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The aunt came early in the morning, bought fresh vegetables and fruits, and soon started breakfast. Within an hour, she already cooked the millet porridge, steamed the plump buns, fried two vegetarian dishes, and grabbed an old jar of kimchi, sour and crisp, especially appetizing.

Jiang Nian was really hungry. She was tired all night from her tender bones being tossed by her baby. She sucked her saliva walking into the kitchen. She poked a bun and gnawed it twice. It was fluffy, the meat was juicy and succulent, unbelievably delicious.

With a steamed bun, Jiang Nian finally felt like she was alive.

Thinking that there was a big baby lying on the bed, and she didn’t know when he would wake up, she asked her aunt to keep the food warm in the pan. As for lunch, she would add two more dishes, with meat and bone soup. Her baby looked thin; it was necessary to make up the body. After the arrangements were made, she went to the study room to read the writing outline. By the way, she thought what kind of gift she should bring to the Huo family.

The Jiang family was also embarrassed by this problem!

How to say Jiang Nian was visiting Huo’s house for the first time, a gift was indispensable. There were a number of gifts they could prepare, but they had to choose a gift the Huo’s would like in order to leave a good impression on both of them. That way, when they get married in the future, Jiang Nian’s days would also be comfortable.

Grandma Jiang was really excited. She went shopping hand in hand several times for this matter, bought a lot for the Huo family, and bought a set of big gold jewelry, and even a few sets of clothes for Jiang Nian to try. Finally, she thought about it and went to buy a silk embroidered scarf and a shawl. It had been cold recently and it would work. The red wine and white wine that the old man likes were naturally prepared. In addition, some nutritious products like cordyceps were included.

Mother Jiang couldn’t be more relieved and wanted to fly to the emperor immediately! Besides, her daughter was still very young, not even twenty, there was no need to show parents. Wasn’t it too fast to fall in love?

Daddy Jiang patted Mama Jiang’s shoulder and comfortingly said, “Don’t worry, it’s not guaranteed to succeed in the end.”

Then he was beaten by Mama Jiang: “You can’t vomit ivory in your mouth. As a dad you don’t know what to expect? Are you really jealous?”

“How is it possible?”

Was he that sort of person? Dad Jiang was wronged holding his head. He seemed to want his daughter not to be as good as he was, but wasn’t it normal for things not to work out in love? Who was right? He also hoped that his sacrifice would have a good result!

Mother Jiang entrusted people and sent a large box of gifts to the Imperial Capital and told Jiang Nian who which gift belonged to so she wouldn’t get confused. Even Huo Ling was sent a gift; he had received a task Injury, wasn’t it necessary to make up? Though she didn’t need to tell Jiang Nian—recently whenever Huo Ling came to Jiang Nian, she asked her aunt to make various soups for him. Seeing that there was finally some meat on his body, Jiang Nian was very happy. Very good, as a very powerful man who had just opened his arms, it was good to make up his body and kidneys.1 It was just the best of both worlds.

Huo Ling blacked his face. He was very happy that Jiang Nian was thinking about him and giving him tonic to drink. But he didn’t think he needed any kidney…….or did she think he needed it because he was not good?

Then Jiang Nian found out that her soups were not fed in vain, to see if her baby was getting more and more powerful and tossed her until her bones were almost gone. But his chest was wide, and Jiang Nian felt particularly warm and safe every time she held him and buried his head in his neck. His heart thumped and she lost her soul, and she couldn’t let go even when her bones were scattered.

Jiang Nian felt distressed at the thought of having a sadomasochistic relationship with her baby2. Blame her. If it weren’t for her genius, how could fate be so jealous of her?

……She fell asleep with a heartache and woke up after two o’clock.

Huo Ling did not have the habit of taking a nap. He was sitting on the windowsill reading a book at the moment. He wore black vest and trousers, short hair, and a cold face.

Jiang Nian blinked and looked at him. Huo Ling turned back quickly and saw her wake up, and said softly, “Wake up, do you want to go back to sleep?”

Jiang Nian hummed a few times; she couldn’t sleep anymore, she had to sort out the outline of the novel. The timeline and events were almost all sorted out, and the major celebrity deeds of that period were left. Of course, any ancestors with famous acts as youths needed to be involved— it was more convenient for readers to understand the history. She hoped to keep the boring retelling of history to a minimum, so that the characters would be richer and more three-dimensional.

She stretched her waist, lifted the quilt, and got out of bed. She had somewhat soft legs when she first took two steps. Recently, she often had soft legs. After all, she had to deal with a man with six abdominal muscles, biceps, strong waist and legs and powerful force who held her as easily as carrying a baby chick!

Jiang Nian, as a little pitiful child who was envied by fate, was really not his opponent. She only had a share of her energy left. She felt that she should make up for her body as well. It was a sweet burden to be too powerful.

Hey, right!

Jiang Nian suddenly realized! Destiny was definitely at work again— look at her so fascinated by the beauty, she could think this and that after taking a nap; the business is completely left behind!

………But fate was also good. Blame it on her lack of mentality. Who made her baby so good? This was probably the so-called painful and happy.


Jiang Nian’s emotional harvest was great and she was a celebrity when she arrived at the school. Many of her classmates were terrified to see her. Even Chen Chen and Jiang Yun were trembling. They really didn’t understand the brain circuits of geniuses. Why, in the end, was her test score right on the pass line every time!??

Did she think that there would be a big test after the college entrance examination, another blockbuster?

Jiang Nian whispered; these ordinary folks must not understand her troubles as a genius. She was now a busy person who not only had to study and write novels, but also to date her Uncle Huo and to pamper her baby. This energy had been divided so much; it was enough to pass the exam. Otherwise, what if she fell ill again?

What’s more, she wasn’t a person who hung on reputation, and she didn’t care what others had to say.

Probably Jiang Nian had a case of “cultivating essence and rejuvenating” in high school, so her classmates did not dare to mock her as a fallen genius, afraid she would take out a big move and shock them out of their wits.

They are still speculating about what she wanted to do now, was she continuing to confuse her fate? No, it may be confusing them……

For a time, the library and study room were full of people, and they were afraid of being beaten, and even more afraid of being surpassed. Jiang Nian unknowingly made another contribution. = =


Waiting for the weekend, Jiang Nian followed Huo Ling home with two gift boxes.

Huo family was naturally ecstatic. Both Boss Huo and Sister Huo were back from work. Dad Huo was also at home. He looked at the newspaper while looking up at the door from time to time. Mrs. Zhang ran around the kitchen and living room and made sure she was doing well. Huo Ling had explained a few dishes that Jiang Nian loved to eat; she naturally had to make it carefully. She ran to the living room again and asked if they had arrived.

Father Huo shook the newspaper and said stably, “Be calm, don’t freak out the little girl.”

Huo Ying said, “Xiao Ling said that he will definitely come back today. We are waiting for it with peace of mind.”

Huo Ling didn’t wait for this but waited for the uncles and aunts of their family who all came to see the strange show. After all, their family’s Xiao Wu was really cold; since he was young, they hadn’t seen him get close to any girl. They also worried that he would become a monk! Seeing that he actually made a girlfriend, and even had the idea of getting married, could it not be exciting?

In their view, the girl must have something extraordinary, certainly not an ordinary girl, otherwise would she win Huo Wu? Huo Wu’s stubbornness could overwhelm him and make him more powerful.

Unexpectedly, when Huo Ling took Jiang Nian to the house, as soon as they saw the charming little girl standing next to Huo Ling, their eyes were almost blind, and they couldn’t believe it!

Oh my, Huo Wu, who couldn’t be more imposing, liked this kind of cuteness?

Jiang Nian wore a light green long skirt today, with a cashmere coat and short boots, wrapped in a scarf, and attached a large gold hairpin to her long hair. Although her ears were empty, she had a Big Gold on her wrist, upper arm and neck. Although her parents and grandparents were not around, at least let Big Gold witness her life events and cultivate its sense of responsibility to her.

Huo Ling had a headache as soon as he saw the brothers and sisters in the family with sparkling eyes sitting in line. He shook Jiang Nian’s hand: “Don’t be nervous, you can treat these as non-existent ”

Jiang Nian smiled and patted his hand, comfortingly said, “Baby rest assured, I can stand great difficulties for you.”

Huo Ling: “…………”

He didn’t know why she called him baby. When can the problem be corrected? 🙂

Mrs. Zhang was chopping vegetables, and heard her daughter rushing to the kitchen saying, “Mom, mom, come out soon, Xiao Ling brought his girlfriend back!”

Mrs. Zhang’s eyes lit up and she went outside with her kitchen knife. By the way, she also adjusted her hair and clothes: “Where are they? How does she look?”

Huo Ying snickered with her mouth covered: “Mom, don’t say anything, I also say wonder what kind of girl our little brother will like. Eldest brother said that either a queen or tigress, but I didn’t expect it to be such a cute and pitiful little girl. It’s the kind that makes you want to protect her at a glance. No wonder he never looked at the girl you introduced to him before.”

Although their family knew that Huo Ling had a girlfriend, they didn’t specifically ask for details. First, Huo Ling didn’t bring her home, and they weren’t sure about anything; second, he didn’t look at other girls; and third, they were afraid if their family intervened too much, the whole thing would go up in smoke.

So, this time, when Huo Ling said that he wanted to take Jiang Nian home, they were naturally very happy. They also heard from Huo Ling that Jiang Nian was not very healthy since she was a child and paid more attention to her diet, so he asked the kitchen to prepare light and healthy dishes..

Mrs. Zhang only thought that Jiang Nian’s body was a little weak, and it would be better after taking care of it for a while, but when she really saw Jiang Nian, she was worried.

The little girl had beautiful features, and she was indeed very cute. Perhaps because she was protected so well that they could not see the slightest worries between her eyebrows, she was happy and joyful, and she looked very cute when she smiled. But Mrs. Zhang was already an old doctor in the Military District Hospital. She could naturally see that the girl’s weak body was not a just a little bad. The morbidity from illness that had existed for many years could not be reduced…

Jiang Nian walked to Mrs. Zhang: “Auntie, this is a gift for you. I hope you like it.”

Mrs. Zhang took it and thanked her with a smile. Although she was a good girl, she was not suitable for Huo Ling.

Before the incident of Huo Ling’s mission, the whole family was extremely anxious. Luckily, there was still someone in their family to support it and preside over the overall situation so they could handle it calmly. But Jiang Nian was so weak. Could she support a family? If Huo Ling suffered irreparable injuries in his mission, could Jiang Nian, who still needed to be cared for, take care of Huo Ling?

Mrs. Zhang was worried, and the joy in her heart had long faded. She did not show anything on her face and gave the gift she had prepared to Jiang Nian.

The Huo family was particularly lively on this day. In a little while, the entire compound knew that Huo Xiao Wu had brought his girlfriend home! Huo Wu had a girlfriend, Huo Wu was getting married!

Who was Huo Wu? That was a stinky stone recognized in the courtyard! The stinky stone had a girlfriend and brought her home; maybe they’d have children within two years! Then parents took a look at the one who couldn’t do that in their own family, see if they dared to make excuses and say, ‘Isn’t Huo a 26-year-old old bachelor who’s never had a girlfriend? He’s not in a hurry. Are you in a hurry? You can be happy that I at least have a girlfriend. Isn’t it better than being like Huo Wu and letting you despair completely?’, and ‘Huo Wu is not in a hurry, why are we in a hurry?’. These excuses could stop now! Who dared to say that now?

Now the old man and his wife were finally able to raise their chests. Huo Wu made a girlfriend and directly took her home to get married!

Now there was a reason to beat this group of stink boys!

For a time, the Huo family’s mansion was full of joy and laughter, and other families were miserable.


After supper, Huo Ling sent Jiang Nian back home. He personally sent her to her door before going home.

Jiang Nian gave him a parting hug: “Baby, be careful on the road.”

Huo Ling knocked her forehead helplessly: “Good, go in.”

He watched Jiang Nian returned to the room, the iron gate closed, and Huo Ling stood Later, turn around and leave.

When he got home, his brothers and sisters didn’t know where to go. Mrs. Zhang sat in the living room, worried, apparently waiting for him to come back.

“Huo Ling, come and sit, let’s talk to our mother and son.”

“Mom, are you trying to say something about Jiang Nian?”

Huo Ling walked to the sofa and sat down, Mrs. Zhang sighed helplessly, “I listened to Jiang Nian say that she had been weak and sick since childhood, and that Chinese medicine and Western medicine are a regular part of her diet. Even Lao Wang diagnosed her, and the final result was not very good. Although it has improved in the past few years, she may not be able to conceive a child…”

Mrs. Zhang continued, “Huo Ling, I hope you can marry a woman who can take care of you. When you are on a mission, she can support the family. Not only can she take care of you, but also be your strong backing, not your drag, you know? Huo Ling, I know you like Jiang Nian. She is also a good girl, but she is not suitable for your wife. If you marry her, it will be very hard.”

Huo Ling replied seriously “Mom, although Jiang Nian’s health is not good, but she has outstanding ability, and she is not the kind of person who is so delicate that she needs others to do everything for her. She is strong and independent, and she will not be a drag on me. Besides, I am only with her because I like her. We take care of each other and worry about each other. Just like me, although I always have to worry about her body and watch her taking medicine, in the same way, Jiang Nian has accepted me, which means she accepted my occupation, taking the risk of losing me at any moment. Once she has a child, she may have to face the pain of losing her husband and her child’s father. We are both taking risks for each other, right?”

Mrs. Zhang was been speechless for a while. She may be selfish. But, as a mother, how could she not selfishly want her son to find a good woman as a wife?

“Just because your job is dangerous, you even need to find a girl who can bear the responsibility. If one day you really have an accident, what should you do then? What kind of body can Jiang Nian live with? Can she take the excitement?”

Huo Ling suffocated in his heart and gave a helpless smile: Mom, I will work hard to live. In my opinion, Jiang Nian is the driving force that supports me to survive all difficulties. Because of her, thinking she is still alive waiting for me, I will climb out of the mountain of fire!”

Mrs. Zhang said, “Huo Ling, why are you so stubborn? Jiang Nian should find a stable and honest man to live with, a person who can accompany her all the time, a person who takes care of her. You look at yourself, we don’t know where you go when you go. Every time you go out on a task, you face life and death. I can’t sleep in fear; I’m afraid of anything happening to you. It was the same with your father; when we were young, we often quarreled over this matter. I finally got over it, and now I’m worried about you again! I can’t stand it like this, can Jiang Nian stand it?”

Although Mrs. Zhang insisted that Jiang Nian and Huo Ling were inappropriate, it was indeed with reason. Almost immediately, Huo Ling’s concerns were poked. If Mrs. Zhang said that Jiang Nian was extremely bad, he would have something to refute. He never cared about Jiang Nian’s physical condition or whether she have children. But, like this, he couldn’t say a word.

When Mrs. Zhang saw Huo Ling thinking seriously, she didn’t say much: “Huo Ling, please think about it.”

In Mrs. Zhang’s view, not only was Jiang Nian unsuitable for Huo Ling, Huo Ling was also unsuitable for Jiang Nian.

How would they live this day together? She hoped Huo Ling could figure it out.

Who knew Huo Ling would stand up and say, “In any case, I will not give up Jiang Nian. I will go to bed first. Mom, you also have a rest early.”


She watched Huo Ling go away, feeling extremely helpless. Should she talk to Jiang Nian?


It was still early when Jiang Nian returned home. She went to the study room to read a book for a while. During that time, Jiang’s mother called to ask her how she was at Huo’s place. Were Huo Ling’s parents easy to get along with?

Jiang Nian felt very good. Although Mrs. Zhang did not agree with her and Huo Ling, she had expected this situation and was not surprised. In fact, Mrs. Zhang was still very good. She could only say that her conditions and Ms. Zheng’s desired daughter-in-law did not match. Plus, in her case, there was really no way to give Huo Ling a child.

Jiang Nian never felt different from others because of this, nor did she feel that she was special or could not have a boyfriend or marry. A woman did not have to have a child, and, of course, she did not need a child to prove that she was a woman.

Of course, it was impossible for her to care what an outsider thought about her. She only needed her family’s Big Gold and the God of Wealth to like her; others didn’t matter.

The most important thing was that she was a genius, a genius who even fate envied. The thoughts of ordinary mortals could never affect her!

In the next few days, Jiang Nian went to and from class normally. In her free time, she read the supplementary outline of the book. By the way, she began to think about how her novel could be written and strove to complete it as soon as possible. In addition, Huo Ling returned to the army and started doing who knows what. Without temptation to lure her, Jiang Nian did everything with half the effort, and her efficiency was much higher. Only, every time she went to sleep, she missed the chest of her baby. Not only was he secure, his body was like a stove, and she slept warm and comfortably.

Just a few days after Huo Ling left, Jiang Nian suddenly received a call from Mrs. Zhang and asking to meet her.

Jiang Nian was excited and immediately agreed! She and Uncle Huo’s love of a broken city may start from Mrs. Zhang. She could solve it in one brilliant stroke!

The so-called desperate love; maybe it was necessary hit a dead end first.

Mrs. Zhang came to the door in person. She also brought some fruits when she came and looked a little embarrassed.

Jiang Nian was looking forward to it, and asked the little assistant to bring tea and pastries, and waited for Mrs. Zhang to talk to her and let her consider her relationship with Huo Ling.

Who knew that Mrs. Zhang didn’t drink any tea and just said directly, “Auntie knows that you are such a good girl who works hard and earnestly lives. I said before that your health is not good for Huo Ling. But after I heard from Huohuo, I only knew you were so strong and courageous. It was not easy to go down this road; you are not weak. I believe that Huo Ling can take care of you and you will give him courage and strength.”

Jiang Nian stunned. : “………?????” ……Is she too brave, too hard, too perfect, that everything is wrong??

……Is the way she sits down wrong?!

The glory of the original genius will never be hidden!

Or is this another teasing from fate?

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