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Episode 16: Judgment at the Chapel (Part 2)

After seeing Oz off, Fiene pondered in her room.

(When Oz embraced me, my heart raced… and when we were having tea, eating together, just being with Oz made me feel restless.)

She had never experienced such sensations before and began to wonder if there might be something wrong with her—some unknown illness. Filled with anxiety, Fiene, while organizing her dress, turned to Lin, who was beside her, and asked,

“Hey, Lin.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I feel uneasy when I’m with Oz. It’s like I’m restless; my heart beats faster when he’s around…”

Lin stopped her hands, turned towards Fiene, and began to speak.

“I, at least, do not experience a faster heartbeat when it comes to Lord Oz.”

“Is it some kind of illness, then?”

“At least, I have never experienced such a thing. I don’t think any doctor could cure it.”

Hearing this, Fiene suddenly felt an increase in her anxiety and looked down.

“Oh, I must have misunderstood something,” Lin reflected, and then, directly this time, said,

“Lord Oz and Lady Fiene are engaged, and they are already a couple. Most likely, they are in love.”

“Huh, in love?!”

Ah, perhaps that was too straightforward, thought Lin, or at least that’s the impression she gave as she averted her gaze. When Lin looked back at Fiene, her face had turned bright red, and she seemed flustered, saying,

“Oh, I have preparations for the meal, so I’ll take my leave now.”

Leaving her almost alone, Lin paused in the corridor, looking up at the sky. She sighed, smiled a little, thinking that Fiene was quite adorable, and left, still thinking about Fiene.

Even after finishing the meal, Fiene’s mind was filled with what Lien had said.

(I must have been oblivious… surely, maybe this is…)

Finally recognizing her feelings for Oz as those of a woman for a man, she walked around her room in a restless manner, waiting for Oz to return.

He was her childhood friend and fiancé, someone she had seen as an older brother in her early years.

He had actually said that, and, back then, he was like a big brother who played with her because she was still small.

However, when they reunited, he had become a splendid man, kind, handsome, and showing affection towards her.

He protected her even at parties, reaffirming his love for her.

It was impossible not to be conscious of such a person.

(Can I express these feelings…)

Just as she was thinking this, the door opened with a loud noise, and Lin entered, looking unusually flustered.

“Lady Fiene… Lord Oz is involved in a fire at the chapel…”


Lin gradually explained the facts told to her by the kingdom’s guards so that Fiene wouldn’t be too shocked. The incident where a fire occurred temporarily occurred when the priest tried to commit suicide with a Molotov cocktail while blaming Oz.

“And Oz…?! Is Oz okay?!”

“He is safe. He suffered some burns, but there are no casualties, including the priests.”

“Thank goodness…”

Oz had, in advance, made arrangements in the chapel in case something happened, evacuating everyone except the priests and the saint apprentice.

Then, from the direction of the entrance, the sound of the carriage returning was heard, and Fiene hurried towards the entrance.

(Please, please, I want to see his safe face…! Oz…!)

Normally, she would be scolded for running in the hallway, but driven by her desire to see Oz, she ran. At the entrance, she finally saw Oz, who had returned safely.


Fiene shouted, tears flowing, and jumped into Oz’s chest. While gently patting her head, Oz accepted her feelings and said,

“I’m home, Fiene.”


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