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Chapter 9: Is this what being in love is like?

What caught Oliver’s eye was the burn mark she got a month ago on the day his father told her, ‘I want you to leave the Duke of Tarrant’s house, of course after attending Aria and Easton’s engagement party.’

(Oh no!)

Leefe quickly shook off Oliver’s hand, tightly squeezed her palm to hide it, and smiled.

“This is just a burn from helping the maid.”

“It’s obvious it’s not a normal burn.”


(He figured it out so easily!?)

Leefe blinks at Oliver’s suggestion of magic running wild.

In this world, everyone can use magic, but not many people have enough magical power to make it run wild.

“I almost let my magic run wild a bit. Even so, I’m still a magician.”

By the way, the reason she didn’t want to be known as a black magician was not because she didn’t want to be bothered or wanted to hide her power for a peaceful life.

It was simply the maiden’s heart that wanted friends and lovers.

(Even though I’ve lived without being known in this world for so long. Why? Oliver seems like a kind person, but I don’t want to be feared.)

Leefe, who was about to lower her head, was surprised by Oliver’s reaction, which was completely unexpected.

“Does this kind of runaway happen frequently?”

“No way. This is the first time my magic has almost run wild. Don’t worry.”

If she said that, for some reason, Oliver showed a relieved expression. It didn’t seem to be for someone he was meeting for the first time, and Leefe was surprised.

(Is this person… really a very kind person?)

Thinking strangely, Oliver, who seemed to notice something, lost his relieved expression.

“So, something happened that made you angry and sad enough to make your magic run wild?”

A shadow fell into his amethyst eyes. There was no trace of fear or ambition to use the other person.

Normally, she wouldn’t casually talk about her circumstances. However, in her previous life, Leefe was alone with Rene, and in this life, she had lived hiding in the shadow of Aria, who possessed the enchanting power of a saint.

This was the first time someone had worried about her alone. With surprise and joy, she felt like telling him everything.

“Um, well. I had a fiance until recently.”

“…A fiance.”

At that moment, for some reason, Oliver’s tone became incredibly cold. Despite feeling unnatural, Leife continued.

“However, that fiancé fell in love with my younger sister, and my engagement was dissolved. I was told to leave home, and unable to contain my anger, I ended up like this. Tonight’s soirée is their engagement announcement party.”

“That’s terrible. It will leave scars, not just on your hand.”

(Not just on my hand, he says.)

Seeing him darken his expression, imagining even the emotional pain, Leife was slightly surprised, then chuckled.

“I’ve already let it go. Besides, once this party is over, I can distance myself from those two and their supportive families.”

“…I see, I understand today’s strategy now.”


Oliver didn’t want her to guide him but rather to become her escort. Tilt his head. Oliver withdrew the refined smile from earlier and grinned.

“Just taking hits without hitting back doesn’t seem like your style.”

“Well, that’s true.”

In her past life, it would undoubtedly have been like that. She burned the dragon’s nest, and occasionally, she mercilessly wiped out monsters trying to approach the mansion of the ‘Black Magician Lauri.’ But those rumors were misunderstood, and she ended up being feared again. It was sad.

(Somehow… does Oliver expect me to retaliate at the party?)

If she could get permission to ruin the party, it would be appreciated, but why was he so considerate?

(I don’t really understand, but is this lucky?)

Lost in thought, Oliver reached out his hand.

“Well then, Miss Leefe. Shall we?”


Taking his hand, he naturally held her elbow. It felt like a gentle sense of relief, as if they had walked like this before.

(This feels somehow nostalgic.)

So, Leefe and Oliver ascended the grand staircase and entered the venue of the banquet.

The large hall, adorned with chandeliers, was bustling with elegantly dressed people. The glamorous lights and furnishings, the music filling the venue, and the lively conversations created an atmosphere as if in a different world.

By the way, even in her past life, she was often invited to banquets. Every time, she participated with the faint hope of making friends. However, she was always feared and watched from a distance.

If she stayed in a corner of the venue, she would be blamed as the scapegoat for a scandal that started nearby, or if she helped a crying daughter with magic and potions due to harassment, everyone would leave, avoiding her. All were too lonely memories.

Then, after the banquet, the rumors of a notorious villain would spread, and her isolation would deepen. It was a memory she didn’t want to recall.

(Even so, in this life, I somehow had a family and a fiancé like everyone else. But still… oh.)

As Leefe, who had been pulling out memories of the past and looking into the distance, Oliver, who seemed to have misunderstood something, approached with a caring gaze.

“Could it be that you still have lingering feelings for your ex-fiancé?”

“No, those feelings vanished the moment I saw them kissing.”

“…Encountering such a scene. That’s even more unforgivable.”


Even though the venue was maintained at a suitable temperature through magic, for a moment, it felt as if the surrounding temperature had dropped. Leefe sensed it was due to Oliver’s fluctuating emotions, intuitively feeling a state similar to her palm burned by anger.

(This person… should be a member of the Shinwood Empire’s royal family, but is he also a first-rate magician? He seems to possess an incredible amount of magical power.)

Nevertheless, it was strange. For some reason, Oliver was angry about what happened to Leefe as if it were his own affair.

(Is this what it feels like to have a lover?)

While lightly holding Oliver’s arm, Leefe stole a glance at his profile. Perhaps interpreting it as anxiety, he smiled gently, followed by a refreshing laugh, as if assuring her that everything was okay.

“Let’s go meet today’s main characters soon. Once we achieve our goal, let’s leave promptly. There’s no benefit in lingering here.”

“!? Oliver-sama, aren’t you attending this party because you were invited by His Majesty the King? What is your goal?”

“I came here only to meet someone important to me.”

“…Someone important.”

To the unexpected answer, Leefe blinked.

(To entrust guidance to a reliable person through a contracted spirit… he must truly be someone important. Even so, is it okay for him to be my escort?)

While thinking so, a voice was heard.

“Miss Leefe! I have something to ask.”

“Lord Easton, please wait! Surely, Miss Leefe has her own circumstances. Let’s discuss the details in a separate room.”

“No, I want to hear it now. Aria, stay behind me. Are you scared?”

Amidst the commotion, Easton and Aria, accompanied by their entourage, arrived.




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