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Chapter 1: Struck by Lightning While Showing Off

Su Hua stared at the vast expanse before her, feeling a bit confused.

She remembered that just a moment ago, she was boasting at the Oscar Awards ceremony, giving an impassioned speech. However, in the next moment, she was struck by lightning, and now she finds herself here.

Did she die again?

“Congratulations, host. You have been chosen by System 666 as the quick transmigration prodigal task participant. Your mission is to traverse various small worlds, squander and save the villainous big bosses. Use money to tell them how wonderful this world is; inform them that there is nothing in this world that money can’t solve, and if there is, it’s simply because there isn’t enough money.”

Su Hua looked around and finally found a floating tablet.

She poked at it, but there was no response. The tablet seemed to be embedded in the air.

“Host, do you agree?”

Su Hua looked at the tablet in confusion, confirming that the one speaking was indeed the tablet, and it was a system.

Is it so awesome?

【Scanning host, beep…….. and binding successful.】

Su Hua: “…”

Feeling the subtle connection with System 666, Su Hua wanted to curse. She hadn’t even agreed yet!

“Host, do you have any more questions?”

“Firstly, I’m not a host; I’m a goddess. Secondly, what’s in it for me if I help you with the tasks?”

“When your points reach a certain level, you can fulfill one wish, such as resurrection.”

“Forget about resurrection; it’s just a body.”

“Don’t you want to come back to life?”


The system was a bit flustered. Was there really someone who didn’t want to live nowadays?

Su Hua remained silent, tapping her fingers on the tablet. Suddenly, her eyes flashed, revealing a big smile. She said, “System~”

“What the… what are you doing?” The system felt a chill in its virtual spine, inexplicably sensing that this host might be a bit formidable.

“I suddenly feel that throwing money around and showing off is especially suitable for me. I love showing off the most.”


It seemed like it had bound a remarkable host, despite her initial firm rejection.

【Proceed with teleportation?】Better send this host to the task dimension quickly and let her wreak havoc on others.


“Damn!” Su Hua hadn’t even started cursing System 666, and she was already experiencing dizziness.

This was a modern dimension.

The female lead, Lu Lewei, was a young lady from the Lu family. She had had a prearranged engagement with the male lead, Ling Yan, since childhood. However, Ling Yan had been abroad, and as a female lead, Lu Lewei couldn’t possibly marry someone she hadn’t even met.

To fulfill the engagement, Ling Yan was called back from abroad and enrolled in the best St. Sakura Noble Academy in the country.

Upon his return, Ling Yan witnessed Lu Lewei arguing with another man. His first impression of Lu Lewei was extremely negative, feeling like he had been cuckolded.

In retaliation, Ling Yan deliberately made a big show of things, casually choosing a girl from school and claiming she was his girlfriend. Lu Lewei, upon learning this, was naturally very angry.

Coincidentally, a corruption scandal occurred at the school. Lu Lewei found out by chance and began investigating, while Ling Yan, who had been keeping an eye on Lu Lewei, knew about it too. The two put aside their differences to jointly investigate the matter.

In the end, the truth was revealed. The corrupt individuals were the principal and several teachers. The principal was dismissed, misunderstandings were cleared, and they lived happily ever after.

As for the original host, unfortunately, she was the cheap girlfriend Ling Yan casually picked, and the principal was her uncle.


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