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Chapter 4: The assumed range is within expectations.

“It’s rare for you to get so angry at a person,” Rene commented, seeming surprised by Leefe’s unexpected determination. He reclined on the bed, which he had just vacated, creating a picturesque scene. Leefe found it slightly irritating that Rene, with his unnecessarily good looks, remained unfazed.

“I don’t like conflict, but I’ll probably be a loner tomorrow! I’ve been working hard to be a good girl, wanting friends and a lover, but here I am, alone again! I might even get kicked out of this house; who knows?”

“Aria-chan is the one who took away those friends, fiance, and parents, right?”

“Rene, be quiet!”

Despite Leefe’s stern look, the contract spirit, with his beautiful appearance, didn’t flinch.

“By the way, Miss Leefe, didn’t you burn a dragon’s nest in your past life? Wasn’t it revenge for driving away a girl who could have become your friend?”

“No, that girl was already my friend! She promised to come over for tea on the day… that dragon was truly unbelievable! Ugh…”

Tears welled up in Leefe’s eyes as she recalled the bitter memories from her past life. Rene amusingly observed Leefe, who seemed on the verge of tears.

“At that time, surprisingly, the Kingdom Knights came with gratitude. They couldn’t defeat the dragon’s nest in 100 years, and you cleared it in 3 minutes. The burly knight leader was incredibly humble, though.”

“Even now, I feel the same way as I did back then!”

Leefe shouted, and at the edge of her vision, she saw the dresser. The mirror reflected her current appearance—a gentle girl with flowing blond hair, slightly droopy eyes, and blue eyes.

Though she gave off a plain impression, Leefe liked this appearance reasonably well. Unlike her past life, this appearance felt like that of a kind and gentle girl who had achieved ordinary happiness.

Well, that too ended today.

“Anyway, don’t expect me to back down like this!”

“Sure, sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how the kind and sentimental young lady will get back at them.”

“Hey!? Instead of making fun, can’t you support me!?”

As the two bickered, there was a knock on the room door.

“Leefe, it’s your father. There’s an important matter; come to the study.”


Upon hearing the voice from beyond the door, Leefe and Rene exchanged glances.

The season was the social season. Unfortunately, Leefe’s father was in this townhouse in the capital. In other words, he seemed to have already learned about today’s unfortunate events.

When Leefe visited the study, her father began the conversation with a solemn tone.

“I’ve heard from Aria and Prince Easton. Leefe, I want you to leave this house.”

“Did you really listen to their story, Father?”

He absolutely didn’t.

If he did listen properly and still reacted like this, it seemed a bit too harsh. However, faced with a thoroughly astonished expression, her father didn’t even offer words of comfort. He just unknowingly delivered the news.

“Aria is a bit selfish, but she’s a kind girl. She didn’t want you to leave. However, Prince Easton won’t allow it. He’s worried about having Leefe, who mistreated Aria, around.”

“…Father, you must know. I haven’t interfered with Aria and Prince Easton’s relationship, and my achievements as an alchemist are my own. Yet, you’re asking me to agree with Aria’s groundless accusations?”

“Leefe, don’t speak ill of your precious sister’s utmost kindness. Aria is just trying to navigate Prince Easton, who lost his memory, so he doesn’t get confused. Aria is a kind girl.”

“While Aria might have kept Prince Easton from confusion, I’m in complete disarray…”

She might lose her friends, family, job as an alchemist, and ancestral home. However, her father seemed to exclude Leefe unconsciously while mentioning “family.”

Against her well-intentioned but oblivious father, Leefe sighed.

Anyway, she understands now. Her father seemed to be even more captivated by Aria than she had imagined. It was pointless to say anything more, so Leefe decided to reject any further conversation with a perfect smile.

“I understand.”

(But still, Aria’s saintly power of enchanting is getting stronger and stronger…)

Leefe, worried about her sister’s future, had used her knowledge from her past life as a renowned alchemist. She had administered a certain potion to Aria.

The enchanting power of the saint could destroy a kingdom. However, being a saint came with a significant price. That was—

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