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Chapter 21: The First Step for a Merchant

The market was bustling in the heart of the capital.

Rosa’s spirits also rose in the lively atmosphere.

There, she stocked up on baking soda and citric acid in large quantities.

She intended to have them delivered to the Croitzer family tomorrow.

“Helena, next, let’s go buy dried herbs and essential oils!”

Rosa said it enthusiastically.

“Miss, it’s getting dark soon. Let’s head back for today.”

Realizing this, she noticed that it was already dusk.

“Well, then, unfortunately, should we postpone it to tomorrow?”

If she stays out too late, her overprotective family will worry.

“Miss, instead of going shopping, how about asking the visiting merchants for what you need?”

That idea hadn’t occurred to her.

“I see.”

“Fortunately, there are many merchants coming to the residence.”

“Helena, that’s a brilliant idea! But just one more thing: I really want a mold for bath bombs. I want to make spherical bath bombs.”

“Huh? Why again?”

Helena expressed confusion.

“Because they’re cute!”

Rosa confidently strolled through the market.

In the end, the desired mold for Rosa had to be custom-made.

When Rosa descended from the carriage at home, she stormed into her father’s office.

“Father! I have something to discuss!”

Opening the door with a bang, she entered the office energetically.

“What is it, Rosa? Where were you going today in a carriage without our family crest?”

Father, lifting his face from documents, smiled, but his eyes didn’t.

“Well, um, it was a leisurely stroll and shopping?”

“Don’t tell me you were visiting some nobleman.”

Her father’s eyes sparkled.

“No, it’s not like that! Father, I want to start a shop!”


Even her father, who usually had a smiling face, looked surprised.

“So, I want you to introduce me to merchants who deal in dried herbs and essential oils.”

Then her father suddenly burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, you want to start a business?”

“It’s not that extravagant. I just want a small, cute shop.”

“Rosa! Business is not as sweet as you think!”

“Huh? Well, Father, it’s not that grand.”

In her previous life, Rosa vaguely dreamed of running a shop with her favorite miscellaneous goods.

So, in this life, she decided to use her wealth to fulfill that dream.

Luckily, the Croitzer family had plenty of money. Acquiring a small shop would be much cheaper than Rosa’s jewelry.

However, the father in front of her had somehow switched to a merchant’s demeanor. Well, he was a noble in reality.

“If you want to start a business, bring a business plan!”


Rosa just wanted her father to introduce her to a merchant, and she didn’t plan on starting a massive business.

She simply wanted a cute little shop on a street corner.

“Let me, your father, teach you the basics of business.”

(So, that’s not true! …Well, in my previous life, I used PowerPoint to put together presentation materials, so I guess it’ll work out pretty well. No, but it won’t work unless it’s profitable.)

“Sigh, understood, Father. Can you wait for about a month? I will submit a business plan by then.”

Rosa thought that market research was crucial.

Her father looked at Rosa and nodded in satisfaction.

“Then, let me teach you how to write it.”

However, Rosa casually brushed off her father’s words.

“In that case, I will teach you how to write it myself.”

However, Rosa casually brushed off her father’s words.

“Oh, that’s fine. Is it ready on time? By the way, I would like to have a tea party in our garden five days from now, with an approximate scale of around fifty people.”

Her father had a bewildered expression.

“No, that’s easy, but what about the business talk?”

“Of course, it’s to prepare a business plan. Will you gather the quests, Father? I request all female guests, ranging from those who recently entered society to the elderly. Nobles or commoners, it doesn’t matter.”

“What? Am I supposed to decide the guests? And don’t we need young gentlemen?”

“Yes! We don’t need any! It’s a ladies-only tea party, whether they have a connection to you in business or not. Also, please invite those who are favorable to the Croitzer family. Well then, I have preparations to attend to.”

Her father looked at Rosa with a puzzled expression.

“You don’t need anyone… Rosa, and what do you mean by preparations? Just leave it to the butlers or maids.”

“Of course, I’ll leave the venue preparation to you. I’ll make special souvenirs for our important guests.”

“Souvenirs? Handmade by you…?”

Leaving her dumbfounded father behind, Rosa left the office.

From tomorrow on, she will be busy making bath bombs. She also needed to source essential oils herself. Rosa was full of enthusiasm.

“Miss, are you serious? Do you plan to make fifty bath bombs for the guests by yourself?”

While walking down the corridor, Helena asked casually.

“Of course! Let’s do our best together!”

Rosa directed a bright smile at Helena.

“Miss, it seems you’ve forgotten, but I am employed as a maid.”

“Well, it’s fine. Anyway, you have to take care of me. Instead of standing idle, it’ll be more fun to make bath bombs together, right?”

Said that way, Helena pondered.

“Indeed, the young lady has been quite amusing lately, so it might be fun.”

“What do you mean by amusing?”

“It means watching you is never boring.”

“I didn’t ask for an explanation. Well, fine. Let’s make the best bath bombs together, and instead of market research, let’s engage in missionary activities.”

And so Rosa’s busy days began.


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