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Chapter 2: Audio Livestream

The goal of this mission is Feng Xiao, who is the villainous boss in this dimension and the target of Su Hua’s extravagant spending.

As the target of Su Hua’s extravagant spending,Feng Xiao is very poor and unlucky. Since childhood,Feng Xiao’s parents died in a car accident, and he was sent to an orphanage. The director treated him poorly, and his education was inconsistent.

However, Feng Xiao is very intelligent and understands that only knowledge can change his destiny. He is self-taught. It’s worth mentioning that St. Sakura Noble Academy is a school that covers education from kindergarten to university.

Moreover, ordinary people can enroll through the self-examination process at St. Sakura Noble Academy. Feng Xiao waited until he turned eighteen and applied for the self-examination at St. Sakura Noble Academy. Although St. Sakura provides preferential treatment on tuition for impoverished students, it’s not entirely free. Feng Xiao had to pay for tuition, dormitory fees, and other miscellaneous fees, totaling more than ten thousand yuan.

The orphanage where Feng Xiao lived was already dilapidated, and the director hoped he would go to work early to earn money to support the orphanage. There was no way the director could afford to spend money on his education.

Feng Xiao tried many shortcuts, but as the days approached the start of the school year, he was forced to steal from a small supermarket to get the ten thousand-yuan tuition.

After that theft, Feng Xiao’s values changed. He began stealing involuntarily, and items in the dormitory went missing frequently.

Once, while Feng Xiao was stealing, he was caught by Lu Lewei. With Lu Lewei’s Mary Sue aura, she naturally advised Feng Xiao not to steal and treated him very well.

Feng Xiao fell for Lu Lewei, and as they spent time together, his possessiveness towards her grew stronger. He repeatedly disrupted Lu Lewei’s interactions with Ling Yan, causing misunderstandings between them.

In the end, Feng Xiao imprisoned Lu Lewei but was rescued by Ling Yan. However, he offended the male lead, and after being severely beaten and sent to prison, Feng Xiao eventually committed suicide in jail.

Su Hua, after receiving the entire memory, sighed, “It’s really tragic; he does need my financial help.”

[Ding, main task: Use your money to save the villain and make him change his values.]

[Ding, random task: Please spend one hundred thousand yuan within half an hour; the money has been transferred to your account. Please check.]

“Wow, is it that awesome?” As soon as she spoke, Su Hua received a bank message confirming the transfer of one hundred thousand yuan.

“Host, I am an upgraded version, combining the Quick Transmigration System and the Prodigal System. Please do not underestimate my capabilities.”

“Please call me Goddess,” Su Hua corrected before asking, “Can someone trace the source of this hundred thousand yuan you transferred to me?”

System: “…”

Noticing the system’s silence, Su Hua taunted, “You talk about being an upgraded version, but there’s already a bug. This body doesn’t have much money. How do I explain the source of this money?”

“Host can strive to spend more extravagantly, complete more tasks, earn points, and then use them to upgrade and fix bugs for me.” The system spoke with a hint of joy, evident even in its cold electronic tone.

“Why should I fix bugs for you? Even if I’m in a body without much money, I can find ways to justify my spending.”

System: “…”

So infuriating! How could there be a host like this!

Looking at the host next door, they are all very gentle, obedient, and cute!

“Host, ten minutes have passed since you started talking to me. You still have twenty minutes to complete a random task.”

“Oh, damn!”

Su Hua quickly took out her phone and hurriedly downloaded an audio streaming app.

In recent years, audio livestreaming has become extremely popular, almost comparable to video livestreaming. The villain boss, Feng Xiao, had also tried livestreaming on audio platforms, primarily due to the need for tuition.

In fact, Feng Xiao had tried various livestreaming platforms, but in the end, none of them worked out.

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