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Chapter 22: Is the bath bomb more popular than expected?

Today is the day of the tea party, and the two of them had been dedicated to making bath bombs until yesterday.

Indeed, Rosa had almost pulled an all-nighter.

“Miss, you should conceal the dark circles under your eyes with makeup.”

“Yes, please! I trust your skills.”

“Miss, you’ve become quite adept at using people lately. However, I didn’t expect you to be so uncompromising when making bath bombs.”

While talking, Helena quickly applied makeup.

“That’s right. If even one is defective, it would be a big problem.”

“Adding honey for the sake of the skin is a brilliant idea,” Helena remarked, impressed.

“Hohoho, various ideas keep coming to mind, and I can’t stop it.”

Actually, it’s just a cheat from my previous life.

Originally, it was supposed to be Rosa and Helena working together, but interested servants kept gathering one after another. So Rosa decided to use them for labor.

She declared that if they helped with making bath bombs, she would give them a special allowance. As a result, a considerable number of servants, from upper-level to lower-level, gathered at Rosa’s place.

Thanks to that, they were able to create additional batches. Yes, it became so busy because of her mother.

“Hey, Rosa, when my friends heard that you would distribute bath bombs at the tea party, they expressed interest and really wanted to participate in the tea party,” her mother said, supporting Rosa’s bath bomb making. Rosa nodded happily.

“Yes, gladly.”

It was a mistake to accept so readily, thinking it would be only five or six people.

“About twenty people, is that okay?”

“Yes! Twenty people?”

“Well then, thank you. I’m looking forward to it!”

Saying that, her mother, who grew up as a pure aristocrat and knew nothing of labor, left in a good mood.

With this background, the tea party ended up being held with a large number of people.

As the host, Rosa greeted the arriving guests one after another.

Of course, her mother was there too. Although her father threw a tantrum wanting to come, Rosa refused, saying, “It’s for ladies only, so it would be a rule violation and strange if Father attended.”

“Haah, I was planning to spread the word steadily, but now the story seems to be spreading rapidly.”

Rosa told Helena, who was beside her.

“Yes, it feels great to use, so I think it will be well-received by the bourgeois ladies who are invited today.”

Helena, who also liked the bath bombs very much, was full of enthusiasm.

Rosa, with the support of her mother, the broad-minded Duchess, smoothly expanded her connections among the ladies.

Explaining that the bath bombs contained honey to nourish the skin, everyone immediately showed interest.

As the time for the tea party to end approached, Rosa distributed a bath bomb to each person, saying, “I would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts on the feel of using it. I would like to continue improving it in the future, so please do let me know. Thank you very much.”

And after the tea party ended, Rosa, somewhat neglecting dinner, tiredly fell asleep.

She woke up the next day around noon.

Helena, considerate as always, brought tea and light snacks to the room.

“Are you okay? How’s your body holding up?”

“I didn’t rush from making bath bombs to finishing the tea ceremony like a young lady, but I took time off as needed. In that sense, the working environment here is very good.”

“Oh, really?”

Rosa was surprised because she always had the image of Helena working constantly.

“Yes, it’s quite good.”

Indeed, she hadn’t seen her during the tea party.

In the Croitzer household, both maids and servers take breaks when their time comes and rotate.

“Oh, you were dismissed from two places, weren’t you? Both had poor working conditions.”

“Not only that, but I’ve also heard gossip from other maid friends. The Croitzer household has become very popular as a workplace.”


(I guess our place was considered white. Right??)

Rosa breathed a sigh of relief. She had been busy with bath bomb making, and it had been on her mind.

“Yes, working hours are strictly set. During bath bomb making, the lady didn’t force the servants but sort of recruited them with special allowances. That rumor spread, and now this mansion is a very popular workplace.”

“Well, I see.”

Rosa knew the pain of unpaid overtime.

Forced by conformity pressure and a sense of responsibility, it was inevitable to endure the hardships.

In this world, she probably didn’t unconsciously force such things onto her household staff.

However, she was very skeptical about harassment. With Rosa’s personality, she might be burdening someone somewhere. Rosa decided to be cautious.

“After all, manpower is important, isn’t it?”

Rosa nodded.

After that, Rosa spent her time leisurely, making bath bombs and taking breaks as needed. After about three days, bath bomb usage surveys, accompanied by thank-you letters, gradually returned.

Since servants were delivering the letters, it couldn’t be anonymous, but the feedback seemed positive.

“Hmm, it’s still unclear how much is flattery. I can’t criticize something given to me by others. Everyone here is well-mannered, and on top of that, there’s our prestige.”

As Rosa pondered, Helena arrived.

“Miss Rosa, the master is calling for you.”

“What could it be? I haven’t done anything to be scolded for recently.”

Rosa tilted her head.

“The master seems to be in a good mood.”

While saying that, Helena had Rosa sit in front of the dressing table and begin combing her hair.

“Father, did you call for me?”

When Rosa entered the study, her father and brother were waiting with smiles.

“Rosa, you came well.”

“Well, have a seat in Rosa’s spot.”

Saying that, even her brother happily offered her a sofa.

The butler skillfully poured tea in front of Rosa, and delicious-looking pastries were arranged. It was like a coordinated play.

“Um, may I ask why I was summoned?”

Rosa asked with suspicion.

“Come on, Rosa, you have a bad ear for things.”

While her brother chuckled, their father showed a pleased expression.

“As expected of a merchant’s daughter, You understand well.”

(Well, I am a noble’s daughter, though.)

Her father manages several trading companies, so he’s thoroughly a businessman at heart.

“So, what’s the matter?”

“As expected, Rosa gets straight to the point.”

Saying that, their father sent a glance to her brother. Then, the brother opened his mouth slowly.

“Actually, the bath bombs have become a topic even among gentlemen. There’s talk of wanting to try them.”


The conversation took an unexpected turn for Rosa, and she unintentionally locked eyes with Helena, who was standing behind her.

(Huh? What’s going to happen with the bath bombs? I just wanted a cute shop selling bath goods, like a miscellaneous store from my past life.)



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