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Chapter 3: About Past Lives

“…that’s what happened.”

“Seriously? That’s quite a heavy episode, considering all the time you’ve spent with the young lady.”

Leaving Aria behind in Easton’s room, Leefe returned promptly to the Duke of Tarrant’s mansion. He rested his chin on his hand, nibbling on a cookie that had been drenched in cherry.

Lying on Leefe’s bed, in the direction of her gaze, was the contracted spirit, Rene. With chocolate-brown hair and amber eyes, he wore a smile that seemed to melt away. Despite appearing to be a handsome young man in his twenties, Leefe did not know his true age.

René not only mastered all kinds of magic but also played an active role as a honey-trap operative. However, that’s not the crucial point now.

Faced with Rene’s dazzling smile, Leefe grimaced.

“Hey, could you stop lounging around on my bed on your own…? I am, after all, your master.”

“It’s okay. The sheets are freshly changed, and they’re crisp to the touch.”

“Stop it!? That just makes it worse!”

Grabbing the sheets and pushing Rene out of the bed, he floated up in a cross-legged position, laughing.

“But the young lady always said, didn’t she? Aria is the Enchanting Saint. Fighting her is futile; you’ll lose the foundation of this life if you don’t put your heart into it. Despite being called a notorious villainess, you seem to be easily done in.”


Rene’s words hit too close to home, and Leefe pouted while stuffing another cookie into his mouth.

In truth, Leefe had memories of her past life from the moment she was born. Leefe was the “Black Sorcerer Lauri” who lived about 300 years ago.

She wasn’t just a sorcerer; she wielded special magic that affected the mind and could use massive magic that could destroy the world. It’s still recorded in history books, and noble children are always taught about “Black Sorcerer Lauri” at the academy.

By the way, in her past life, Black Sorcerer Lauri had a flashy appearance with blonde hair and slanting azure eyes, earning her the nickname “notorious villainess.” It was quite unintentional.

(Since she lived alone with Rene in her past life, being able to be with someone in this life might be too happy, making her soak in lukewarm water…)

Leefe gained fame as the “Black Sorcerer,” but at the same time, history books also mentioned the existence of the “Enchanting Saint.” Unlike a sorcerer, the Enchanting Saint didn’t possess great power on their own but could manipulate those around them.

(In history books, there are many ‘beauties who influenced the ruler of the time.’ Probably, they were all Enchanting Saints.)

“Those who can perceive the power of enchantment are only renowned sorcerers with vast magical abilities. In the past, there might have been equally renowned sorcerers near those who were manipulated, but once the surroundings are enchanted, it’s already too late.

Leefe shoved another cookie into his mouth.

“When Aria was born, I already knew. Oh, this child is definitely the ‘Enchanting Saint.’ So, no matter what she takes from me, there’s nothing I can do about it. Besides, it’s kind of weird to do anything to a baby.”

“Well, the young lady was a bit like that in her past life too. easily misunderstood, you could say. Despite being able to manipulate world-destroying black magic, her life goals were ‘I want friends’ and ‘I want to experience love.’ Right in front of the sparkling saint, it’s understandable she felt a bit inadequate.”

“Ugh! You’re such a talkative, contracted spirit!”

As if telling him to be quiet, Leefe pushed a cookie into Rene’s mouth. However, Rene crunched it and looked serious.

“…so I was frustrated. Even though the young lady is a force to be reckoned with when she’s serious, Even now, hearing about being easily defeated makes me mad. Can I set up a honey trap a little?”

“That’s too much trouble, so please don’t.”

Rene is one of the highest-ranking spirits in this world. He won’t be enchanted by Aria, but if he were to enchant Aria, it would be a huge problem. Mainly, the first prince, Easton, is currently infatuated with Aria.

(However, even though I’m enjoying this current life that’s peaceful and not lonely, I can’t just give up like this!)

Because she lost her fiance and achievements as a magical pharmacist. Considering Aria’s behavior today, Leefe felt that she might end up falsely accused.

Honestly, this peaceful and carefree current life has come to an end.

Surely, from tomorrow on, she’ll have no friends. Living with this talkative, contracted spirit alone is truly lonely and unpleasant. In that case, she must fight.

“Well, the young lady is kind. No matter how powerful she is, she won’t do anything mean to Aria, right? So, I’ll—”

“…I’ll do it.”


Interrupting Rene’s words, Leefe stood up straight.

“After all, am I being underestimated a bit too much!?”

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