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“Come to my country. I’ll create a place for you, Eva.”

With shining golden hair flowing and fiery red eyes gleaming, the person looked at Eva with an arrogant tone yet a soft gaze.

“To the Dacian Empire…?”

“Yeah, I like the roses you grow, Eva. Try wielding your skills in my rose garden. Come with me.”

Eva stared back in astonishment at the person with a face so perfectly composed that it was terrifying. The moonlight, which had silently risen, reflected off the golden hair, making the figure appear almost divine.

Seeing Eva with wide-open eyes, the person lifted the corners of their mouth slightly and extended a hand to Eva.

“You’ll come with me, won’t you?”

Eva stared at the offered hand. This was the hand that appeared when she needed it—the hand that protected her when she couldn’t ask for help. How many times has she been saved by this hand? Can she continue relying on it?

Gently placing her hand on it, she felt reassured by the familiar warmth transmitted through the tightly squeezed hand.

“It’s okay. You won’t regret your choice.”

The confident words, which might sound arrogant, eased Eva’s tense heart.

This person always says the words I want to hear. I can never resist this person’s words.

“Yes… thank you very much.”

She had been searching for her place. Thinking there was no such place and almost giving up the search. Is this person really going to create it for her?

Satisfied with Eva’s words, the person nodded and smiled happily. Seeing that expression, she felt like she might misunderstand that she was special.

“Believe in me. I won’t betray Eva.”

As she nodded, tears that had gathered in the corners of her eyes spilled over.

Despite a troubled expression, the person gently wiped away the tears with his thumb. The expression up close was very soft and kind.

Will he continue to show me that gentle expression in the future? She felt a selfish desire to monopolize his kind gaze.

(Oh, I’ve become captivated by this person.)

Realizing her feelings, she felt frightened, as if there was no turning back. Will she also fall in love and lose her sanity?

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