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“Look at that hair color; it’s disgusting.”

“It looks like an old person.”

“The eye color looks like that of a witch.”

“And those clothes are simply indecent.”

“If you get close, you’ll get dirt on you.”

Laughing softly, Matilda, the eldest daughter, and Bonnie, the second daughter of the Staal Marquisate family, spoke in voices audible to Eva.

Holding several books tightly to her chest, Eva sighed inwardly as she lifted her face and walked past the two.

(How can they keep saying the same things without getting tired?)

Every time they saw Eva, those two would always make similar derogatory remarks. It had become a familiar sight.

Eva is the only daughter of the former Staal Marquisate. Her parents passed away seven years ago on a stormy night, returning from patrolling their territory. Eva was only ten years old at the time.

As the only daughter and with no male heir in the Staal Marquisate family, the title of Marquise was passed on to her father’s younger brother.

The Tifris Kingdom, where Eva resides, is a small country. It is characterized by a natural fortress-like terrain, with high and rugged mountains to the north, a sea to the southeast making it difficult to attack from the south, and expansive desert regions to the west. While it shares a border with the powerful Dacian Empire, the nations maintain a mostly non-confrontational relationship.

The Dacian Empire, considered the conqueror of the continent, shares its northern mountainous region with the Tifris Kingdom as a border.

Eva’s family, the Staal Marquisate, has been entrusted with the entire northern mountainous region as their territory.

The Tifris Kingdom, due to its small size and long-standing reluctance to engage in active international relations, remains in an isolated state. As a result, the appearance of its citizens is quite similar. Most citizens of the Tifris Kingdom have brownish hair and black or brown eyes. In this context, Eva’s silver hair and blue eyes stand out prominently.

(It’s certainly an unusual color, but it’s the same as Mother’s. I’m happy to inherit the colors that Father loved so much from Mother.)

Her deceased mother was from the neighboring Dacian Empire. Her father was the Staal Marquisate, responsible for the border defense of the Tifris Kingdom. The young couple, deeply in love at first sight, overcame opposition from their surroundings to be together.

As an only daughter, Eva had spent a happy childhood surrounded by the love of her parents. Her father always praised her and her mother’s beautiful hair and eye colors. Until she started living with her uncle’s family, she didn’t particularly mind that her colors were “different” from others.

“Miss, the master is calling for you.”

Reading a book, Annie, the maid, came to Eva’s room. Annie is also Eva’s childhood friend and the daughter of Eva’s wet nurse.

She was thrown out of the room that she usually uses by her uncle. She is now given one of the small rooms for the servants. Eva placed the half-read book on the table and stretched her stiffened body.

“Uncle? That’s rare. I wonder what it’s about.”

She was usually left alone. She rarely even shared meals with her uncle’s family, so meeting her uncle was a rare occasion.

“It might be about the ball soon to be held at the palace.”

“Oh… I heard about that. I can easily imagine what people say behind my back about my appearance. It’s bothersome to go all the way to the capital for that.”

“But it’s also your debut in society, Eva-sama. You can’t refuse.”

“Matilda and Bonnie are going too. Either way, I’ll just be a decoy for them. Besides, it’s doubtful they’ll even prepare a dress for me.”

“Considering Eva-sama’s beauty, inherited from Lady Elizabeth, please don’t call yourself a decoy.”

“I am happy to inherit my mother’s colors. But… there’s no noble in this country who accepts the colors I have. Maybe I should just go to the Dacian Empire.”

Saying that, Eva looked up at the sky through the window.


Annie looked at Eva sadly.

“Annie, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to cause trouble. It’s just… I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to live a life of freedom.”

The clear blue sky of spring spread across the entire window. Flocks of migratory birds were flying high. It seemed like they were heading in the direction of the Dacian Empire.

─ If I go to my mother’s homeland, the Dacian Empire, will I not be seen as “different”?

Unconsciously, her hand reached for the necklace on her chest.

The necklace, a garnet of deep red like blood, was left by her mother.

Eva, holding the necklace tightly, said to Annie, “I have to go to my uncle’s place,” and stood up.

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