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Final Chapter: The Love of That Day, Now Here

Everyone, including Oz, emerged unscathed, and Oz safely returned home on his own two feet.

The priest and the novice saint were taken to the kingdom’s prison, awaiting the formal judgment.


While treating Oz’s wounds, Fiene hesitated whether to express her feelings now.

Thinking it was not the right time, she initially kept her feelings to herself. However, she felt that now might be the only chance to speak up.

With determination, she began to convey her feelings to Oz.



“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Well, it’s been quite a while since we first met.”

“Yeah, from the time of our engagement.”


After finishing the bandaging, Fiene looked into Oz’s eyes and said it firmly.


“I love you!!! … Something like that.”


She felt a bit uneasy with her final words, but somehow, her intentions were conveyed. The awkwardness and innocence of her confession made her seem cute.

Blushing, she continued to express her feelings, and Oz, standing up from the sofa, slowly began to speak.


“I’m a ruthless person, or rather, I’m jealous.”


“I won’t forgive anyone who hurts you. The count’s family who abandoned you was involved in tax evasion, and I exposed them; now, they are in prison.”


It was news to Fiene. Her past of being oppressed by them left permanent scars, and her engagement with Oz ended because of them.

“Besides, your mother is safe with my relatives.”



Fiene, who had always worried about her real mother, found this information very reassuring. She couldn’t help but cover her mouth and whisper, “Thank goodness.”

“Shall we visit her together sometime?”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course, I want to introduce you as my wife.”



Gently, Oz touched her blushing cheek in response to those words.

“Fiene, do you know the reason for the red mark on your chest?”



Come to think of it, she had always had a red mark, which had been the cause of bullying and failed attempts at marriage.

Oz sat beside Fiene again, gently touching the mark as he explained.


“It’s the mark of a vampire bride.”

“A vampire bride?”

“Yeah, it’s a symbol for those who become brides. And as a counterpart to that, I have a blue mark on my chest.”


He showed the mark on his chest, and he smiled gently.

“Doesn’t it look like a rose when you see it like this?”


Indeed, upon closer inspection, the two marks resembled the pattern of a rose, appearing quite beautiful.

Fiene gently stroked her own mark, and this time Oz held her arm, looking into her eyes.


“My bride, Fiene. Will you become my wife?”

His eyes shone red, unmistakably revealing his non-human nature.

Looking at his alluring lips and his seductive gaze, she made up her mind and replied.


“Yes, make me Oz’s bride.”

“You won’t escape anymore, okay?”


With that, their shadows overlapped…


A vampire and a human fell in love, were drawn to each other, and decided to spend their lives together.

As two beings with different life spans, the time for a crucial decision might come someday.

What choice will she make then?

Will she live with him, choosing the path of enduring long stretches of time, or remain human?

But that’s a story for another time.

For now, she has finally realized her love and achieved happiness—


(T/N:huhu… the novel is way toooo short… )

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