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Chapter 8:The pounding of my heart doesn’t settle down due to the disturbance.

With the unbelievable revelation, Leefe’s body swayed unsteadily. At the same time, she recalled where this place was.

(That’s right. This is the middle of the grand staircase…!)

Moreover, it was right in the middle, a stunning sight without any railing. Leefe, too surprised, lost her footing as she stepped off the stairs.

(Falling headfirst…!)

However, Leefe, even if alone, was a black magician. Even if she tumbled down the stairs, she would levitate to land. The beautiful young man in front of him might be surprised, but there’s no choice.

As she attempted to activate magic without an incantation, she felt a firm support on her back.


As a result, Leefe found herself being embraced by the recently met refined and beautiful young man.

Unfortunately, Leefe was genuinely off balance and floating. Just supporting her a bit wouldn’t avoid her falling into such a precarious state.

So, she was firmly caught as usual, ending up with her face buried in the young man’s chest due to the recoil. An awkwardness as if time had stopped. In fact, her heart might actually stop.

Panicking because they were too close, Leefe tried to pull away, but the young man seemed completely unconcerned. He asked with a soft tone,

“Are you okay? That was dangerous.”

“Uh, I apologize…”

In the position of being embraced, her head was right next to the young man’s low voice. It felt sweet; perhaps it was because of her own habit of saying, “I want a lover.”

Anyway, Leefe hurriedly tried to separate from Oliver. However, for some reason, Oliver wouldn’t let go. Thinking it might be an illusion, she pushed against Oliver’s chest forcefully, but he didn’t budge.

(What is this…!?)

Leefe lifted her face, including a sense of surprise and protest in her expression. In his eyes, as delicately translucent as violet flowers, only she was reflected. In his intensely gentle gaze, it seemed easy to forget that they had just met.

(If I fell from this grand staircase, it wouldn’t end well, and yet he reflexively went out of his way to help to this extent. What an incredible gentleman…)

While they continued to gaze at each other, suddenly a light returned to his eyes. At that moment, he released his arm as if repelled.

“… My apologies for being rude to a young lady. Since this place is unstable, I thought you might fall again.”

“N-no, I’m fine. I’m used to this grand staircase.”

How many times has Leefe visited this royal castle as Easton’s fiancée? Even though she heard Rene sarcastically commenting from behind, “What are you saying after almost falling?” if Rene had seen it, he should have helped before it got to this point.

Anyway, having somehow managed to separate from Oliver, Leefe looked at the young man in front of her again.

(Wait!? Is this the person Rene mentioned as someone who can silence anyone!?)

It’s already like that, isn’t it? Indeed, before silencing someone, Leefe remains silent herself. Setting aside the noble appearance and royal status, this debacle is solely based on outward beauty.

While Leefe was in turmoil, Oliver remained composed.

“Rene over there is a friend of my contracted spirit. Although I was invited to today’s party, I don’t have any connections with anyone. I was looking for someone to guide me.”

“O-oh, I see.”

If that was the case, it made sense. Leefe didn’t know Rene’s age, and spirits do have long lives. If Rene and his contracted spirit had a connection from before Leefe’s past life, it must have been quite significant. It wouldn’t be unnatural to rely on a spirit to find a trustworthy guide.

(But still…)

Things had taken an unexpected turn. In fact, Leefe came here today with the intention of getting back at Easton and Aria.

In English:

Two special potions were concealed in the neckline of Leefe’s dress.

One is to temporarily remove the enchantment from the enchanted saint. If we mix this with magic and fill the venue, Aria’s lies will be exposed easily. Of course, it was only temporary, but even that would provide a sense of relief.

The other potion was meant to cure Easton’s amnesia. If Easton’s memory loss was due to some forbidden spell, it might not work, but otherwise, it was expected to have some effect.

By the way, Rene was watching Leefe, who was concocting these two potions, with great amusement.

With a warm smile, Rene chuckled, saying, “Miss, it would be nice if you had a chance to use those. But when you use them, don’t let your emotions take over.” Though he was laughing, it was truly unnecessary advice, and Leefe wished he would keep quiet.

(Because, you see, in my past life, I ended up being called the “notorious villainess” without doing anything and became lonely due to black magic and appearances, all while receiving such treatment and leaving home without doing anything would make me cry…!)

And to top it off, there was the bonus of an overly complicated engagement.

However, Leefe had made these preparations under the assumption that the escort wouldn’t be someone important from a neighboring country. Yet, it seemed that Oliver was indeed of royal lineage.

(I’m sure it was His Majesty the King who invited Oliver. I wonder if it would become an international issue if the imperial family of a neighboring country was involved…)

Unconsciously trying to check the potions at her neckline, Leefe realized that her right hand wasn’t free. For some reason, Oliver was holding it firmly.

(…What is this?)

Just as a slightly disrespectful thought crossed Leefe’s mind—wondering why such a handsome gentleman seemed hungry for the hand of a young lady—Oliver stared at the palm of Leefe’s hand and wore a stern expression.

“…How did you get this scar?”



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