs. Zhang got a positive answer. She was really happy now, and she laughed: “What does that girl do? How old is she this year? Where is her family from? When will you take it home to show me?”

Huo Ling smiled and said that it was too early, and it was too anxious to take her to see his parents: “Mom, you go to bed early, and I ’ll be back in the room.”

Mrs. Zhang said busily, “How can you not be in a hurry? When you’re free, take her home and have a meal. The two of us can get to know each other and walk around! When your feelings become more stable, get married. But, if you feel anxious, you can slow it down. You also know that mom wants to have someone to take care of you, and see you have a beautiful family when you get married and have children. Your job is dangerous, and mom will be too old to accompany you by your side, ah.”

Huo Ling: “Mom, you think too much. I don’t need anyone to take care of me. Even if I get old, I can take care of myself. Besides, if I can’t move at that time, I can just hire an aunt. Whether it’s a girlfriend or marriage, it will only be because I like it, not to find someone to accompany and take care of me.”

“How can that be the same? I just want you to have a companion. Will you still be with your wife and children in the future?”

Mrs. Zhang laughed, “Huo Ling, I know, I know I know that you are always strong. Let’s not talk about this; you can find a time to bring your girlfriend back, we can also get familiar.”

Mrs. Zhang was really happy, happy to the point of bursting with excitement. This was the first time her son had grown up, and it was the first time that she heard that he had a girlfriend. She knew that kid Zhang Xing ridiculed Huo Ling as a 10,000-year-old bachelor and a cold person. Now it was clear that wasn’t true at all. As long as it developed well, she may be able to hold her grandson in two years!

Her eldest son was also inconspicuous. He was already over thirty but even the shadow of marriage was invisible, and not one girlfriend had been brought back to the house to meet her. Their second daughter was fine— she had made a few boyfriends. The one they most worried about with marriage was Huo Ling. Now it was ok; the little son who had no hope at all finally saw a little hope— could she not be upset?*

Huo Qi* and Huo Ying* also had nothing to do with their younger brother and told him to quickly take his girlfriend home.

It’s a pity that Huo Ling’s mouth was so strict that Ms. Zheng couldn’t do anything, and Huo Ling’s siblings didn’t even think about it.

Finally, Dad Huo came forward and said their Huo Ling was finally in a relationship and should progress as slowly as he wanted. When the time came, he would naturally bring her back; urging would likely be counterproductive.

Mrs. Zhang thought he made sense and agreed; she was just too excited!

And Jiang Nian on the other side had already returned to school. Chen Chen and Jiang Yun had not recovered from the shock of Instructor Huo. On the other hand, they also talked to Jiang Nian that Instructor Huo’s mouth was too strict, let alone the phone number, they didn’t even get a WeChat button! Otherwise, there would still something to think about now…

Instructor Huo may be damaged there, otherwise how could he refuse a beauty like them? Ugh.

Jiang Nian had a very proud smile: “Actually, Instructor Huo is already my boyfriend, envy it!”

Chen Chen: “Where to eat at noon?”

Jiang Yun: “At the cafeteria? I want to eat mixed sauce noodles.”

Jiang Nian pouted. These ignorant mortals; the truth is in front of you, you can still miss it. Pitiful.

Jiang Nian went to school and meeting with Huo Ling was not as frequent as before. More often, he called her. Besides, he also had his own things to do, and he was very busy. Most of the time they met in the evening. When she got out of class, he left the army, the jeep stood in the shade, and she walked hand in hand with him in the school to bask in the moonlight.

Of course, as a young couple who just started seeing each other, they were always very eager for each other. They held hands and wanted to hug and hugged and wanted to kiss. Jiang Nian felt that the temptation of this fate was really too tempting and Uncle Huo in the dark was especially tempting. Jiang Nian wanted to hide him in her bag and carry him around with her.

It was a pity that this could only be thought about.

She was hugged and pressed under the big tree and was so confused that she could only climb him tightly and feel him. Although Huo Ling was born tall, he did not look strong at all. He was extremely slender and straight, with clear texture, but the clothes made his body look thinner than he really was, and he was especially safe to hold.

He finally kissed the corner of the little girl’s mouth and pressed her into his arms to hug firmly: “I will have a task in a few days. The return date is uncertain. You take care of yourself.”

Jiang Nian nodded and rubbed in his arms.

In fact, after careful calculation, Huo Ling had been with her for a month, and it was time to go out and work. Of course, she was still very reluctant. She hugged more and more and didn’t want to let go. She tipped her toes and pulled him down to kiss again.

The temptation of this fate was really terrible; how long did it take to make her intoxicated!

“Baby, you need to come back soon.”


Huo Ling sent Jiang Nian back to the bedroom, watching her go to the dormitory before driving away. When Jiang Nian happily returned to the bedroom, the dull Chen Chen and Jiang Yun finally found something wrong, and looked at her eyes humming: “You have been staying out late these nights?”

“Yes, you haven’t honestly recruited, what are you doing?”

Jiang Nian is also strange Then: “Did I not say that, I am going to date with Instructor Huo.”

Ha ha dreamed again.

“Don’t bullshit, tell the truth.”

Jiang Nian shook his head and sighed. This was also very pitiful; they dared not believe the facts in front of them. But she was also afraid they’d be sad and desperate after knowing the truth.

Jiang Nian expressed her understanding— deceiving themselves, she understood.

Asking, the landline in the bedroom rang, and Chen Chen jumped over to answer the phone, “Hello, who are you looking for? Find Jiang Nian?……Wait, how can you sound familiar?”

Chen Chen blinked a bit. Doubtfully, she tentatively said, “Are you Instructor Huo?”

In a word, everyone in the bedroom looked at it!

Chen Chen was stupid: “Jiang Nian, Instructor Huo said you forgot to take your mobile phone from his pocket. He said he was waiting for you downstairs.”

Jiang Nian calmly said, “Then I’ll go.”

After a few seconds, the entire dormitory was full of excitement, screaming while covering their mouths, and ran to the window to see. Sure enough, they saw the awe-inspiring Huo Ling leaning in front of the jeep in his military trousers, short and sharp black hair, deep contours.

Oops, they are wrong, so wrong!

It turned out that Instructor Huo really had an affair with Jiang Nian! It was said that during the military training, Instructor Huo was cold to everyone, and he took special care of Jiang Nian. At that time, they thought that because of the poor health of Jiang Nian that he needed to take care of it. Now it seemed that these two people must have had something at that time!

Although it was maddening, Instructor Huo was really handsome!

Jiang Nian had forgotten that she had put her mobile phone in the Huo Ling’s pocket. When she came back, she was fascinated and forgot to take it. Now it was quite good; she could see the baby again.

As for those roommates who dared not face the reality, she could also comfort them: “Don’t be too sad. If you can’t accept it, then I can secretly not tell the truth next time?”


“It wasn’t easy to recruit from the real world. Tell us how you deceived Instructor Huo!”

“Well, maybe it’s because I am a genius?”

………Don’t you mean demon? 🙂


Huo Ling left two days later, and he sent her the last text message that night, saying that the task was confidential, and he could not contact her again until the task was completed, so that she could take care of herself and, if there was something that was not easy to handle, she could go to Zhang Xing. After this short message, he disconnected, and Jiang Nian’s replies fell flat like rocks into the sea.

Of course, Jiang Nian also understood him. Now she must not only support her baby, but also support his career and ideals.

Besides, now that Huo Ling was on a mission, she naturally couldn’t be idle. In addition to studying in class, she had been collating materials. Four whole years of college, she couldn’t use it all to study. She had so much extra time and, with her sickness, it was possible she would fall ill one day and could only rest at home. Her time at home could never be wasted.

So, Jiang Nian was going to write a historical novel. Fortunately, she was a screenwriter in her last life, and she wrote a lot of scripts, which was a bit of a writing foundation. Besides, her composition in the high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination were full marks. Jiang Nian was a little emboldened.

To write historical novels, you must first know the history and be familiar with it. Jiang Nian had read a lot of books over the years, but she only read them in her spare time. More often, she was doing it piecemeal, so she needed to be more careful and serious in understand and outlining the information.

In order to fight against fate, she also worked hard.

Jiang Nian looked at the book half a year later. The outline spanned three books and countless books of data because she wrote about the national war and the rise and fall of the three regimes of Song, Liao, and Jin in the early twelfth century of China. Both the timeline and the storyline followed the changes in the actual situation. Naturally, it must be clearly investigated, especially in history. She had to understand each character and every war. In addition to reading historical books, she also watched some videos about this matter, as well as some autobiographies on several characters.

So, Jiang Nian was very busy in the past six months. After returning home after the first semester, she didn’t play much. She occasionally gave her supplementary lessons to her four grand front and back law protectors. Everyone knew that to study hard; it was necessary to test a good university. Some things could not be solved just by money and power. After all, the ocean of knowledge was so beautiful.

Huo Ling, during Jiang Nian’s first winter holiday, came back for a day and visited the house with gifts.

His identity this time was no longer Daddy Jiang’s good brother, but Daddy Jiang’s good son-in-law!

This recognition made Dad Jiang wipe his tears. This was probably fate that had tortured him, but, for his baby girl, he could bear the pain and cut his love, and he could only put his big brother at ease! QAQ

When Huo Ling arrived at the Jiang family, he was naturally treated with enthusiasm. Grandpa Huo had a toothache and Huo Ping’s face was black for a long time. They probably didn’t think Jiang Nian would take down Huo Ling so quickly and accurately. It was also heartbreaking!

When the new semester began, Jiang Nian’s novels hadn’t been written yet. She visited several old professors, and naturally benefited a lot.

During this period, Huo Ling had several missions. Because it was confidential, she did not know what he was doing, but only knew that it should be very dangerous. She had seen his body under the military uniform, and there were several shallow scars on his chest and back. It could be seen that the injuries were not light at the time. Probably only because of those important and dangerous tasks, his military rank would rise so fast. She first saw him as a lieutenant, and he was now a lieutenant colonel.

This time, he sent her away after starting school. It had been almost two months since then.

In the past, it was only a month at most, and he must have sent a message of safety.

This was something that hadn’t happened in the year they’d been together.

Jiang Nian was still very worried, so she called Zhang Xing and asked. Zhang Xing told Jiang Nian not worry, Huo Wu had nine lives and would be back in a few days.

Jiang Nian: “Don’t you know his situation?”

Zhang Xing sighed helplessly: “We didn’t even know that he was lost, and we are still looking for him. We will inform you immediately when there is news. When Huo Wu leaves, he reminded me again and again that I have to take care of you. If you have something, won’t Huo Wu be distressed when he returns?”

Jiang Nian nodded: “Thank you, I know.”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Nian paced several times in the room.

She didn’t believe that Huo Ling would die. After all, it was the temptation of fate. How could he die if she didn’t die? But her heroine aura did get stuck at sixty for a long time. She thought that “the love of the broken city” should be fulfilled on her, shouldn’t it be retributed on Huo Ling?<a id=`f* title={So this is my guess here since the original title of this world, is actually a Chinese drama (and therefore gives no hits when I try to look it up), but I think the term ‘broken city’ here is actually a poetic way of describing an ill or sickly person. So ‘Love in a Broken City’ can be interpreted as ‘Sick lover’ or something similar. But, here, Jiang Nian is speculating that she isn’t the sick lover here as her aura still hasn’t moved despite them being together for a year.} href=#ft*>*

Saying she didn’t worry would be fake; after all, it was her baby.

Mother Jiang also naturally knew that Huo Ling had been out for the task for a long time, so she went to ask Mr. Huo, and Mr. Huo shook his head to say that he didn’t know. She was afraid that the situation would not be very good. She was also afraid that her daughter would fall ill from being worried. Huo Ling would come back since he was so powerful.

Jiang Nian said, “Mother, don’t worry. I accepted Uncle Huo as a boyfriend, then I must be mentally prepared. I accepted the favor he gave, and I will also accept the risks of his work. I believe he will definitely come back.”

Mother Jiang felt very distressed, and Father Jiang was about to wipe his tears, praying to his big brother in his heart. He finally made a concession, but if his brother died, then what does his sacrifice count??? QAQ

Of course, Jiang Father’s prayers were still very useful. After another half a month, Jiang Nian was awakened by a kiss in her sleep. The familiar breath made her very happy, and he clasped him tightly with her hands and feet.

He kissed obsessively: “Niannian, I’m back.”

Jiang Nian touched his face and said with a smile, “I know you will come back because you can’t bear me.” ?”*

Huo Ling’s mission was indeed dangerous because it was to escort a hostage back to the country. Who knew that he would encounter an ambush at the border? He and three other teammates lost contact with the big army while chasing the offender, and the task would fail. They naturally could not retreat, so they camouflaged along the way. At the last minute, he finally arrested the fugitive and hid and contacted the troops all the way, which naturally took a lot of time, and he was also injured. While making a narrow escape from death, he thought of his fragile little girl; he must come back to protect her.

He stroked the familiar silhouette in the dark and kissed her forehead and cheek: “Yes, I can’t bear you.”

Jiang Nian hugged him and said, “Uncle Huo, are you injured?”

“Small injury, it’s all right.”


She laughed again, “You hold me tight, so powerful, it should be almost healed.”

Huo Ling’s brows softened, and he was about to get up. Jiang Nian pulled him and said seriously,” Baby, I really want to die you.”

Huo Ling:”………”

He was annoyed and tried to pinch on her face. Jiang Nian took his hand and blinked to see him. Although the silhouette under the moon was vague, but he was as firm as ever, and as handsome as ever, even the deepness of those eyes was as strong as ever.

She kissed him on the back of his hand: “Huo Ling.”

Huo Ling only felt that a soft spot in his heart was collapsing. There was a little girl named Jiang Nian. She was narcissistic, confident, and mentally ill, but she was strong, optimistic, and never give up. He likes her.

He kissed her lips again.

Jiang Nian hugged him tightly and felt his longing for reunion.

When the emotions were strong, the intimacy caused by the kiss would be out of control. They were apart too long, and they were almost separated from each other, and the expectations for each other became more intense.

She touched the newly added scar behind the man’s shoulder. He breathed lightly and heavily in her ear.

“Can your body bear it?”

Jiang Nian shuddered, and felt it was necessary to show her dominance: “Then……Should I come?”

Huo Ling bit her ear and pressed her down.

Jiang Nian was cared for so well, even her body was as delicate as a flower. Huo Ling was rough and almost wild person. At this moment, he put away all the sharp edges, not daring to be impulsive, and not too hard, afraid of breaking her. She took all his tenderness and pity, he was heavy and firm, but the kiss fell softly on her cheek near her ear, one hand interlocked with hers.

“Niannian, when will you come home with me?”

Jiang Nian opened her eyes to look at him, and saw his handsome face, and the scratch from his shoulder to his heart. He seemed to have slowed his breathing, and she felt his tension.

“Uncle Huo, wait for me and my mom and dad to talk, and then I’ll go home with you.”

Huo Ling whispered, “Okay.”

He smiled. He looked really good, Jiang Nian grabbed his hands, feeling the most intimate love of each other.

The next morning, Jiang Nian got up from Huo Ling’s arms. She touched his face. It was too dark at night to see clearly. At the moment, he seemed tired. He was only twenty-six. It was a good time, but he had experienced life and death countless times, fighting with the sky in the wind and rain.

She leaned over his face and gave a kiss; her baby was indeed back!

When she got out of bed, she almost sat down on the floor with soft legs. Jiang Nian’s face was black. This was the pot of fate, not that she wasn’t good enough.

Jiang Nian was light-hearted, first went to another room to wash, and then called her mother to tell them that Huo Ling had returned, so that they did not need to worry.

Mom Jiang was relieved. Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Jiang were thankful too. Dad Jiang also thanked the gods in his heart. What day should he go to the temple to give formal thanks?

It seemed that his sacrifice was not in vain! QAQ

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