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Chapte10:Stratagem (4)

“Are you perhaps completely ignorant of magic?”

However, the magician’s reactions consistently betrayed Fiene’s expectations, as he listened with apparent interest.

(Why not? Aren’t you angry? Didn’t you get mad a long time ago, saying, ‘I won’t support your family!’ and started throwing a fit, slamming things around?

As a result, Fiene would die in misery, but her family’s downfall would be spectacular. Maybe there would be no regrets.

She had thought it would be good for the extravagant Muge and Rolf to experience some hardship.

However, the magician seemed uninterested in the Hausen family but, for some reason, was intrigued by Fiene.

“Well, originally, I don’t have any magical power, so I haven’t received that kind of education. I’m not interested, either. That’s why I’d like you to punish my family, who pulled off such a fraudulent act. Doesn’t it make you angry to be treated like this by the Earl’s family?

Please let them fall without providing financial support. After all, my father got into this mess because he ventured into investments against my opposition while I was sick and couldn’t do anything about it.”

It was Fiene’s best revenge, thought out with all her might, enduring a long journey just for this. However, she spoke too much, her breath quickened, and she began to feel unwell.


But, unexpectedly, instead of getting angry, the magician, who she thought would get furious, began to ponder.

“Um, aren’t you angry? Doesn’t it make you upset?”

Fiene pressed on.

“Do you want to make me angry?” The magician, looking perplexed, asked in turn.

“Of course! Isn’t this a terrible story? This is fraud! Fraud!”

Fiene scolded with her sluggish body, straining her voice.

“In that case, you’ll be thrown out of here. From what I’ve seen, your family’s servants and the carriage have already fled, leaving the master behind. Do you intend to die here in misery?”

The magician succinctly points out the facts. Indeed, what he says is true, but Fiene begins to feel uneasy about the wizard’s calm attitude.

“If possible, I’d like to avoid dying in misery, but there’s no other way. And they can’t defy the Earl’s family, their employers. They’re in a weak position, so if you could seek revenge on the Howzen family without blaming the servants, would you consider it?”

With a half-hearted resignation, Fiene tilts her head and adds, and the magician, looking troubled, scratches his head under the hood.

“There’s no helping it. If you can endure my ugly appearance, I can let you work in this mansion for a while.”


The conversation is heading in an unexpected direction. Could it be that he sympathizes with Fiene?

As Fiene opens her eyes in surprise, the magician casually takes off his hood, revealing his face.

Overwhelmed by the horror of what she sees, Fiene coughs up blood on the spot and faints.


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